Monday, September 26, 2011


Family and Friends,

Hello! How are ya?! I'm doing good, week has again been slow but its getting better or so we hope. We had 2 exchanges with the district leaders this past week. I stayed in our area on wednesday and Elder Mamaia came to be with me and then his companion, Elder Opolot stayed in his area and my comp, Elder Bagenzi went with him in Cleary Estate, a colored area. the day was good, just did some more follow ups and went through the ward list a bit. then on saturday we had exchanges with Lorraine, Elder Ncube and Elder Bryers. I went to be with Elder Ncube in his area, their area is a white area and very difficult, i think its worse than ours. We follow up most of the day on potentials and then later in the day we did some tracting. yo, i haven't done that for a while haha it was a good hour of having a few doors not open and people telling us to go away haha. all you can do is laugh at the fact that they really don't know what they are missing out on. We did get to go into one home, a colored family that are old apostalics. so very staunch in their faith, but they were very willing to have the us come back and share the message. So i enjoyed both days with a different companion. its good to be with them and see how they work and even how i can help them become better. i'm still learning myself.

So the week in our area as i said was slow, but we met with a wonderful Zimbabwe family yesterday afternoon. Innocent and his wife charity and then his sister and a cousin. so four of them. we found them through another missionary in george who is related to them, so he gave us innocents number and we called and got his address and went to go see him. great potential family. they had many questions about what we do as missionaries and whats so different about us than other churches. they were even wondering why they can't call Elder Mupivire, their cousin in george, and communicate with him. they said we were kinda crazy to not call home every week. We told them that it would distract us and we wouldn't be focused on the work if we did that. So it was interesting to chat with them. We just shared a spiritual thought and set a return appointment for next week. many questions.

Doroth came to church yesterday, the 16yr old part member family. She is now opening up and not being so shy. i think that our fellowshipper, Sibosiso, has helped with that. we had FHE with them last night and made it a lesson about baptism. was very nice then we played, or tried to play a few games as what FHE is all about. so we are basically going very slow with her so she understands everything and so forth. Its been an enjoyable time to teach her so far, still in the teaching stages and understanding is getting better.

Last monday we met with the ward family. they are coloreds and are very active in their church, some christian church, there are so many here i cant remember the exact name. anyways. we just got their feel of the gospel and talked a bit about following Christ and faith and repentance. its a family of four, father, mother and then their son and daughter who are in their 20s. they just go to church cause they have to. I wrote a letter last week about them with my SD card. So that should be coming soon. we are seeing them again tonight and plan to teach the restoration as they were wondering why so many churches, i pray that the Spirit will guide that lesson and we won't loose this family, they would make awesome members.

I'm doing good tho, no problems. my nose has finally cleared up and i have been sleeping pretty well the past few nights. this week starting wednesday we are headed to knysna and george for exchanges, we'll be back on saturday afternoon. its four hour drive there. but i hear its very pretty that side. so i will be sure to take lots of photos. :) well i love you guys! i miss you :) but i am good and enjoying mission. I love the people of SA and i love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless the people here and soften their hearts so we may be able to teach them and bring them unto Christ. I know its true! have a good week everyone! loves

your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Be the right companion

Dear Family and Close Friends,

greetings! :) PE is just a windy infested place now with rain and wind storms. The storm last night was pretty intense. it sure rocked the flat and the homes we were in as we were meeting with people. It was cold i might say, i've never been cold in SA but eish it was cold last night. not exactly sure how cold it was ok it wasn't cold it was just the wind and rain making it not pleasant. It was a good week though, we found a few more people to teach as we were looking through the formers. the problem we face is that they can only see us maybe once a week if that at the moment. Too busy with their school work at NMMU. but at least they are still interested with the gospel.

