Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From the land of soccer...

Dear Family and Friends,

hey everybody! :) how is everything back in Idaho?? Things are going here in Mdantsane. Had an ok week. Nothing too exciting happened this past week. But i'm good and glad its pday haha. I needed a break for a bit.Here is the week:

Monday- had a good pday. played soccer again surprise! haha

Tuesday- spent some time working with a less active member, Bro Gontsana. He is an old man who was baptized last year i think and now he claims that he doesn't have any money to come to church but if he really wanted to come he could find a way. He has a really huge print of the BofM oh my goodness haha i've never seen one that big before. It was cool. We then went to the Memorial for one of RC that passed away in the bush 2 weeks ago. Khwanele. Very sad. It was all in Xhosa so i couldn't understand what they were saying but its ok i didn't need to hear, the other people that were there did.

Wednesday- My comp had a DL training that morning so we went there to the chapel and then i went with Elder Simelane to his area and did some finding for an hour. it was good Surprisingly i enjoyed it for once haha i usually don't enjoy finding but that morning i kinda did. after that we had lunch at KFC and then went to our area. We saw our RC peggy. she is the funny old lady who likes to make fun of us. we just visited with her. then We saw Olwethu. the shy one who doesn't like questions. but we finally got her to talk and give us feedback on what she has learned. it was good. She is a JCF (Jesus Christ Family Church), very big here in South Africa. So its going slow with her but we are making progress. Then we went to Sister Honjiswa and she fed us! it was great! We love going there cause she always feeds us and has questions for us to help her understand. its awesome! haha

Thursday- had our Weekly planning for week 6 oh my goodness, where did this transfer go! already time for transfer predictions haha. After that we saw Ms Mbadlayana. she is a very wonderful lady who had lots of questions for us. she is very active in her church but wants to come for a visit. So were trying to establish a calendar with her so we can plan effectively for her and get her to come to church. Then we saw a referral from a member, Bomikazi. She is a teen aged girl who wants to be baptized and come to church. so we started teaching her. normally we won't teach young ladies in their teens if they don't come to church and don't have anyone to support them. But she came once. so Sister Rani wanted us to go teach her so we went and talked about God and Jesus Christ and Faith. it was a good lesson. Then we had interviews with President Probst. :) i love interviews! haha i pounded him with "good" questions haha he likes questions from his missionaries. he liked mine. he is very pleased that i've gotten refocused and doing well in my teaching. I respect him very greatly wonderful man.

Friday-had district meeting and talked about account abilities and how we can help our investigators keep commitments better. Had some good insights from My comp and from myself haha. gotta love 2 man districts. Got post today! yay! thanks! and yes i'm focused about my investigators! We saw sister Peggy again today and left her with a Spiritual thought. then we saw Olwethu and watched the restoration DVD with her and she liked it. We had our ward mission leader with us and his wife so that helped with that a bunch. His wife was a JCF before she joined. so she related with Olwethu very well and they knew each other. so it was good.

Saturday- Went on exchanges with the ZLs. I went with Elder Mfaladi in his area and then My comp stayed in our area with Elder Mathipa. i had a good time with Elder Mfaladi. He goes home in August so he only has 7 weeks left. he is a very good missionary though and we had a good day. i learned a new principle. If they don't read what you left them to read then why don't teach them anything till they read it. so we had one experience with that. we went to this ladies place and she hadn't read it. so we told her to read it and then we would come back in 2 hours and talk about it. so we left and then we came back later. unfortunately she wasn't there. so it didn't work very good that time. but i'm gunna try it a few times in our area and see if it works. so it was a good day.

Sunday- had church and then tried to see yongama but he couldn't see us. :( so we left and then went to our DA which was really good. haha Mayburry cooked it. she is a coloured actually and is engaged to Thando. So they are getting married in December. The ward had a temple trip this week. so 21 or so went last night around midnight and now they are up in joburg. Man i miss the Temple!! i'm very excited to go again when i'm finished. but after DA we really didn't do much. no one was home. so yeah that was the week!!

I have watched a few matches. Obviously when SA was playing and i tried to watch the US games but didn't get to see all of them. I briefly saw the last one against Ghana . Now were out dang it!! everyone is calmed down since Bafana Bafana is out but its still going.

