Monday, May 31, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Molo Unganie!! hehe hi how are you! haha I'm having too much fun with this Xhosa :) Indepele means i'm good. (In-dee-pee-le). hope you can pronounce that one!.. so its been a good week. Had many appointments and saw lots of people. None are progressing very much but we found 6 new people to see this week so thats wonderful. we had a really good lesson with a lady, can't remember her name dang it, oh well. But it was a really good lesson on the Restoration. She has been seen by the missionaries before and gave her a book of Mormon but she moved and left it back where she came from. So we taught the Restoration and she was very excited to get a new copy of the Book of Mormon! haha probably too excited to a point. we'll see how the appointments go with her this week. Oh! her name is Nosphiwo. Liking these Xhosa names?? haha lots of them are hard to pronounce. well at least for me. my comp can speak them just fine since he is Zulu. But things are going well.

had a nice Sunday yesterday. Church was wonderful, we had a combined priesthood and relief society meeting and bishop gave a really good discussion on the "order" of the church. He handled it very well. I hope no one took offense of it. But it needed to happen. There is a certain way of doing things in the church and the members were slacking. So hopefully the members will do better now. We didn't have very many in attendance in Sacrament meeting. Shame. lots of less actives here i guess. People get baptized and then go less active. i don't know why, it happens a lot. kinda sad!

another experience we had this week, haha its funny. So we had an appointment with this guy at 11 and so we go there and he tells us to come back at 3. So we go there at 3 and he isn't there. figures. so we go across the street and start chatting with this Fellow, Siyatemba. Hes had some troubles in his life and so he wants to change so we are seeing him now but back to the story. While we were talking to Siyatemba we see the man that we were supposed to see hiding behind the shack. he keeps poking his head out to check if we are still there. haha we were laughing at him cause he was hiding from us. We continued to talk and then he starts crawling on the ground to his home shack. he then gets up and we see him and so we start walking up to him and then he takes off running. like a sprint run. Guess he really didn't want to see us. He could have just told us that he didn't want to see us and it would've made things a lot easier but on the other hand we wouldn't have found Siyatemba to teach if we hadn't have been there at that time. So the Lord truly works in Mysterious ways!

I like my new companion. Elder Mkhise. he is a funny short missionary. he can be too serious some times though. But we have become pretty good mates. Just took a week to get to know each other. haha just gotta be patient huh. so things are good there. we were in a big rush this morning cause the ZLs called us at 7 and said we need a ride to the airport. they went to zone council. where all the zone lords and APs get together with president for training and things. happens every 3 months. So they called us at 7 and they had to be there in 30 min. they didn't make it. so they missed their flight and had to wait for the noon flight. but yeah i didn't get breakfast this morning! and then we had to help other elders move to their new boarding. so i had a banana this morning and haven't had a chance to eat yet. I"m really hungry now haha. food is calling.

So yes Mdantsane is all blacks. all speaking Xhosa too. church was better yesterday with the language cause a member of the high council was there haha. but yeah. I'm one of the few white people in the area. Elder Bradshaw, from Utah, is also serving in the area and Elder Beck. I like Elder Bradshaw hes a cool dude. he got here Thursday. but wow president made a lot of changes this transfer! many missionaries were transferred to new areas. Elder Rimuwa is now with Elder Beck in 1st ward. so were sill in the same Zone! :) its nice to get together on Fridays for district meeting and then on pdays we can do things together if we want since we all stay in east London.

But i'm doing well and enjoying it here. yes its been tuff learning a new area and people but i'll get through! i know it! i just have to keep pushing myself and do it!! I"m so grateful for My savior and what he did for us. I know he lives and that he loves us. I know Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to succeed at this and in this life. just have to do my part and have faith in him and trust! i love you guys! Thanks for all that you do! and all the stories of home! i really do enjoy them, haha especially of Brady! the goober lol. love you guys! peace out!

Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everyone! How is it? I'm doing okay. I have been Transferred again. I was only in Mthatha for 5 weeks. That sets a new record there. no one leaves that area that quick. But i guess president wanted me somewhere where i can be around more missionaries and be closer to civilization. I'm now in Mdantsane 3rd ward. My new comp is Elder Mkhise, from Durban. He's really short haha. I feel like a giant when i'm next to him. He is my District leader and senior companion. He just turned Senior on me actually so its "new" to him. I've been with district leaders for the past 3 transfers so its not new to me haha so i'm helpin him with STATS and stuff. So i left Mthatha on Wednesday when Elder Scott, not the apostle, came and talked with us 3 Elders in Mthatha but yeah thats his duty as a Senior Couple Missionary-helps missionaries. hes based in Joburg at the area office but came down to mthatha for the day and then i went back with them to East London. Elder Scott is originally from Pocatello and then moved to Utah when he got married. They are a really nice couple. gave some good advice. On the way back to east london we talked about cows haha. he has 10 acres back home and wants a few cows. i was enjoying the conversation with them. he's been a cop, a high school counselor and now a professional therapist for the church. He was surprised that i grew up on a dairy farm. haha.

