Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey guys! it was an alright week, taught people from the bottom of my heart and did the Lord's work! :) what better can you get! haha Had our baptism of Jacob and Phumla yesterday! :) yeah man! haha they were pretty excited when they got into the water. Brother Freddy baptized them it was his first time baptising someone so he needed a little training haha. it was really nice tho, they were smiling all day and it was a spiritual experience for them both and for the people that were there, had a better turn out this time than we did for the mbambus. so yeah! great stuff, sis Lotter was surprised to see so many baptisms in 2 months, she said were having a baptism every month, you guys are doing a really good job. it felt good to hear someone say that to me, knowing that i am making a difference in the ward and that i'm helping it and not diminishing it. Bishop of course thanked us for our hard work. i love bishop taim, hes a good bishop, always on top of things. and very supportive of the missionaries. never had a bishop in any of my areas where he has been so friendly and supportive to the elders. I love this ward a lot.

so that was the highlight of the week i guess haha a baptism is always wonderful and highlightful! HEHE On monday we went to the zls boarding and played tennis, it was fun. not sure what were going to do today tho... hmmm....but after that we went to Laura dollmans and had FHE with her and Kimberly. cathy dollman lauras mother is out of the house for a while staying with a friend so we just met with Laura and Kimberly. it was a nice evening.

tuesday- we saw Nomsa, RC, she had a family crisis back home in zimbabwe so we went there to cheer her up a bit. haha i always seem to cheer people up, ok it depends on if i'm happy and cheerful and smiling. but i do a good job at it i think. We also met with Meshack, he is a golden! haha he reads what we give him and he came to church yesterday i think he enjoyed it. We've been seeing him 3 times a week well this past week anyway. He only has been in south africa for a few weeks so he is still new to the area and doesn't know his way around very good but he managed to find the church which was awesome! we have him a baptismal date for the 30 of Oct this past week and doing really good with it.were excited for him. We also saw taylor, he is doing alright, he had 2 deaths in his family so this past week he was busy with funerals and what what. we went there last night and met with him and we got talking and he is currently working 27-7 he doesn't have anytime for himself. i don't understand how someone can work so much and still have the energy to go about what hes doing. he said last night that he needs to slow down and calm himself. he as a very nice paying job, he works with property and he is only 26 years old. i was shocked to hear that a 26yr old is that wealthy. he bought his first property when he was 18 and the cost of that building tripled in a year so he sold it and got lots off of that. and now he owns 4 apartments that he rents out and also does his daytime job from 8-4:30, which alone pays him quite well. so he is doing very well for himself. but he really needs to slow down, he hadn't slept in a few days. he works with a lot of American clients so he has appointments with them at 10 in the evening because of the time change and so forth. wow... haha. busy man.

we found out that anele, who had a baptism date for the end of sept is in jail now. ha. so we can't do anything till he comes out. he was caught with meth in his pocket. So his mother told us that he was in jail and that court is today and going to settle all of that and so forth. he seemed so sincere when we saw him on wednesday to change his life and now he is in prison.... shame is all i can say. its quite amazing to see what drugs can do to someone isn't it? hmm..

Eugene is awesome haha we saw him on wednesday and saturday. we taught him the 10 commandments and the sabbath day and then went over the plan of salvation with him on saturday. he is just awesome haha came to church yesterday and his brother Tyrone came with him too. so that was cool. hes inviting his family to take part of the restored gospel. thats how the world is going to know about the restored gospel is through family and friends introducing them to the message and then to the missionaries. thats the only way. referrals is key or member missionary work.

We went to a part less active family on wednesday evening. the Thom family. The mother and 3 kids come sis thom is the young womens pres, but her husband doesn't claim to be a member anymore. i think its because he is a fly fisher by profession and well sundays are good days to go fishing, hes been to the states a few times, been to Idaho! for fishing. haha hes a really nice guy tho, has his own fly shop by his house and they fed us some nice stir fry. ate it with chop sticks haha. but i asked him why he doesn't to church he basically shut me right up by saying that he has nothing to say about it. so its not his time i guess.

We went to the Mthembus on thursday evening for a DA. we had chicken and rice and beans and garlic bread. it was yummy. but funny thing. have you ever had dessert first?? I have haha we had ice cream with a really good cake of some sort. haha we ate it first cause the other food, the dinner wasn't quite done yet and we were a little pushed on time so Sis Jackie brought out the dessert first haha. it was interesting. but nice. i always enjoy being in that home. such wonderful people.