Well i love you guys i'm outta time! have a good week!! loves

Your missionary,
Elder Rigby CTM

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everyone!! Wow i'm tired today, i don't know why. I've been struggling to get up in the morning. Surprise surprise i know. We got a car on wednesday so that was very nice. now we can see everyone that we want to if they are home. Thats been a problem this week, no one has been home or they are all busy. So we didn't have very many "good" lessons this past week. But here is the week:

Monday- Pday! Did the normal morning schedule and then played soccer with the Zone it was fun haha i didn't score though darn it. We went to the area at 6 and our FHE with some members fell through so we walked and went to Thando's place and he wasn't home so we waited there outside till the ZLs came. It was kinda chilly waiting outside. We couldn't go anywhere else because it was one dark and then two it was too late to see people. South Africans go to bed early here. so we didn't want to make anyone mad by interrupting their evening.

Tuesday- We saw the Mbadlanyana Family. She had lots of questions for us again and we had a nice discussion. Gave her a copy of the book of mormon and she wants to come to church but she claims she is too busy with her own church so we'll see what happens there. We also saw Yongama that evening, he is a JW and is very stuborn haha he is slowly making progress though so thats good. he doesn't have any problems with the BofM but he keeps saying that if he had his bible on him he was gunna prove us wrong on different things so its very interesting. We Talked bout Baptism and the Holy Ghost with him and he kinda had a problem with the me calling the Holy ghost a "he" he didn't like that. its fun to teach JWs haha my comp really likes it. then we went to Zukiswas (M) to wait for the ZLs. yes they sometimes feed us when we are there waiting. I've had lots of cups of tea this past week. since its been kinda chilly. the herbal tea don't worry. it tastes nice when you put sugar and milk in it :) i didn't like it at first but i've gotten to like it now haha.

Wednesday- Got our Car today!! yeah!! its so nice to not have to walk, but i must say walking was nice. talked with lots of people. We met with the Mkrola Family. they have a daughter who is a member but she is up in Pretoria studying. they are a very nice older couple. We talked about 2 nephi 2 and the fall of Adam and Eve and what not. it was a good discussion we also met with them on Saturday and talked about agency. After them we went to the Bakani family. they are originally from England and were taught by missionaries up there. so they know about the church. its just that they are still trying to get settled in and getting everything figured out and so they have been very busy. We went there and they were of course watching soccer haha so we didn't teach anything we just had a nice visit with them.

Thursday- had our weekly planning. then went to the area saw Olwethu and talked more about the BofM and Joseph Smith we were gunna watch the Restoration DVD with them but we didn't have time. So maybe this week will get to do that with her. She is very shy still but does talk. She really doesn't like it when we ask questions but we have to ask questions. thats how we role. then we saw Samora. He is doing ok. still trying to make sure he understands the restoration and the bofm so we ended up talking about that. it was good. i felt the spirit helping me as i explained the book of Mormon to him. I have a habit of not talking in some appointments so my comp kinda got mad at me so today i really tried to talk and share my thoughts it worked good. :) i felt good about it after. So i'm still improving

Friday- had district meeting and then ate lunch at Nandos chicken. it is a really good place to eat. very good food. I had Mediterranean chicken seasoning. mmhm it was good :) We then met with our RC sister Peggy. she is a trooper haha always likes to make fun of us and laughs. we reviewed Baptism and Confirmation with her then met with Yongama later that night as a mentioned earlier. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and then talked about the sacrament. he doesn't believe in taking the sacrament cause the JWs believe in the 144000 people that are the only ones who get to take it. so we tried our best to teach him what we know and that the sacrament is for everyone....We also met with Sister Honjiswa. she is a trooper as well she had a question about the articles of Faith so we talked about them and she gave us tea haha. very nice lady.

Saturday- had our correlation with our mission leader and then saw the Mkrolas again and then saw Tiso Family. we just visited with her and talked about beliefs and everything. got to know her. she has very good beliefs haha so hopefully we can combine ours with hers and make something happen! :)

Sunday- had church and met with members and tried to visit other investigators but no one was home. We past this family that were outside trying to change a flat tire. so we stopped and talked to them and i helped them with their tire. haha my farming skills came in handy today lol. So that was the week!!

i Shared the ensigns with whoever wanted them haha. i really don't know what i would like for my Bday package. mail is taking forever though! MAN haven't gotten letters for a month.

