Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everyone!! Wow i'm tired today, i don't know why. I've been struggling to get up in the morning. Surprise surprise i know. We got a car on wednesday so that was very nice. now we can see everyone that we want to if they are home. Thats been a problem this week, no one has been home or they are all busy. So we didn't have very many "good" lessons this past week. But here is the week:

Monday- Pday! Did the normal morning schedule and then played soccer with the Zone it was fun haha i didn't score though darn it. We went to the area at 6 and our FHE with some members fell through so we walked and went to Thando's place and he wasn't home so we waited there outside till the ZLs came. It was kinda chilly waiting outside. We couldn't go anywhere else because it was one dark and then two it was too late to see people. South Africans go to bed early here. so we didn't want to make anyone mad by interrupting their evening.

Tuesday- We saw the Mbadlanyana Family. She had lots of questions for us again and we had a nice discussion. Gave her a copy of the book of mormon and she wants to come to church but she claims she is too busy with her own church so we'll see what happens there. We also saw Yongama that evening, he is a JW and is very stuborn haha he is slowly making progress though so thats good. he doesn't have any problems with the BofM but he keeps saying that if he had his bible on him he was gunna prove us wrong on different things so its very interesting. We Talked bout Baptism and the Holy Ghost with him and he kinda had a problem with the me calling the Holy ghost a "he" he didn't like that. its fun to teach JWs haha my comp really likes it. then we went to Zukiswas (M) to wait for the ZLs. yes they sometimes feed us when we are there waiting. I've had lots of cups of tea this past week. since its been kinda chilly. the herbal tea don't worry. it tastes nice when you put sugar and milk in it :) i didn't like it at first but i've gotten to like it now haha.

Wednesday- Got our Car today!! yeah!! its so nice to not have to walk, but i must say walking was nice. talked with lots of people. We met with the Mkrola Family. they have a daughter who is a member but she is up in Pretoria studying. they are a very nice older couple. We talked about 2 nephi 2 and the fall of Adam and Eve and what not. it was a good discussion we also met with them on Saturday and talked about agency. After them we went to the Bakani family. they are originally from England and were taught by missionaries up there. so they know about the church. its just that they are still trying to get settled in and getting everything figured out and so they have been very busy. We went there and they were of course watching soccer haha so we didn't teach anything we just had a nice visit with them.

Thursday- had our weekly planning. then went to the area saw Olwethu and talked more about the BofM and Joseph Smith we were gunna watch the Restoration DVD with them but we didn't have time. So maybe this week will get to do that with her. She is very shy still but does talk. She really doesn't like it when we ask questions but we have to ask questions. thats how we role. then we saw Samora. He is doing ok. still trying to make sure he understands the restoration and the bofm so we ended up talking about that. it was good. i felt the spirit helping me as i explained the book of Mormon to him. I have a habit of not talking in some appointments so my comp kinda got mad at me so today i really tried to talk and share my thoughts it worked good. :) i felt good about it after. So i'm still improving

Friday- had district meeting and then ate lunch at Nandos chicken. it is a really good place to eat. very good food. I had Mediterranean chicken seasoning. mmhm it was good :) We then met with our RC sister Peggy. she is a trooper haha always likes to make fun of us and laughs. we reviewed Baptism and Confirmation with her then met with Yongama later that night as a mentioned earlier. We read 2 Nephi 31 with him and then talked about the sacrament. he doesn't believe in taking the sacrament cause the JWs believe in the 144000 people that are the only ones who get to take it. so we tried our best to teach him what we know and that the sacrament is for everyone....We also met with Sister Honjiswa. she is a trooper as well she had a question about the articles of Faith so we talked about them and she gave us tea haha. very nice lady.

Saturday- had our correlation with our mission leader and then saw the Mkrolas again and then saw Tiso Family. we just visited with her and talked about beliefs and everything. got to know her. she has very good beliefs haha so hopefully we can combine ours with hers and make something happen! :)

Sunday- had church and met with members and tried to visit other investigators but no one was home. We past this family that were outside trying to change a flat tire. so we stopped and talked to them and i helped them with their tire. haha my farming skills came in handy today lol. So that was the week!!

i Shared the ensigns with whoever wanted them haha. i really don't know what i would like for my Bday package. mail is taking forever though! MAN haven't gotten letters for a month.

Well my time is almost up. i love you guys!! have a good week! it was just zone conference last week. interviews are this coming Thursday. i'm excited haha love you!! be good have fun

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby

His current companion, Elder Mkhise, and Elder Rigby

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