Monday, August 1, 2011


Dear Fam and Friends,

Hey!!! :) well yes i sent this email later today because we were doing some service this morning for a widowed women who was moving so we helped the bellville lot with that and then had lunch at spur and now we are emailing! finally! hehe. service was nice but very hard working. had to move a grill/braii, fridge, washer, dryer and a bed up stars to the 3rd floor! very tiring, i think i got my exercise for the week! But its a very beautiful sunny day! its supposed to be winter and cold but its not feeling like it. where is the rain? the cold? Ek vert ne! (i don't know) in Afrikans. you can see know on the parl mountains tho! haha my comp wanted to go skiing next monday, of course elder pearson and i told that it wasn't possible unless we get a helicopter. haha sounds like a plan... yes bellville clan stayed and did not change they are happy about it. New zone leader tho since elder Bradshaw went home. Elder Ventsenakaos from Austrialia. and elder leach from utah but he is still waiting for his visa to go up to Nam. yo this visa thing is killing the work in Namibia. there is only 4 missionaries up there. and there is supposed to be 10.

it was a good week other wise. we found some new people to teach on saturday morning. it was probably my most successful saturday morning of my entire mission. it was fun haha teaching people from Zimbabwe and Congo. thats all we ever teach, its who is interested in the gospel. We taught Naiomi and Honest, from zim, they are Pentecostal background and Naiomi is going to 7th day Adventist. we taught them about the Restoration and they didn't seem too eager to learn more about it since they claim that the truth is in the Bible. we also left them with a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. they believe that the truth was lost but that we do have it in many churches because we have the Bible. it was a nice lesson they are willing to pray and read but i don't think they will progress much...

We also taught Monica and Shadrick. they are from congo. they are nice people shadrick is an albino and is the nephew of monica is is 14. cool kid tho. they don't go to church at the moment and they were really interested in hearing more about the gospel. we briefly taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and extended an invitation to be baptised and they committed to it. even committed to come to church, but they didn't make it. i see good potential in them. plan to get patrick, monicas husband involved. looking for priesthood families!!

had the baptism on sunday! :) it was lovely! hehe i baptised Jay Jay and Candida and then elder Sutherland baptised Levus. i had to do it twice on both of them i said the prayer wrong. said thee instead of you....ha...thats what it says in the scriptures! but bishop wanted it done again. so i did. now they can say i was baptised twice haha it was such a treat to see their smiling faces that day. they were pretty excited. not many stayed for their service tho, i guess thats how it goes in milnerton. after the baptism we went to the dollmans for lunch oh it was good food haha i always enjoy it. then we went to the area and met with peter briefly. he had company so we didn't stay long. but we got another potential from that. John he stays in brooklyn and wanted to know what we do and what we talk about so we got a return appointment with him. also from berundi. small country in africa. then we visited the oliphants and had a nice visit.

i feel that good things will happen this transfer working with elder sutherland he is always excited to work and very supportive of the decisions i make, i just hope i make the right ones for the area and for the district. new things happening with that. the transfer focuses are going back to focusing on a specific chapter in PMG and this transfer is chapter 8 using time wisely. and we tie it into the fundamentals which isn't hard just different for me. not used to preparing district meeting that way. but its ok i'll do what i need to do.

jacob and pumla didn't make it to church yesterday.. so i don't think they are getting baptized on the 14 of August. we tried to stop by after church and see them but we didn't find them home... jacob wants to get baptized so bad but they need to come to church at least 3 sundays in a row before they can get baptized. so pray for them and for the mbambu family. they are doing really well. they'll get the Holy Ghost next week. :)

I love each of you very much and miss you guys. its crazy that time flies by so fast when one is doing the Lords work. i enjoy missionary work and i want to do it again with my wife in the future. it'd be fun! :) Africa is so amazing, the people hear are just so friendly and they don't mind anyone talking to them, but then when it comes to the gospel some just don't even want to talk about it. i think its like that everywhere. the Lord knows who is ready and who is not. i just need to be more inclined with the Spirit and listen to its promptings. i have a hard time recognizing them tho, but as Elder Holland said it doesn't get easier, even if he is an Apostle. so they feel what we feel. I love this work, with all my heart. i know it was truly blessed my life and my families life. i never knew how blessed i am until i came out here. i know Jesus Christ Lives and i know that Heavenly Father loves me, very much. i have felt of His love many times, especially when my days don't go that well. I know the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and that we need to read from it daily. its words are so powerful and so simple. I love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ and i leave you with this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

your son/brother/missionary,
elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps i really don't know if i need anything for my bday. cambells soup would be nice :) hehe just a package is wonderful i really don't mind whats inside. at least if its something from home.

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