I went on exchanges with elder pearson in bellville on friday. it was a good day. they have a some really good investigators. i enjoyed it with him. he is a funny elder and really cool to serve with.

Saturday was a really nice day, had a few appointments fall through but the day in general was nice, as as i said we saw Eugene and Meshack and Jacob and Phumla. We also met with John. He is doing good. he is the friend of peter from burundie. he hadn't read much from the Book of Mormon. he was busy with work. he struggles with english, so i ordered a Swahili Book of Mormon for him and he was really happy when i gave it to him. we taught him about prayer and scripture study. and got him to pray in english before we left too! :) he wasn't going to but we were patient and persistent and well it happened and it was a really good prayer too. then we visited the Welo family. they are orignialy from DRC, members. bro Welo is very successful in his security business and sis welo works at pick n pay. so she works a lot on sundays. but they have a strong testimony. wonderful family. I love visiting members and getting to know them and to hear their testimonies. its such a pleasure to do that and get close to all of them and feel of their love for the gospel and even for me as a missionary.

Sunday was a good day. Had 6 investigators as church. is was a big gospel principles class. i taught the class, it was on the Lord's law of health. good participation from the class. for sacrament meeting I shared my testimony and my favorite scriptures, funny story bout that. I walked in the chapel and bishop comes up and asks me when transfers was, i told him that its this coming wednesday. so he said that well you've been here a while so you might leave us so would you share your testimony and a spiritual thought. i just so i did. and then sis jackie Lotter gave a talk from the liahona about how the Spirit is here with us and that we are not alone. and then Peirt Mayburg gave a talk on how we can avoid temptations. very nice. then we had the baptism. for lunch we went to the pattersons. they fed us chicken curry and pumpkin and veggies and then had custard and cake. very nice i was very full when i walked out of their home. they all made fun of me cause i ate too much. haha haven't been that full in a long time. it was a good feeling to have even if it was uncomfortable for a min. haha. then we went and saw peter. he is doing ok. i hope we finally addressed his concern about the sabbath day. he didn't seem too pleased when we were done. but i don't know, the Spirit needs to work in him and convert him. he is a 7th day adventist so it has been a struggle to get him to realize that sunday is the day we go to church and worship. I know that if he prays the Lord will let him know, but i think there is unbelief there with peter and he won't ask in faith. we'll see what happens.

Well that was the week for you! haha i hope it was eventful. I know that the Lord loves us and if we do our part of the work of this wonderful plan we will have our will come into his will and we will receive happiness. Christ is the mediator between us and returning to our Heavenly Father. I love you all and hope things continue to go well back home. love you guys! church is true book is blue and you can know it too!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Testimony Touches

dear Family and Friends,

:) hiya! hehe well its been a good week. we have worked hard but smart in the vineyard of milnerton. we've gotten some more rain this past week. it rained all day yesterday so church attendance wasn't the best. but we still had a good turn out of members and we had 3 investigators there. Jacob and Phumla and then Eugene. So that was all for us. so many commit to come but then don't show up. We followed up yesterday afternoon on a few of them, Monica and Shadrik said they didn't know where our number was or the church address so they couldn't call if they got lost so they didn't even bother leaving their home. so it was a shame for them. gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon to start reading until we go again on tuesday evening. nice congo people. really don't have that much of a religious background so we basically had to start from the very beginning about God and Jesus Christ and what our duty is. and how we are so important to them and following the Savior. Good potential.

well first of all we have a 3rd companion again. Elder Nkala from Zimbabwe. He just came down from Nam on thursday evening. His visa expired as well as the other 2 missionaries that were up there, yes there were only 3 elders up in nam where there are supposed to be 10. the Namibian government isn't approving our visas and not extending them. so no missionaries are up there now. :( its very sad. 2 awesome mission branches and no missionaries to help. so i guess as elder Nkala told me that they have called a few branch missionaries to be full time to continue to teach the investigators that the elders were progressing with. but its still not "full time" its a shame that Satan uses anything he can get his hands on to make the work of our father be in the pits. but we can also look at it this way, what does the Lord have in mind for the missionaries in sactm?? maybe there is another plan in store for the ones that were called up there but haven't made it.

On the other side of things! Jacob and Phumla passed their interview on saturday!! YAY!!! haha i'm so happy for them. 2 more baptisms coming up next sunday! haha. they were/are really excited. you should have seen the smile on phumlas face when she was done with the interview. so good for them! I also did 3 other interviews in the district on saturday. 2 for the bellville elders and then 1 for panaroama, ZLs. all passed so there are gunna be lots of baptisms in the district next sunday. i actually think i'm doing 2 more on exchanges tomorrow in bellville.