I'm really enjoying being with Elder Bagenzi again. We are the best of friends and its making the work quite fun and enjoyable. He's teaching me well on how to be a zone leader and all that jazz. On Thursday we had our zone conference with Kwa Nobuhle zone combined. Elder Renlund came from the area presidency to tour the mission. he is a really nice guy and knows how the church functions thats for sure. the whole conference was on the focus of companionship unity. If we don't have unity the Spirit is withheld from us and we shall not teach. if we aren't united then the work with cease. They talked bout how everything that we say and do is how we represent the Lord and His church. People observe in ways that you wouldn't think would be possible. so we must be unified as one. i'm so thankful that i've been able to get along with all my companions and that i've been able to adapt to each of them with their different personalities. what a blessing! don't look for the right companion, be the right companion. and that has always and will always stay with me. WE had a really good lunch afterward. Bake potatoes and chicken and good stuff that the Laprays and the Taylors made. I really enjoyed that meal haha.

I had a really nice spiritual experience on saturday evening. we were meeting with a less active family, the Sontsongas. They consist of the mother and 2 children that are members, Sibo and Siya. Sibo is 24 and and studying law and then Sibo is 22 and he is a sports fanatic. loves soccer and rugby. well all 3 of them don't come to church and have been struggling in the home as a family. not much love in the family and Sibo loves partying and has a problem with it. So she was out till 6am and then on her way home she got mugged, they took her bag and lost her cards and ID and many other things, so she came home and phoned the cops and what what then wouldn't go out of the house. So we had scheduled to have FHE with them on Saturday night since mondays are some times hectic for them. We got there, Luthando was with us a RM nice guy and then she told us the story and so she realized that something was wrong in her life and that it needed to be fixed. We ended up speaking about the Atonement and how it can take away the pain that she is feeling at the moment and how only the Lord can help her, if she humbles herself and repents. She understands that she is an addict to partying and that its not good. Her mom was busy in the kitchen but heard all of the conversation we were having. its a great family and they know whats right and whats wrong. so what made it special is that as we were discussing about the Atonement, I was sharing my testimony of Christ and how He can heal us from all pains, sicknesses and temptations of every kind as it says in Alma 7:11-13. the Spirit just came over me and comforted me and i sure hope that it made an impact on Sibo. I know that Christ is the only way to forgiveness!! I know He has suffered for all of us and knows how to overcome it because He has experienced it and knows what it feels like. I love my Savior!

I just wanted to share that, that my testimony has really strengthened since i've been out here. I know that God loves me! I know i'm here because He wants me to be. and i want to be. I love this gospel with all my heart. I know I have become converted to the gospel even more than before as i have done the work of my Heavenly Father. God wants us to be happy, and the joy comes from helping others feel happy. :)

the rest of the week was good, we taught with power and authority and hopefully we made a difference in peoples lives for the better. We are teaching a part member family, the Chimabe family, Dorth is not a member so we are teaching her, she is 16 and wants to be baptized, but she is very shy and doesn't express herself to easily. we talked about the godhead and faith. She understood and committed to a date of the 30 Oct 2011. So we will be seeing her twice a week. mondays and thursdays. the family is a bit less active, they stay in the location and walk to church, takes about 45min. imagine that. so it'll be good to meet with the whole family. They are originally from zim and found the church there and then moved here to work. good family tho, came to church last week but not yesterday.

church yesterday was ok, not very many people showed up. we didn't have any investigators there...:( Mondli promised to come but said it in a not so sure way so we don't know what happened there. he is a student doing law. and is very involved in the student council. so he is busy campaigning at the moment and also writing exams. so its been hectic for him. he is a nice guy, a friend of Luthando. we have been busy teaching him the plan of salvation this past week as we met with him. He had many questions about the fall and well mainly everything about the lesson. it was a really good lesson. he agreed with everything. But back to church. Sacrament meeting the topic was on the Holy Ghost my comp and i help with the sacrament almost every week, lack of priesthood in the ward. Elders was really low today. bishop was asking where everyone was. don't know what happened to everyone this week. We have a really good ward mission leader Bro Stuart, served in Joburg from 2007-2009. he's originally from east london. here going to school. we are busy planning a missionary fireside to get the members excited about missionary work its kind of a problem here. as is everywhere i've served it seems like. hmm i think the Lord is trying to tell me something, maybe to get the members excited or what. ?? So we are planning that, still in the idea stage. any suggestions??