Well my time is almost up. i love you guys!! have a good week! it was just zone conference last week. interviews are this coming Thursday. i'm excited haha love you!! be good have fun

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby

His current companion, Elder Mkhise, and Elder Rigby

Hey everyone!!

So its been an interesting week! We walked a lot so thats my exercise for the week. I'm getting tired of it. Its really difficult to walk in our area because its so big and there are hills and ups and downs everywhere. We would see one person and have to walk a long ways to see another. pretty lame. no one wanted to come with us this week cause we have to walk. So i hope we get the car soon. here is an update of the week:

Monday: We did our usual stuff in the morning and then played soccer for the afternoon. It was fun! i scored a goal! haha I wore my soccer jersey and everyone kept telling me that i needed to score again because Rooney, the name on my jersey scores twice at every game haha. I only scored one though so i didn't live up to the name oh darn. Then we came back showered and went to the area. had FHE with the Jamma family. it was fun.

Tuesday: Tried to have a good day. Walking sucked. but whats new. We visited with Siyatemba (I) and just talked about soccer and who we think is going to win and everything haha. it was a good visit. We then walked all over kingdom come and attempted to see people but no one was home. or they were too busy to see us. We met with Mbasa too! We had a really good lesson with him. We talked about what he thinks of baptism and if what he knows. He has the testimony. hes ready. after that we just waited for the other missionaries to come and pick us up at the Jam Jams place (members).

Wednesday: had our weekly planning for this coming week since zone conference was on Thursday. Then had lunch, i made potato bake. it was really good. My comp really enjoyed it haha. He tells me afterwords "you need to show me how to make that man haha it was nice" i told him its not hard and that its very easy to have on Planning day. It can cook while we plan! :) and tastes really nice! Oh! Speaking of potatoes, thank you for the ones you sent me mom they were very nice! i had one last night :) good Idahoan potatoes :) so after lunch we went to the area and say sister Peggy, who is a RC and is very dedicated and faithful to the gospel. she's a 72 yr old and stays a lone so shes always happy to see us. She likes to make fun of us haha. We then met the the Mbathayana Family. Oh man, wow they had lots of questions for us about pretty much every topic you can think of about the gospel so we attempted to answer them and said that they should wait for most of the questions they had after we had given them the Restoration and Plan of salvation. They just kept pounding us with random questions. but it was okay.

Thursday: had zone conference with East London Zone. It was really good! President and the ZLs talked about the book of Mormon and the importance of it in the conversion process. We as missionaries have to have a testimony of the things before we can really teach it to someone else. It was a really good conference i love the Book of Mormon. There is so much you can learn from it as you read and study from it :) after conference we had a good discussion with one of our investigators, Olwethu. She had some concerns about the BofM and said that she couldn't read it cause she didn't understand it. I asked if a Xhosa one would make a difference she said no. So we really patient with her and let her tell us her concerns and we ended up having a great discussion. the Spirit was very strong. i felt it there helping me ask the right questions and we managed to get her concerns resolved :) So hopefully next week when we see her things will have improved.

Friday: Had District meeting. Its basically like a companionship study cause its just the 2 of us haha. it was nice we just reviewed what we learned from zone conference. Book of Mormon is Powerful! you all had better be reading it!!!! and praying about it too!!... The 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP is here!!! oh my sick haha everyone was so noisy today!! Sheesh it was very hard to proselyte. yes, South Africa has a team. Bafana Bafana. They drew with Mexico. 1-1... Then we saw sister Peggy again then walked around more and went to Mbasa's place and had a very wonderful lesson with him about covenants and the importance of them. We read Mosiah 18:8-10 with him and had him tell us what the covenants are that we make at baptism. Can you guys tell me what they are??? I shared my conversion story with him and it was really wonderful to share it with a man who is ready to have the blessings of Baptism in his life. The Spirit was very strong and it just overcame me when i shared it with him. My comp thanked me afterword haha. We then gave him a Baptism date for the 26th of June!! booya!! YEAH! haha were excited.

Saturday: had a very interesting day. very hard to go see people when they are all watching soccer. haha so we did the best we could and made the best of things. lol

Sunday: church was good. had a good DA with members and then we stayed in NU-16 and met tried to see people there but they were all busy and Siyatembas relative passed away so he was busy with preparing to go to King Williams Town. So we just said a prayer with him. We had a RC pass away on Saturday evening In the Bush. The tradition where boys go to get circumcised. its very sad that he passed away. he was a very happy young man. his family aren't members so they are taking it very hard. hopefully they will be softened and feel of the atonement.

