Monday, September 26, 2011


Family and Friends,

Hello! How are ya?! I'm doing good, week has again been slow but its getting better or so we hope. We had 2 exchanges with the district leaders this past week. I stayed in our area on wednesday and Elder Mamaia came to be with me and then his companion, Elder Opolot stayed in his area and my comp, Elder Bagenzi went with him in Cleary Estate, a colored area. the day was good, just did some more follow ups and went through the ward list a bit. then on saturday we had exchanges with Lorraine, Elder Ncube and Elder Bryers. I went to be with Elder Ncube in his area, their area is a white area and very difficult, i think its worse than ours. We follow up most of the day on potentials and then later in the day we did some tracting. yo, i haven't done that for a while haha it was a good hour of having a few doors not open and people telling us to go away haha. all you can do is laugh at the fact that they really don't know what they are missing out on. We did get to go into one home, a colored family that are old apostalics. so very staunch in their faith, but they were very willing to have the us come back and share the message. So i enjoyed both days with a different companion. its good to be with them and see how they work and even how i can help them become better. i'm still learning myself.

So the week in our area as i said was slow, but we met with a wonderful Zimbabwe family yesterday afternoon. Innocent and his wife charity and then his sister and a cousin. so four of them. we found them through another missionary in george who is related to them, so he gave us innocents number and we called and got his address and went to go see him. great potential family. they had many questions about what we do as missionaries and whats so different about us than other churches. they were even wondering why they can't call Elder Mupivire, their cousin in george, and communicate with him. they said we were kinda crazy to not call home every week. We told them that it would distract us and we wouldn't be focused on the work if we did that. So it was interesting to chat with them. We just shared a spiritual thought and set a return appointment for next week. many questions.

Doroth came to church yesterday, the 16yr old part member family. She is now opening up and not being so shy. i think that our fellowshipper, Sibosiso, has helped with that. we had FHE with them last night and made it a lesson about baptism. was very nice then we played, or tried to play a few games as what FHE is all about. so we are basically going very slow with her so she understands everything and so forth. Its been an enjoyable time to teach her so far, still in the teaching stages and understanding is getting better.

Last monday we met with the ward family. they are coloreds and are very active in their church, some christian church, there are so many here i cant remember the exact name. anyways. we just got their feel of the gospel and talked a bit about following Christ and faith and repentance. its a family of four, father, mother and then their son and daughter who are in their 20s. they just go to church cause they have to. I wrote a letter last week about them with my SD card. So that should be coming soon. we are seeing them again tonight and plan to teach the restoration as they were wondering why so many churches, i pray that the Spirit will guide that lesson and we won't loose this family, they would make awesome members.

I'm doing good tho, no problems. my nose has finally cleared up and i have been sleeping pretty well the past few nights. this week starting wednesday we are headed to knysna and george for exchanges, we'll be back on saturday afternoon. its four hour drive there. but i hear its very pretty that side. so i will be sure to take lots of photos. :) well i love you guys! i miss you :) but i am good and enjoying mission. I love the people of SA and i love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless the people here and soften their hearts so we may be able to teach them and bring them unto Christ. I know its true! have a good week everyone! loves

your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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