Well that was the week, it will go forward as i work diligently and with the Spirit we shall bring sheep into his fold. again i love this work, i love my Savior. I love my family and the support you give, thank you so much! :) Have a great week everyone! Remember who you are and what you stand for! loves

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

Oh picts- Elder Rako from Madacasgar never served with him but he and Elder Brereton are in Knysna and came up for the conference, and Elder Lebala my old companion.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Un Jani?

Dear family and Friends,

Supele! i'm good been working. the area is really slow and not producing much fruit at the moment. we did lots of finding this past week, potentials and then the formers and no one is interested. We had exchanges on Wednesday with the APs. it was good i enjoyed it. Elder bagenzi and i are really good friends now. and serving together is making it wonderful. the ward is really nice, good members are here. we are doing lots of less active work, we were going through the ward list and found 3 priesthood holders that are around our age that haven't been to church in the longest time. We saw one on Sunday, Luthando, he hasn't been to church in 3 years. he joined in 2008 and then went to the bush and hasn't been back since. he expressed his desire to come back and have things like they were before. he realizes something is missing in his life and wants it back. So hopefully we will start to come back. we invited him to the ward activity this coming saturday, he said he'd come. the theme for it is Who wants to be a Celestial Heir? catchy eh? haha. We also saw Sibusiso, or Andrew. He is originally from Mpungalana branch in durban. He has been here in PE for almost a year and we were walking in the location and he stopped us and introduced himself as a member from durban and that he wanted to come to church. he came on Sunday, was late but he came and then had to leave just as priesthood was starting to go back to work. he is a hair dresser. does designs and what what. good guy. we saw him after church too. he was headed to the shop after work.

The exchanges was nice, we did lots of looking through the potentials and formers from the area book and had no success. disappointing but its life of mission some weeks. So one experience on that day Elder Tshikare and i walk up to a big house of a potential and i ring the intercom and then a lady answers and i ask for the person who we were looking for and then the lady said that they weren't there, so then i introduced ourselves and then asked the lady what her name was and then she stuttered trying to get out of answering the question and said, um um i'm not going to talk to you right now. People are rude sometimes you know that! and i despise intercoms!! i would rather speak to them in their face than over a speaker, but oh well so we moved on. the work of the Lord can be hard some days...but still have to be positive and get through it. :)

I enjoy being a Zone lord for the most part. its good to have the learning experience and learn more patience with the elders in the zone. elder bagenzi is really good at that so i'm learning from the best haha. PE is a nice city on the coast with a big harbor where VW cars are shipped out. so we drive by the harbor and see all the cars in a big group. there is a lot!! haha i have never seen so many cars in one place at a time. all new!

We had a good sunday yesterday, had one investigator come to church. Mondli. he is xhosa and is a student at NMMU, studying law. Haven't met with him yet since i've been here cause of exams and what not. but he came to church with a member also studying at NMMU, Luthando, different one than up above. he served a mission in Joburg from 2007-2009 good guy very funny. always teasing me that i'm elder rigby and i like to play frisbe haha. he's an interesting character. hes the ward clerk. We had a nice DA last night with the Meyers. the family that we stay behind. had some nice chow main stuff or whatever it was. they are coloreds, can't remember if i told you that last week or not hehe. and then she made us Milk tart. i will get the recipe from her for you mom its really good and easy to make. she lets us use her washing machine to do our laundry and they feed us often or so i'm told. i offered to pay her to use her machine but she declined and said that your prayers are far more important than anything that we can pay her. James 5:16. I was touched by that, such powerful testimony of a sweet sister and mother to a wonderful family. and to see how much she loves the gospel is amazing and can strengthen ones own testimony.

