Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Week

Dear Family and my friends,

Hiya!! :) Been a great week here in Meadowridge. had some great lessons and good spiritual experiences. We had another baptism yesterday! InĂªs, she is Portuguese background haha. it was awesome! along with that we confirmed the 4 who got baptized last week. it was cool to stand in on the circle. I love being a priesthood holder!

Glad that you got my pictures!! Fun times on missions let me tell ya haha! That rock is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. have not been to the Atlantic coast yet. It was so much fun! Mini golf/putt putt was fun too haha.They say things so weird over here. and spell things different as well. not used to it but working on that. (*Yes..we got pictures so I'll work on posting some)

Cape Town! Yes, it is the most beautiful places a person can go! Mountains, oceans, beaches, resorts good people. Its been so hot lately, but is starting to cool down for the winter months. Starts in June. i need to get my rain coat still. but yeah. windy too don't like it. sand blows in my face and all over get everywhere.

I will be sending a letter home this week so more details are in that! Ezekiel is doing good, has a job now so are visits with him are few. but he is getting baptized march 14! Cedric and his wife came to church yesterday! So we were very surprised! he can't understand english very good since he's from Congo but knows a little. most of our investigators are foreigners! Lots from DRC (*Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the swana (*we think he means Swazi?) speaking people. We have one family that is Xosa (clicks) it sounds so cool! haha i want to learn! I've been practicing the clicks all day haha. anyway they came to church last week and tried yesterday but were too late leaving so they didn't come. but they want to get baptized its just a matter of their understanding of the english and stuff. haven't seen David this week. so don't know about him. he works alot. Then we have Yohan, from Malouwe. He is a charismatic. So happy clappy kind of guy. He loves the pamphlets we give him and makes sure we know what he is asking. Some visits are very interesting.... but we want to give him a BD soon.

these past 5 weeks here in the field. Wow, where has the time gone! Transfers are in a week and a half. i probably won't change. as well as my trainer. but i'll be able to start driving!!! YAY!!! :) haha its still weird to get in the left side for passenger.

Well i love you all and miss you!! Have fun in the cold!! hehe

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (yesterday)

Dear Family and Friends,

Ello!! :) Great week we had here in the hot part of the world. Had 4 baptisms yesterday! it was awesome the spirit was so strong and it was just great. Brother Ronac Sign, Sister Gertrued Mobombo and her 2 daughters. Bro Ronac was baptized by the ward missionary Ryan Lenored. He had to be "dunked" twice cause his foot popped out. So that was a special thing in itself for him haha. And The Mobombos were baptized by Bro Matimba, who is their relative. Uncle to the 2 daughters. 13 investigators came to church yesterday!! Big fantastic day!! we were shocked about how many came and then how many stayed to support the baptisms. Yes, we have a font.

The week was kinda slow.... evenings are full but the days are hard to fill up but we do our best. We didn't see David this week... His schedule is all skiddy wompass. and Ezekiel is getting baptized on the 14 of march! Set that date yesterday! :) He reads everyday and has lots of questions. which is great, we like questions, its the only way they learn if they ask questions.

I'm sorry to hear about our good neighbor sister Wanda! Sad! Say hello to Gale for me! Yes keep him busy with his tractor haha. She's in a better place tho! He'll see her again! That's one of the coolest things about the Gospel in our lives, the knowledge of seeing loved ones again after they pass on in life. All part of the wonderful plan heavenly father has for each one of us! :)

My studies are great! i love reading from the Book of Mormon every morning, except Sunday since we leave for church before we can study, and praying. Prayer is the most powerful things we as humans can do!! Talk with our Father in Heaven!! Yeah, weird coming from me who doesn't like to read. but i do it cause i want to and i want to obey the rules! So strive hard there at home to study!! AND PRAY! I'll follow up on that every week if i have to haha.

I do not have to pay to get mail, just the BOXES so send stuff in the white envelopes if you can. I did send my SD card home with the pictures so it should be there next week. I get mail from the ZLs on mondays yes only P days. so today I'll hopefully get mail. our car is getting fixed today so we have the APs car! :) its a nicer car haha. they are in Namibia till wed. So yeah. I can't think of anything i need at the moment... so i dunno. it costs so much for you guys to send packages i really don't think about that. But i will let you know if i need anything!

RC= recent convert yes! DA=dinner appointment, ZL=zone leaders, BD=baptism date. our district consists of 4 elders. Elder Heydenrych, myself, Elder Butelezie and Elder Morril. Our area goes all the way to hout bay to fish hoek. Muezenburg. Wyenburg. Etc. just my comp and i in our flat. any other questions??

Well i love you guys!! keep well and prosper! :)

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Greetings again from Cape Town! Been another beautiful week here. Had some rain yesterday morning. Not much but enough to get the ground wet. Its really hot today oh my goodness haha. I'm used to it but don't like it. I would love some snow!! Go boarding today for a P day or somethin haha jk!! This past week has been slow. Not a whole lot going on. We have people to teach but we can only see them in the evenings since they work during the day. So our eveingings are busy! haha

Monday- P day, did usual stuff, laundry, eamil, shopping. then joined up with Fish Hoek Elders and went Mini golfing. It was fun! haha. got a few hole in ones. :) Then had FHE with the Abrahams family. it was fun too! My comp gave a short lesson and then we did some riddles, BLACK MAGIC, CUPS and one Servioiuttes. (*FYI black magic is a mind game in which you guess the pattern and we have no idea what servioiuttes is so we're going to ask on that one)

Tuesday- Had zone conference in Sommerset West. So we got up at 6 and left by 7 it was a nice hour drive. We took baden powell drive by the Indian Ocean. It lasted till 4 and the topics were being physically, temporally and spiritually fit. It was good. We now have to come up with workout plans and a food diet for each week. Which we are anyway. Then we had a few less active appointments that night.