Eugene is doing really good! he came to church yesterday as i stated earlier. He is just so committed to his baptism date that he wants nothing to get in the way of it. we taught him the law of chastity and the word of wisdom this past week. we came to know that he also smokes so its gunna be another battle for him to quit smoking. he smokes like 4-5 a day. so its not too bad but then he told us that since he has been doing the training at work he didn't have the chance to go out and have a smoke so it'll be a bit easier for him to quit. we told him that prayer and continuing reading the scriptures is his best source of help. so i don't think he will have a problem. Pray for him.

Taylor didn't make it to church yesterday, he had a death in the family yesterday morning so he was tied up with that. he really wanted to come though. we gave him a baptismal date for the 16 October. he is a really nice guy who met the missionaries when he was in London. he met with a few times, read the Book of Mormon and went to church. On friday night we watched the restoration dvd to review the restoration with him, since he had already heard it in London. So he remembered everything and KNOWS its true! :) i was shocked haha a golden investigator. he feels that he has done some bad things in his life and wants to change. he definitely wants to get baptized. so we'll work with him closely. single guy 26 lives in an apartment with another guy. he really isn't involved in the lessons yet. but taylor does volunteer counseling for ex- drug addicts. which is pretty cool. he helps a bunch of people ages 19-25. and does that basically 24-7 and then also works monday- friday as something, oh i can't remember. sorry. haha. anyway we are really excited about taylor. We met him as we were driving down the street in Maitland and then all of the sudden he waves us down, so we stop and roll my window down to talk to him and he asks us if were from the church and then we saw our name tags and knew we were and then he told us he met us in london and so forth. pretty cool tho. If we hadn't been in that place at that time we probably wouldn't have found him.

thats basically the main people that we saw this past week. it was a gooder week. lots of appointments and good people to teach and share the gospel with. yesterday at church sacrament meeting was nice, had a the Mthembus baby blessing, then elder Nkala shared his testimony and then the man that gave the blessing shared his testimony and then bishop shared a few things on lifting others up and helping them out of tuff situations. and then we had a high council man speak on home teaching. it was good. Gospel principles was on service and then priesthood was on the law of chastity taught by bro Mayburg. he does a really good job at teaching priesthood. they were even on time yesterday :) i really had a fun time out at their place last week. i liked your comment mom. its definitely true in my case haha i love the country!...

I love you all and am so grateful for you love and support to me and even the people i teach. I love this work and i know it brings happiness to those who share their testimonies with others. I know God loves us and wants us to be happy. I know i am where i need to be. these people need Elder Rigby, my testimony. we had a lesson yesterday that ended up in an almost bible bash with Justin and Nelly. they don't believe that we existed in the pre mortal life and that God and Jesus are the same being so we used scriptures to explain but in the end the just didn't want to be wrong. So i ended the almost bash with saying that we came here to share what we know to be true and that God sent us here, that we didn't come here to argue or bible bash. but to lift you higher than you already are. and i shared my testimony of the Godhead and of the restoration and then we left with a prayer. So i know that my testimony is what touches the hearts of others. I KNOW its True!! i cannot deny it. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer, Amen.

love your son, brother and missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Farm Visit!

Dear Family and Friends,
Hallo!! it was a busy week, we were very fruitful in the vineyard of milnerton this past week i think. we got some new people to teach. they mostly are the ones that came from referrals of other missionaries and a few from Bro Teddy, our ward mission leader. I apologize that you woke up yesterday with no email. i was a little pre occupied yesterday out at the Mayburgs farm!!! :) it was so fun to be out there in the country. South Africa is very beautiful once you get out the cities. wow! haha We drove to Malmsbury about 60Ks our of milnerton. and then we met up with Peirt and His Wife Caroline and 3 kids. and rode out with them about 35more kilometers. quite the drive out there but oh it was fun! :) reminded me of home. I loved it. We had a brai and then Peirt took us out on a farm drive to see all of their farm. about 700 acres. pretty big. all dry farmed wheat. its really green now. so in a few months it'll be yellow and harvest will be around the corner. On the drive out there we saw lots of Canola farms as well and vineyards of grapes and fruit trees. really pretty, yes i took pictures. its probably been the most enjoyable pday so far haha. so yeah thats what we did yesterday for pday.