I love my Savior Jesus Christ and i know He loves and cares for us. I know i am put in this position to not only teach the people here but also to teach me. Mission does much more than anyone can every imagine. i love this work. i love this gospel. i love my family. I love the scriptures and am so happy we have them to teach us the plan of our heavenly father. Zone conference is this week. Pres Renlund is touring the mission so that'll be cool to have a general authority join us. the transfer focus is Unity. Comp unity, unit unity, mission unity. brings us closer together to move the work forward. I know its true! i know I am a child of GOD in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

your son, brother and missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps got my package! thank you for the goodies and for the supplies! hehe love you guys!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Transfer News

Dear Family and Friends,

Molo!! haha nice mom i'm good! or should i say indepele! :) hehe Well i'm no longer in the wonderful part of milnerton i'm now in port elizabeth as a zone leader! i still don't know what to think about that... haha and to top if off even more i'm with Elder Bagenzi, my old MTC companion haha its awesome! we are so enjoying it and loving being together again. and Elder Tshikare is the new assistant to the president and they are here with us now for a few days. WE go on exchanges on wednesday with them, i don't even know the area at all, and then they go with Kwa Nobuhle tomorrow so yeah they stayed with us last night then they will come back to us tomorrow evening. and then won't leave till thursday morning. fun stuff being a zone leader. there are lots of responsibility to do. but its alright. I'll get to go to George and Knysna for exchanges and they are the prettiest places to be on mission and i'm hoping while i'm there for a few days i'll be able to get a Book of Mormon covered in skin. there is a guy there that does it. :) we'll see what happens.

So traveling on my bday wasn't the coolest thing to do for a bday party haha. but i flew from cape town to port elizabeth at 2:45 and its a bout an hour flight so i didn't get here till 4:00 and when i saw my comp i just gave him a big hug and oh it was nice to see again. :) I've never served in PE before mom so i don't know where you got that idea, this is my first time being in PE. I do not know anyone here haha i'm so lost haha. I served in cape town and east london so i know how to get to places but here its all new territory for me. its interesting! but its nice. The soccer stadium is pretty close to our boarding thats cool haha. we stay behind members in a flat. its a lot more quiet than Milnerton was so i have been sleeping much better the past few nights. its an ok place. shower stinks but its better than nothin. and the members we stay behind are really kind to us and always make sure we are ok. they are a coloured family. Sis meyers brought us ice cream last night it was awesome haha.

so my area is PE central. is mostly a white area with coloreds and we even have a township, walmer township. We have a few members that stay there. It's an old ward, most of the people there are old and have been in the ward for a long time, but very friendly. our teaching pool on the other hand is really low and we need to pick it up this transfer. we have maybe 5 investigators and i haven't met them yet. they are all busy with studying at NMMU that we haven't been able to meet them yet. hope to this week.

Pres Wood called me on Monday evening to give me the news and he first says that he is calling to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comforted haha i just laughed. he then asked me if i would accept the assignment as Zone leader in port elizabeth. i of course said yes, but i was kinda shocked. i wasn't expecting to go zone leader. but the Lord works in many ways that one does not understand sometimes. I hope i can do a good job and be an example to my elders in my zone. My comp and i are zone leaders together so we do everything together. I like that part. :) lots easier when we put our ideas together and come up with a plan. :)

I'm going to miss milnerton but i know i am needed here in Port Elizabeth. its a windy city but good people here to teach the restored gospel to. We have a mission tour this transfer with pres Renlund from the area presidency. that should be really fun. thats next week. Well i love you all and thank you for all that you do :) i am so grateful to be a missionary and to be serving my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know this gospel is true i know families are eternal and can be together forever through the temple, i loved your testimony mom... thank you. I love you. I also can't wait to stand in the temple with my family and see all our loved ones again in the next life. church is true book is blue! have a great week.

Your son, brother and missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps haven't gotten package yet elder Naylor in the office told me it came in tho so i'll hopefully get it this week. :) love you!