Wed- well woke up and my comp was sick so he called pres and described his symptoms and he had Hemorrhoids. Not fun i hear! So we went to the doctor and sat there for a good 2 hours. So he is now getting better but still in pain a little. he has to go back tomorrow. So we didn't do much that day. Had a D.A. with the Dennis family it was good. We had fajitas of some kind. Then visited David (I) the Anohemys (M). David hasn't been progressing. He works as a waiter at some place so his shifts are always scattered. his wife is tho. She has been reading from the BoM so thats good. We committed her to set up a BD but when she heard that she backed off. So i dunno. We are trying our best! (*D.A. means dinner appointment, LA lunch appointment, I investigator, M member, and BD baptism date)

Thursday- had our weekly planning from 10 to noon. then did service with Brother Sckeepers. He is building a better roof for his garage so we helped him with bricks. It was fun haha. then met with Patrick and Judith (LA) they are wonderful people. Just Patrick needs to get Sundays off so he can come to church. His wife and daughter come tho. so thats good.

Friday- Had district Meeting then lunch. It was good we cooked for Fish Hoek (*Elders). Had rice and hamburger and mixed it all together haha. tasted just fine. Simple and easy. then met with Ezekiel (I) who wants to be baptized and is looking forward to it! He has questions for us about the his reading in the BoM every time we see him which is awesome!! So we are looking forward to baptizing him soon. Then we had dinner at the Sckeepers! had a Bry (BBQ) so they cooked snoek (Fish) and chicken. It was really good!

Sat- had correlation with Brother Vincent (ward mission leader) and then went to meet with Brian (I) but was leaving when we got to his home. So we asked him to come to church and he didn't :( We are going to find out next week why. Then met with Ezekiel again and then Giscard (RC) he is doing well. Then had a DA with the Kipela Family. Had PAP and chicken and rice and a salad. Very good i like PAP if its eaten with sauces. Then met with david and just visited with him mostly. (*we think RC means recent convert; pap is like porridge or gruel)

Sunday- Fast sunday i about died! haha jk i was fine but around 3 i got really hungry. luckily we ate at the Hendricks (M) very good! visited with them till we came back at 7 so my comp could report stats. had the sommerset west elders come to give the baptism interviews for our 5 investigators. long day.

Well i will try to find a map. I've been looking for a Manchester soccer jersey to purchase cause i'm told i look like one of the Players, Sckulls (*we think he means Paul Scholes which after googling him Rob does kind of look like him a little), haven't found one yet. So today we'll look. I did buy my scripture case-a giraffe one its cool haha.

Um what else?? I love you all!! I don't have much time left, so ask questions next week. Have fun with the cows and snow and stuff!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Got Pictures!

Elder Bond, James Bond

Elder Hawke, Elder Rigby, Elder Kunz

MTC Group 104 with President and Sister Cannon

In front of the Temple in Johannesburg

Elder Bagenzi and Elder Rigby (his comp in the MTC)

He mailed some pictures home! We thought it would be fun to share them. He sent them from the MTC. The captions are his taken from the backs of the pictures.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

I'm really hating email!! It deleted it again! I'm so mad!! Stupid Computer! But on a good thought Cape Town is the most beautiful place on the face of the earth I've decided love the ocean and stuff. Except for the poor townships.... but that's the world.

Well week was good! Been busy busy. Had exchanges on Friday. So I went with Elder Dodoo and His comp came here with my comp. Good learning experience. Saw the world and how poor townships are.

I want my camera cord. I got your package! thank you so much for the calendar and the goodies! We get mail on Monday after we email. so yeah. Today I won't till tomorrow tho since we have zone conference. SO I'll get mail tomorrow. I'm just gunna send my card home when it gets full. so it'll be awhile. enough of this attachment stuff that deletes my email.

Been learning everyday and growing. I'm finally used to getting up at 6:30 even tho I still don't like it. We jog every morning to get our hearts pumpin for the day and wake us up. But what else do you want to know?? I had a big long list of details on every day this past week and now its gone so I'm sorry and I'll just send pictures home through letters or my card.

Saw the Penguins last Monday they are so funny! they look at you like we are very interesting. haha they are about 2 feet tall and will bite your hand off if you try to pet them so Mark no i didn't get one for you so sorry. Got lots of pictures tho! so look forward to that. Today i think we are gunna go mini golfing with the District. so that'll be fun.

We are having 5 baptisms this month on the 14 which is awesome!

I love you all!! I miss you alot and I'm doing great! get out and work and everything becomes a great day. Really enjoying my Trainer Elder Heydenrych. He knows alot. Well till next week! LOVES YOU ALL

Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)