Sunday we had 5 investigators at church, Jacob and Pumla only stayed for sacrament meeting and then had to leave to go see family, guess they had a death in the family or something. and then we had Eugene and Anele and his friend Ayanda. Church was nice, the talks were on hope and the Book of Mormon. Gospel principles was on work and personal responsibility, bro Teddy taught the class. it was good. and then priesthood was on Eternal marriage. Got me even more excited to go back to the temple. Then the afternoon we went to the Beattys to have lunch, we had tacos! and they were really good, sis Beatty makes all of their food from scratch. Shes a trooper. they hardly eat meat in their home tho, they eat alot of raw food, veggies, fruits and nuts, the taco meat was even made from walnuts and still tasted the same. she healed herself of breast cancer 2 years ago from just eating the right food! i thought that was a miracle... did you know that green spinach salad is really good if you blend it all up and add a few more things to it? it tastes like a smoothie and is a smoothie! its incredible, i never thought i would like spinach till i came here.! they are Americans originally from Florida i think well thats where they lived before they came here. Bro beatty works for a nuclear energy power plant in melkbostrand. bout 30ks out of milnerton. they have a really nice house out there. we really enjoyed being in their home. Then that night we went to see the Mbambus briefly they are doing good. J.J. and Candida didn't make it to Church tho. :( guess they woke up late and Bro Levus wasn't going to wait for them so he left without them and he was there early! it was cool to see him there on time. but then he also left after sacrament meeting to go sort out something. but they are doing good.

Jacob and Pumla are still scheduled to get baptized on the 28th so i hope they still progress and make it to church the next few weeks and they keep their appointments. they haven't been keeping them this past week. we still need to go over some things with pumla, and we need to have their interviews this saturday. I hope we can meet with them every day until they are baptized. daily contact!! ha. Pumla was really happy that i got her a Xhosa Book of Mormon, she understands much better now and has been reading. jacob is ready.

Eugene is awesome haha. i love how he prays. on wednesday last week he opened up with prayer and he said "thank you for this awesome day" it was funny but thats how he is. hes a colored! he really has been reading alot out of the scriptures. We hope to even move his BD up a few weeks if he can abstain from his addictions. he just got work at spur so thats good for him, i hope it doesn't interfere with his Sunday tho. he needs to be at church every Sunday.

We found some new potential priesthood! John and Simon. John is originally from Burundi and has been here almost 2 and a half years and then Simon is from Zimbabwe been here about the same. they work for this guy that make all the props for movies. so they have a lot of old stuff in their house and are in charge of looking after it. pretty cool stuff there. they have a moose sign that my comp wants to buy from them haha. you don't have moose in south africa haha. we thought that was funny. we taught them the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon and they were very receptive to it. they want to get baptized, English is a bit of a problem tho but we can manage around that for now. good guys tho very humble.

the Hill family (LA) are doing good, haven't made it to church yet but we know they have a testimony of the gospel and of the restoration. We have made serious progress with them and getting them to open up and tell us how they feel. they just need to let go of whatever is keeping them from going to church and they would be a great strength to the ward. Peirt was even asking about bro hill last night when we were driving back to Malmsbury, so members do care about one another. i just hope the unity of the ward will get better and home teaching will improve.

haven't eatin anything unique other than the tacos that sis Beatty fed us on sunday. they were really good tho!. and we had ice cream that she made with coconuts they even make their own cheese, without milk!!! i was surprised! kinda offended coming from growing up on a dairy farm... what do you think about that dad?? cheese without milk that tastes the same. no dairy in the beattys diet. it shocked me!!

Well that was the week for you! I am glad everyone is doing better, send my love to grandpa and everyone else.

well i love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week in Idaho! :) LOVES!
your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby SACTM

Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear me Family and Friends,

Good day! Muhandend? (how are you?) Good! glad to hear it :) well I'm doing good had a slowish week but hey thats what happens in the work of the Lord sometimes. you can't complain. we had a big rain storm on tuesday and Wednesday. so that should've been here a long time ago but winter isn't what i expected in cape town this year. stupid global warming i guess. I'm glad i have car and not out walking in the rain. now its sunny and warm again, interesting weather you might say.

