Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day (yesterday)

Dear Family and Friends,

Ello!! :) Great week we had here in the hot part of the world. Had 4 baptisms yesterday! it was awesome the spirit was so strong and it was just great. Brother Ronac Sign, Sister Gertrued Mobombo and her 2 daughters. Bro Ronac was baptized by the ward missionary Ryan Lenored. He had to be "dunked" twice cause his foot popped out. So that was a special thing in itself for him haha. And The Mobombos were baptized by Bro Matimba, who is their relative. Uncle to the 2 daughters. 13 investigators came to church yesterday!! Big fantastic day!! we were shocked about how many came and then how many stayed to support the baptisms. Yes, we have a font.

The week was kinda slow.... evenings are full but the days are hard to fill up but we do our best. We didn't see David this week... His schedule is all skiddy wompass. and Ezekiel is getting baptized on the 14 of march! Set that date yesterday! :) He reads everyday and has lots of questions. which is great, we like questions, its the only way they learn if they ask questions.

I'm sorry to hear about our good neighbor sister Wanda! Sad! Say hello to Gale for me! Yes keep him busy with his tractor haha. She's in a better place tho! He'll see her again! That's one of the coolest things about the Gospel in our lives, the knowledge of seeing loved ones again after they pass on in life. All part of the wonderful plan heavenly father has for each one of us! :)

My studies are great! i love reading from the Book of Mormon every morning, except Sunday since we leave for church before we can study, and praying. Prayer is the most powerful things we as humans can do!! Talk with our Father in Heaven!! Yeah, weird coming from me who doesn't like to read. but i do it cause i want to and i want to obey the rules! So strive hard there at home to study!! AND PRAY! I'll follow up on that every week if i have to haha.

I do not have to pay to get mail, just the BOXES so send stuff in the white envelopes if you can. I did send my SD card home with the pictures so it should be there next week. I get mail from the ZLs on mondays yes only P days. so today I'll hopefully get mail. our car is getting fixed today so we have the APs car! :) its a nicer car haha. they are in Namibia till wed. So yeah. I can't think of anything i need at the moment... so i dunno. it costs so much for you guys to send packages i really don't think about that. But i will let you know if i need anything!

RC= recent convert yes! DA=dinner appointment, ZL=zone leaders, BD=baptism date. our district consists of 4 elders. Elder Heydenrych, myself, Elder Butelezie and Elder Morril. Our area goes all the way to hout bay to fish hoek. Muezenburg. Wyenburg. Etc. just my comp and i in our flat. any other questions??

Well i love you guys!! keep well and prosper! :)

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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