So i'm now in Mdantsane (MM-dawnt-sawn-ae) hope you can pronounce it haha. It is just outside of East London and is the 2nd largest Township in South Africa. Soweto is the biggest up in Joburg. Very big township. Urbanized, lots of ups and downs. Hills and bumps and stuff. actual housing tho to my surprise. Yes there are a few shacks but its mostly government houses. Xhosa speaking area of course. so nothing new there. In church yesterday sacrament meeting was in english and then sunday school and priesthood was in Xhosa and English so it was bit difficult for me to understand some of it. my comp can carry out a conversation since his native language is Zulu. So he can understand people here, haha i just stand there and smile most the time. "just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave". The bishop is very young. probably late 20s. it is a ward but has about 70 to 100 members come to church from what i've seen so far. The other 2 wards have close to 200 people come every sunday and so they are going to create a fourth ward soon, so i've heard. There is 2 chapels, 3rd shares with 2nd ward. we go at 9:00 and then 2nd goes at 1:00. 1st ward has there own building. they are very nice buildings. actual church and not just an old hotel building like Mthatha. Just the 2 of us in the ward. there is 6 elders in 1st ward and then 4 elders in 2nd ward. I'm in a 2man district and 2man boarding. So district meetings are pretty much like a companion study. I miss the 4-man boarding. it was fun and it is the only one in the mission. We stay in Cambridge which is actually in East London mainly because there isn't anywhere to stay in Mdantsane. So its about a 20 min drive to our area every day. there is 4 cars in the zone 1 of them is in the shop at the moment so Elder Whillhite and his greenie Elder Beck are walking in there area. Its the first area for him to be walking haha. he is going home on friday. hes done with mission...but if you do the calculations 3 companionships are walking. We all stay in East london so we take the other elders who are walking in their area to their area when we first go every day. its kinda nice.

Pday today. the nice thing about being here is that we are really close to East London zone so we can get together with them and play soccer or whatever. I'm pretty excited about that part. I get to mingle with lots of missionaries. Including my trainor Elder Heydenrych! :) I'm not sure what we are doing today. everyone is fueled up with soccer since its the end of the transfer. I came a week earlier because my comps last comp Elder Wilson went to the office to serve. So he needed to leave early so he could get all the training for it. so since i was already in a 3some in mthatha i just came here to Mdantsane. it all worked out. I didn't realize i was leaving until that morning. President called me and asked me if i could get packed that fast. i told him it shouldn't be a problem. and now here i am. i like the new area.

I would like some hymns to listen to. any arrangement is fine. So even if you just send a few CDs with hymns that'll be fine. and then i'll get a CD player and whatever. I bought a battery charger at game. my camera was eating batteries like none other. so i put a stop to that and got chargeable batteries and charger.

I love you guys and miss you lots. Thank you for all of your love and support. I'll be ok i hope. its still tough getting refocused and everything. but i'll get through. the lord is on my side. and i know he cares about me to help me get through this. but have a good week!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Rob has had a tough week but he's doing okay and is learning from his experiences.

He does say "the baptism went well though! :) Beauty was so excited and ready. She'll be a great member. She bore her testimony afterword and it was powerful haha....but i'll go where the lord wants me to go. "I'll go and do the things which the lord has commanded" my favorite scripture :)

We have been teaching a family that stays 20 Ks outside of Mthatha and the lessons have been awesome! The 2 daughters have come to church the past 3 sundays in a row. the mother came last week. she would come every week but money for transport is a problem sometimes. told her to have the desire to go and then pray about it and the lord will make a way for you to go to church. So we'll see what happens. ITs a great family. one of the daughters is RC from East London so The ZLs gave us her family to teach and its great. the other 2 daughters want to be baptized and are very impatient haha. we told them that they need to learn more before they can get baptized. But they are very anxious to be baptized.

So yeah the senior couples are coming this week to check up on us and see how we're doing and all. so that'll be good. senior couples are great. The Farris and the Jones. They care so much about each missionary and are so good to us. work wouldn't continue without them thats for sure.

Well hopefully this week will be good. I love you guys! miss you. have a good week!

Your missionary,

Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good aye!