We had the confirmations on sunday! :) Elder Sutherland confirmed Levus, Bro david Craig, young mens president, confirmed J.J. and i confirmed Candida. it was very nice and oh you should of seen the smile and the "light" in their faces after we were done! it was great! i definitely saw the Spirit in them. its such a wonderful gift Heavenly Father has given us to help us stay on the path that leads us back to HIM. I love missionary work :) it pays off when you have a baptism and a confirmation and you see the happiness that comes to them after. the gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to happiness! :)

Jacob and Pumla are doing well, they came to church on sunday but were a bit late, they missed the sacrament again. they always miss it. and thats the most spiritual part of church! we'll work on that. Pumla wasn't feeling well tho but she still came. i think Jacob made her come haha. we had a nice fast and testimony meeting and then gospel principles was on sacrifice, i taught the class we had about 8 people in the class, so decent size. and then priesthood was on home teaching and the way we are supposed to use our priesthood every day or at least every week. the question was asked, how much do we use our priesthood?? its a very good question that all of us need to ponder about and consider improving. God has given us this power to serve our fellow men and improve the world. it was a great lesson. but back to jacob and pumla! hehe we saw them on tuesday and went over L3 with them we read the pamphlet with them and pumlas understanding is improving very well! i got her a Xhosa Book of Mormon so hopefully she will read everyday!

We got a referral from the missionaries in mitchells plain on thursday, Eugene. He is 33 and struggles with drugs but he really wants to change his life. he came to church yesterday and he had been in mitchells plain a few times as well. he wants to get baptized and he has read the Book of Mormon alot. he reads the scriptures a lot. he reads 2 chapters of the old and new testament and then also reads a chapter or 2 in the Book of Mormon. which is incredible! i have never met someone that is so dedicated to reading everyday. haha. so we are going to work with him as much as possible and get him off drugs and help change his life. he's very sincere. he has a 7yr old son Colby. they both came yesterday. i think they liked it. he stays in brooklyn with his parents now to help him. cool guy.

Got another referral from our zone leaders, Bukeke. she is 26 originally from queenstown. her mother is a member and well thats how we found her i guess. she wants to learn but goes to her own church and teaches the kids there, she loves kids. we can only see her on weekends since she works at standard bank during the week and doesn't get home till late and is tired so weekends are the only time for the time being. she has really good potential. she stays in summergreens with her niece who is a member that just came from queenstown, she is 12. and then she also stays with cousins. most of her family are in PE tho. very nice lady. we taught her the Restoration on saturday. and she committed to be baptized, we hope to give her a date next saturday.

check kinda dropped us this past wednesday. he did some research and got advice from his family and he doesn't want to make problems in his family with him going to one church and his family going to the anglican faith. we tried to resolve his concern but he didn't want to change his mind. We asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon and of course he said no. so we committed him to read and pray about it and then we would follow up with him in a few weeks. the Book of Mormon is the key to knowing if what we have is true! there is no doubt about it! i love the Book of Mormon its such a powerful tool in missionary work!

We saw elijah this week, we just read with him from the Book of Mormon and he told us that in a few months he will be having weekends off so he'll be able to come to church, which is exciting i just hope it happens. We also saw the mockys (LA) on wednesday evening. did you know that you can make chocolate cake in 2 minutes!? haha i didn't know that but yes you can! haha you just put the ingredients in a mug or a glass bowl and put it in the microwave till its puffed up haha i thought that was cool! it tasted pretty good too. not too shabby. yeah thats what the mockys teach us when we are at their home. haha Morgan also showed us how you can make mac and cheese in 20 min in the micro wave as well haha. funny guy, he loves his microwave! of course i would too if i was a single dad with 2 boys and i work all day and then don't come home till after 6 and then have to make dinner. we have good times at the mockys!

we had a wonderful DA at the mthembus last night. we had sheppards pie! :) and apple juice it was very yummy. i feel at home when i'm in their home, i don't know why. they are such an awesome and caring family. Martin just needs to come to church. they just had their baby 3 weeks ago and is such the cutest little thing. i love that family. always have wonderful laughs when were there. martin was actually asking me if i was going to come back with my wife in the future to visit. I told him i would love to but i don't know if it would be possible. they even offered for us to stay with them if i ever do make it back. so there is definitely love in that home :)

So thats basically my week for you! :) we do have people to teach and share our testimonies with thats for sure. and the Lord has blessed us with the referrals so i am very grateful for that. I love you all and i hope everyone is well. have a great fantabulous week everyone! i love you!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps i was in port alfred branch when i was in port alfred. there is only the small mission branch there. good people tho! only 2 missionaries there now. and a new senior couple to be the branch president. the robinsons there were assigned to the joburg mission but then they came here instead because of the lack of couple missionaries in sactm.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Fam and Friends,

