Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear My family and My Friends,

Greetings!! How are things?? Its been pretty swell here in South Africa! We had a really good week and saw lots of people and talked with lots of people. I bout died haha ok not really but yeah i was tired at the end of the day. The weather has been iffy the past week. its gotten cold and windy and rained a bit on Wednesday. not much but some. Summer is the raining season In the Eastern Cape. And they didn't got much this year so we are having a drought. The dam in Mdantsane is VERY low on water. like it doesn't even look like its a dam kinda looks like a littleish river/pond. Kinda sad. but yeah! that and electricity, people keep saying that there is a power shortage so we aren't allowed to use heaters or anything like that. so last week it was a bit chilly in our boarding. I had to put more blankets on my bed cause it was so cold. yeah you'd think it would be warm in South Africa all the time, but yeah no!! It can get pretty dang chilly some days and some nights. the wind was what made it the most cold. So i'm grateful for my sweaters/jerseys (whatever you want to call them). yeah i wore it the other day. haha.

So this week our car was taken away from us. :( :( So we get to walk in our area now for the next 2-3 weeks. I'm not happy about it but it has brought blessings. we have talked to a lot of people since we don't want to walk a lot and go all over kingdom come. haha. We had a really good lesson with Mbasa on Saturday night. He is very close to getting a baptism date. We went there and since we hadn't seen him in 2 weeks we just wanted to talk to him and see how he was doing and all. We get talking, asking questions and everything and i asked him how he felt about his prayers. cause prayers are the only way that you can receive that witness for yourself. and he said that he felt good about them but wasn't sure about them either. So we ended up discussing more about what prayers are and how they work and what he needed to to and everything. it was really good! i felt the Spirit there helping me talk to Mbasa and resolve his concerns that he had. We didn't plan on talking about prayer at all before we went there. but the spirit put the thought into my head to ask him about his prayers and look what happened. :) he needed to hear that. he needed to be taught more on prayer. We opened up the Bible Dictionary and read a few scriptures and at the end of the lesson i could just tell that we as missionaries made a difference. We helped him. :) i felt really good about it as well as my Companion.

We had another good lesson with a sister, Nosephiwo. She only wanted us to stay there for 5 min and basically share a spiritual thought with her but we actually ended up staying an hour haha. we just got talking about what we do and life and the gospel more. trying to get her to answer the questions we asked and getting her to open up. but things are progressing with her. it always helps to have members come with us and be there for the appointments. having that "bond" of someone who lives there and knows what kind of person they can be. cause me as an American haha i can't understand Xhosa worth anything, even tho my companion can. but with the members being there it makes things go better, having another person bearing witness of the things we know to be true!

So with not having a car, the car we had has many problems, Brakes, clutch sticks and won't come off the floor sometimes body work needs to be fixed and yeah over 92000 ks on it the office decided to take it away, fix it and then sell it. so we get the opportunity to have a new car hopefully in 2 weeks. I'm excited for it haha. So yeah, the Zone lords pick us up in the morning and drive us to the area and then we walk all day and then they pick us up at 8:30 that night. We usually wait at members homes in the evening till they come and get us.

have zone conference this week on thursday i'm pretty excited about that :) and then interviews next week. Today we are doing who knows what for P day haha. might go play soccer or golf i dunno. I'm glad you finally got my SD card very glad that it got there un-damaged. Having fun with the photos?? hehe yes we have fun and yes we do work sheesh! why do you think i'm out here for?? haha Elder Morrill and Elder Buthelzi are in that picture of the district in our matching ties. (*Note back in Cape Town with Elder Heydenrich)

and the rest of you back home have a great week too!! i love you guys!! hope things go well!!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

P day in Cape Town: Elder Larson, Elder Rigby, Elder Butelezi, Elder Carver

Mththa Elders: (b) Elder Rigby, Elder Zulu (f) Elder Rimuwa, Elder Turner

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