Well i love you all and hope everything is going well back home. I'm doing fine. yes my comp is having me work. haven't had any stomach problems since Meadowridge. No we haven't been exercising since we have been walking. i have weight in my backpack as it is. but i'm good. my time is almost up. I love you guys!!

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)


Dear My family and My Friends,

Greetings!! How are things?? Its been pretty swell here in South Africa! We had a really good week and saw lots of people and talked with lots of people. I bout died haha ok not really but yeah i was tired at the end of the day. The weather has been iffy the past week. its gotten cold and windy and rained a bit on Wednesday. not much but some. Summer is the raining season In the Eastern Cape. And they didn't got much this year so we are having a drought. The dam in Mdantsane is VERY low on water. like it doesn't even look like its a dam kinda looks like a littleish river/pond. Kinda sad. but yeah! that and electricity, people keep saying that there is a power shortage so we aren't allowed to use heaters or anything like that. so last week it was a bit chilly in our boarding. I had to put more blankets on my bed cause it was so cold. yeah you'd think it would be warm in South Africa all the time, but yeah no!! It can get pretty dang chilly some days and some nights. the wind was what made it the most cold. So i'm grateful for my sweaters/jerseys (whatever you want to call them). yeah i wore it the other day. haha.

So this week our car was taken away from us. :( :( So we get to walk in our area now for the next 2-3 weeks. I'm not happy about it but it has brought blessings. we have talked to a lot of people since we don't want to walk a lot and go all over kingdom come. haha. We had a really good lesson with Mbasa on Saturday night. He is very close to getting a baptism date. We went there and since we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks we just wanted to talk to him and see how he was doing and all. We get talking, asking questions and everything and i asked him how he felt about his prayers. cause prayers are the only way that you can receive that witness for yourself. and he said that he felt good about them but wasn't sure about them either. So we ended up discussing more about what prayers are and how they work and what he needed to to and everything. it was really good! i felt the Spirit there helping me talk to Mbasa and resolve his concerns that he had. We didn't plan on talking about prayer at all before we went there. but the spirit put the thought into my head to ask him about his prayers and look what happened. :) he needed to hear that. he needed to be taught more on prayer. We opened up the Bible Dictionary and read a few scriptures and at the end of the lesson i could just tell that we as missionaries made a difference. We helped him. :) i felt really good about it as well as my Companion.

We had another good lesson with a sister, Nosephiwo. She only wanted us to stay there for 5 min and basically share a spiritual thought with her but we actually ended up staying an hour haha. we just got talking about what we do and life and the gospel more. trying to get her to answer the questions we asked and getting her to open up. but things are progressing with her. it always helps to have members come with us and be there for the appointments. having that "bond" of someone who lives there and knows what kind of person they can be. cause me as an American haha i can't understand Xhosa worth anything, even tho my companion can. but with the members being there it makes things go better, having another person bearing witness of the things we know to be true!

So with not having a car, the car we had has many problems, Brakes, clutch sticks and won't come off the floor sometimes body work needs to be fixed and yeah over 92000 ks on it the office decided to take it away, fix it and then sell it. so we get the opportunity to have a new car hopefully in 2 weeks. I'm excited for it haha. So yeah, the Zone lords pick us up in the morning and drive us to the area and then we walk all day and then they pick us up at 8:30 that night. We usually wait at members homes in the evening till they come and get us.

have zone conference this week on thursday i'm pretty excited about that :) and then interviews next week. Today we are doing who knows what for P day haha. might go play soccer or golf i dunno. I'm glad you finally got my SD card very glad that it got there un-damaged. Having fun with the photos?? hehe yes we have fun and yes we do work sheesh! why do you think i'm out here for?? haha Elder Morrill and Elder Buthelzi are in that picture of the district in our matching ties. (*Note back in Cape Town with Elder Heydenrich)

and the rest of you back home have a great week too!! i love you guys!! hope things go well!!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

P day in Cape Town: Elder Larson, Elder Rigby, Elder Butelezi, Elder Carver

Mththa Elders: (b) Elder Rigby, Elder Zulu (f) Elder Rimuwa, Elder Turner