Hey!!! :) well yes i sent this email later today because we were doing some service this morning for a widowed women who was moving so we helped the bellville lot with that and then had lunch at spur and now we are emailing! finally! hehe. service was nice but very hard working. had to move a grill/braii, fridge, washer, dryer and a bed up stars to the 3rd floor! very tiring, i think i got my exercise for the week! But its a very beautiful sunny day! its supposed to be winter and cold but its not feeling like it. where is the rain? the cold? Ek vert ne! (i don't know) in Afrikans. you can see know on the parl mountains tho! haha my comp wanted to go skiing next monday, of course elder pearson and i told that it wasn't possible unless we get a helicopter. haha sounds like a plan... yes bellville clan stayed and did not change they are happy about it. New zone leader tho since elder Bradshaw went home. Elder Ventsenakaos from Austrialia. and elder leach from utah but he is still waiting for his visa to go up to Nam. yo this visa thing is killing the work in Namibia. there is only 4 missionaries up there. and there is supposed to be 10.

it was a good week other wise. we found some new people to teach on saturday morning. it was probably my most successful saturday morning of my entire mission. it was fun haha teaching people from Zimbabwe and Congo. thats all we ever teach, its who is interested in the gospel. We taught Naiomi and Honest, from zim, they are Pentecostal background and Naiomi is going to 7th day Adventist. we taught them about the Restoration and they didn't seem too eager to learn more about it since they claim that the truth is in the Bible. we also left them with a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. they believe that the truth was lost but that we do have it in many churches because we have the Bible. it was a nice lesson they are willing to pray and read but i don't think they will progress much...

We also taught Monica and Shadrick. they are from congo. they are nice people shadrick is an albino and is the nephew of monica is is 14. cool kid tho. they don't go to church at the moment and they were really interested in hearing more about the gospel. we briefly taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and extended an invitation to be baptised and they committed to it. even committed to come to church, but they didn't make it. i see good potential in them. plan to get patrick, monicas husband involved. looking for priesthood families!!

had the baptism on sunday! :) it was lovely! hehe i baptised Jay Jay and Candida and then elder Sutherland baptised Levus. i had to do it twice on both of them i said the prayer wrong. said thee instead of you....ha...thats what it says in the scriptures! but bishop wanted it done again. so i did. now they can say i was baptised twice haha it was such a treat to see their smiling faces that day. they were pretty excited. not many stayed for their service tho, i guess thats how it goes in milnerton. after the baptism we went to the dollmans for lunch oh it was good food haha i always enjoy it. then we went to the area and met with peter briefly. he had company so we didn't stay long. but we got another potential from that. John he stays in brooklyn and wanted to know what we do and what we talk about so we got a return appointment with him. also from berundi. small country in africa. then we visited the oliphants and had a nice visit.

i feel that good things will happen this transfer working with elder sutherland he is always excited to work and very supportive of the decisions i make, i just hope i make the right ones for the area and for the district. new things happening with that. the transfer focuses are going back to focusing on a specific chapter in PMG and this transfer is chapter 8 using time wisely. and we tie it into the fundamentals which isn't hard just different for me. not used to preparing district meeting that way. but its ok i'll do what i need to do.

jacob and pumla didn't make it to church yesterday.. so i don't think they are getting baptized on the 14 of August. we tried to stop by after church and see them but we didn't find them home... jacob wants to get baptized so bad but they need to come to church at least 3 sundays in a row before they can get baptized. so pray for them and for the mbambu family. they are doing really well. they'll get the Holy Ghost next week. :)

I love each of you very much and miss you guys. its crazy that time flies by so fast when one is doing the Lords work. i enjoy missionary work and i want to do it again with my wife in the future. it'd be fun! :) Africa is so amazing, the people hear are just so friendly and they don't mind anyone talking to them, but then when it comes to the gospel some just don't even want to talk about it. i think its like that everywhere. the Lord knows who is ready and who is not. i just need to be more inclined with the Spirit and listen to its promptings. i have a hard time recognizing them tho, but as Elder Holland said it doesn't get easier, even if he is an Apostle. so they feel what we feel. I love this work, with all my heart. i know it was truly blessed my life and my families life. i never knew how blessed i am until i came out here. i know Jesus Christ Lives and i know that Heavenly Father loves me, very much. i have felt of His love many times, especially when my days don't go that well. I know the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and that we need to read from it daily. its words are so powerful and so simple. I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and i leave you with this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

your son/brother/missionary,
elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps i really don't know if i need anything for my bday. cambells soup would be nice :) hehe just a package is wonderful i really don't mind whats inside. at least if its something from home.