Monday, August 2, 2010

Hi! How are ya?

Dear Family and Friends,
I'm doing very well! had a very busy fun week i'd say. :) saw lots of people and just had some good lessons with our investigators. the work has pick up a bit and we have found some more people who have potential. its very interesting that when we tract that every door we knock on has either been to church before or seen missionaries before. so the area has been worked. Now with seeing these people again, the missionaries before planted seeds so now we are attempting to harvest them. :) we'll see what happens this coming week with the ones that we have set appointments with. the next few days are pretty busy. lots of appointments set up. which i'm grateful for haha its not fun when we have to come up with something to do for that day. i like being in peoples homes and sitting down talking with and teaching them. :) as every missionary does.

its been hot the past couple of days holy cow. haha you'd think winter would be over. but it shouldn't be yet. or at least i don't think it should, i don't know haha i haven't lived here long enough to find out when and how long seasons are. today itself is a nice sunny day! :) i like sunny days, and now that we have a car its better cause we don't die of heat exhaustion. yeah its been pretty warm. I love this place. i love the people. I love my companion. He is a good missionary who likes to work and have fun. I find joy in the work. especially this past week. Yo it flew by! i can't believe its already pday again. crazy stuff.

what a wonderful principal the gospel of Jesus Christ offers for us. Families truly can be together forever! "We can be together forever some day" from the together forever dvd. I'm so grateful for you guys! my family! :) i love each and everyone of you! Thank you so much for your love and support as i serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and bring more into its fold. South Africa is truly where i need to be at this point in my life. i have no doubt about it. the Lord knows where and when we are needed in life. Missionary work is really the best thing on earth that every member can do!!! and should do!!! so i encourage all of you to seek out to those you know who need the gospel. yes, i know little Rexburg really isn't the place for that but hey no effort is wasted. PMG states that every member is a missionary so get to work! the full time missionaries can't do it without the members....

We have given Abongile Majavu a Baptismal Date! :) August 28th is the day. she is excited. but i'm worried cause her mother isn't really approving of the church. Abongile mentioned yesterday that her mom was kinda concerned why all of the sudden she has "changed churches" she used to go to the one her mother is going to. So i'm worried that her mother isn't going to let her be baptized. So may i ask you guys to pray for Abongiles mother? pray that her heart can be softened. Abongile wants to be baptized and wants her mother to attend her service. so prayers are needed.

Mbasa on the other hand as a Baptismal date but didn't manage to come to church again yesterday. i don't know what is up with this kid. His brother has shown more interest than him this past week. both of them had been reading but didn't hold their appointment last night either so i'm concerned about him as well. This past week we met with them every other day so i was calmed down and not so worried but now that he didn't show up yesterday makes me concerned again. Stubborn people i guess.... we didn't have any investigators at church :( so we didn't even have our gospel principals class. So my comp and i attended YSA. learned about Elijah and Elias.

The members have worked with us alot this past week and its been wonderful! :) when we have fellowshippers it just makes the day a whole lot better it seems like. not sure why but we are able to teach everyone we have planned for and have another testimony other than the missionaries. We have interviews tomorrow with President. i'm excited. haha i'm gunna tell him i want to stay and that my work is not finished here in Mdantsane 3rd ward. I don't know if that'll work but we shall see. I want to stay i want to see my investigators baptized. that would be awesome.

So as i mentioned above i'm doing well and yes, i'm "UP" mom. :) i feel good about the work i'm doing. I'm having fun doing it too. yes, we have bad days but don't we all. we just have to change our attitudes and pick up ourselves and do better :) So i know this church is true, i Know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that the Prophet Joseph Smith translated it by the power of the Holy Ghost and was a prophet called of God to do the Lords work. I know families are ordained of God and that they can be together forever through the great and marvelous Sealing power of the Priesthood in the Temples. I miss the Temple and am looking forward to going back. I love missionary work. :) i love you guys! Have a good week!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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