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everybody! It was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday, even though the connection was bad. Stupid thing...oh well it was wonderful at that! A little awkward saying good-bye and you not being able to hear me... The other Elders had problems with it too.

But i'm glad everyone is doing good and loved the call too!! Me did! haha last night we 4 Elders played Monopoly haha the South African Version! it was cool, but unfortunately i lost big time. haha just my luck i guess...

I love all your words of support and love. I know i can do this. I knew that before i left home. The lord is taking care of me and of you guys. I'm not worried. yes, we have ruff days sometimes where nothing happens and the work sucks, but it gets better! I'm so grateful for the Family i have!! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you back home.

It was just great to hear from you!! Back to my comp. We are getting along fine. Its different with a black african comp than the past 2 white Elders. but i'm adjusting. thats what i have to do everyone is different. and my attitude depicts alot of the ways we do things and how things go about. So im doing good. Interviews with Pres last tuesday were really nice and he just knows what to do in many situations. He's called of God like all of us Missionaries are. I respect that man. They go home next july so i get to have 2 mission pres. and a 4 year mission since i'll come home january 4 2012. but yeah i'm doing fine.

The other two missionaries in the district are doin well too. Elder Turner is awesome. Him and I mesh well. he likes cars so we talk about cars and other stuff. He's been out a year. Elder Zulu has been out 15 months i think he goes home in november. But yeah we are striving to have unity in the district since we live in the same place and have to deal with everyones company. I've been eating alot of pop and rice and potatoes. Elder Rimuwa Cooks for the 2 of us and is teaching me how to cook pop and other things. So we aren't starving thats for sure haha. I miss baked potatoes!!

Well i love you all and am glad to be here. Where else would i rather be than serving my heavenly father and his Son Jesus Christ. We have a baptism this coming sunday! :) so we are excited for that. an RM just got back from Zimbabwe. He is from here in Mthatha and has brought lots of excitement to the Branch i hope he doesn't leave cause the branch needs him. He is a powerful man. wow. he sat in on a lesson yesterday and wow what a testimony haha. i have lots to learn and look forward to thats for sure! :) I know Mthatha needs me. Needs the missionaries. It wouldn't function without us. and i know pres trusts me enough to put me here. in banishment. he knows its banishment. haha everyone does. but awesome people. Too bad you couldn't hear the clicks i did yesterday. oh well. I'll remember them :) well have fun be good and have a good week!


Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

PS. post came today so we'll see what i get! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear family and friends,

Greetings from Mthatha! its been a good week. worked hard but smart. I wasn't tired yesterday for once it was quite nice haha. Elder Rimuwa and i have decided that working our butts off is too tiring so we work smart. Work hard one day then kinda cool it down the next day and then work hard again then next day and so forth. It's effective too! we are really concentrating on daily contact with our investigators. (see them everyday just to see how they are doing) it makes things go a lot better. Share a scripture or two and then a prayer of course and just visit. It's been a good week. We don't have very many investigators so we practically see them at least twice a week. which needs to happen anyway if we want them to progress!

Yesterday was a good fast and testimony meeting. i love hearing the testimonies of the Members. I'm getting used to the small congregation. I taught gospel principals class. Had a nice lesson on repentance and the steps to forgiveness. I'm so confident in my teaching now. i know what i'm doing it seems like. yeah i'm still green and learning. but aren't we all! haha. I loved conference we didn't get to see the saturday sessions but oh well. the branch is struggling as it is. It needs priesthood so bad! The priesthood session was awesome as usual! :) Tell me your favorite talk Jared and Dad! President Monson is such a great guy they all are i love his humor haha.

yeah last week was busy we didn't get to email till 3:00. Then we had an electrician come to fix our stove so we can all cook at one time, but its still not working. power problem. Today is better. had studies and then cleaned the boarding and now here i am at noon emailing :) I think we are going to go to Port St Johns for pday one of these times. its about an hour drive away. it should be fun. its not sunny today so i don't know if we are going today or not. I don't know what Freedom day stands for Elder Turner doesn't know either haha. He is white as well. Him and I are good buddies. My comp is great. Still Banishment but oh well we have been having fun. grateful that we are a 4 man district and boarding, thats for sure!

Thats great that the cows are out to the desert! I knew it would take 9 trucks haha! smart me! It's better that they are out there than at home, more room!

Well investigators are doing well for the most part. none of them came to church yesterday tho :( had people commit to come and then they sleep in and don't come. Sounds like me don't it. oh well. we shall try try again. So having fun with the clicks haha its cool to listen to the language form pros. haha I can do it a little but not like a pro thats for sure. well i love you all and have a wonderful week! TALK TO YOU ON SUNDAY! :)

love your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby