Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Week

Dear Family and my friends,

Hiya!! :) Been a great week here in Meadowridge. had some great lessons and good spiritual experiences. We had another baptism yesterday! InĂªs, she is Portuguese background haha. it was awesome! along with that we confirmed the 4 who got baptized last week. it was cool to stand in on the circle. I love being a priesthood holder!

Glad that you got my pictures!! Fun times on missions let me tell ya haha! That rock is on the coast of the Indian Ocean. have not been to the Atlantic coast yet. It was so much fun! Mini golf/putt putt was fun too haha.They say things so weird over here. and spell things different as well. not used to it but working on that. (*Yes..we got pictures so I'll work on posting some)

Cape Town! Yes, it is the most beautiful places a person can go! Mountains, oceans, beaches, resorts good people. Its been so hot lately, but is starting to cool down for the winter months. Starts in June. i need to get my rain coat still. but yeah. windy too don't like it. sand blows in my face and all over get everywhere.

I will be sending a letter home this week so more details are in that! Ezekiel is doing good, has a job now so are visits with him are few. but he is getting baptized march 14! Cedric and his wife came to church yesterday! So we were very surprised! he can't understand english very good since he's from Congo but knows a little. most of our investigators are foreigners! Lots from DRC (*Democratic Republic of the Congo) and the swana (*we think he means Swazi?) speaking people. We have one family that is Xosa (clicks) it sounds so cool! haha i want to learn! I've been practicing the clicks all day haha. anyway they came to church last week and tried yesterday but were too late leaving so they didn't come. but they want to get baptized its just a matter of their understanding of the english and stuff. haven't seen David this week. so don't know about him. he works alot. Then we have Yohan, from Malouwe. He is a charismatic. So happy clappy kind of guy. He loves the pamphlets we give him and makes sure we know what he is asking. Some visits are very interesting.... but we want to give him a BD soon.

these past 5 weeks here in the field. Wow, where has the time gone! Transfers are in a week and a half. i probably won't change. as well as my trainer. but i'll be able to start driving!!! YAY!!! :) haha its still weird to get in the left side for passenger.

Well i love you all and miss you!! Have fun in the cold!! hehe

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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