Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From the land of soccer...

Dear Family and Friends,

hey everybody! :) how is everything back in Idaho?? Things are going here in Mdantsane. Had an ok week. Nothing too exciting happened this past week. But i'm good and glad its pday haha. I needed a break for a bit.Here is the week:

Monday- had a good pday. played soccer again surprise! haha

Tuesday- spent some time working with a less active member, Bro Gontsana. He is an old man who was baptized last year i think and now he claims that he doesn't have any money to come to church but if he really wanted to come he could find a way. He has a really huge print of the BofM oh my goodness haha i've never seen one that big before. It was cool. We then went to the Memorial for one of RC that passed away in the bush 2 weeks ago. Khwanele. Very sad. It was all in Xhosa so i couldn't understand what they were saying but its ok i didn't need to hear, the other people that were there did.

Wednesday- My comp had a DL training that morning so we went there to the chapel and then i went with Elder Simelane to his area and did some finding for an hour. it was good Surprisingly i enjoyed it for once haha i usually don't enjoy finding but that morning i kinda did. after that we had lunch at KFC and then went to our area. We saw our RC peggy. she is the funny old lady who likes to make fun of us. we just visited with her. then We saw Olwethu. the shy one who doesn't like questions. but we finally got her to talk and give us feedback on what she has learned. it was good. She is a JCF (Jesus Christ Family Church), very big here in South Africa. So its going slow with her but we are making progress. Then we went to Sister Honjiswa and she fed us! it was great! We love going there cause she always feeds us and has questions for us to help her understand. its awesome! haha

Thursday- had our Weekly planning for week 6 oh my goodness, where did this transfer go! already time for transfer predictions haha. After that we saw Ms Mbadlayana. she is a very wonderful lady who had lots of questions for us. she is very active in her church but wants to come for a visit. So were trying to establish a calendar with her so we can plan effectively for her and get her to come to church. Then we saw a referral from a member, Bomikazi. She is a teen aged girl who wants to be baptized and come to church. so we started teaching her. normally we won't teach young ladies in their teens if they don't come to church and don't have anyone to support them. But she came once. so Sister Rani wanted us to go teach her so we went and talked about God and Jesus Christ and Faith. it was a good lesson. Then we had interviews with President Probst. :) i love interviews! haha i pounded him with "good" questions haha he likes questions from his missionaries. he liked mine. he is very pleased that i've gotten refocused and doing well in my teaching. I respect him very greatly wonderful man.

Friday-had district meeting and talked about account abilities and how we can help our investigators keep commitments better. Had some good insights from My comp and from myself haha. gotta love 2 man districts. Got post today! yay! thanks! and yes i'm focused about my investigators! We saw sister Peggy again today and left her with a Spiritual thought. then we saw Olwethu and watched the restoration DVD with her and she liked it. We had our ward mission leader with us and his wife so that helped with that a bunch. His wife was a JCF before she joined. so she related with Olwethu very well and they knew each other. so it was good.

Saturday- Went on exchanges with the ZLs. I went with Elder Mfaladi in his area and then My comp stayed in our area with Elder Mathipa. i had a good time with Elder Mfaladi. He goes home in August so he only has 7 weeks left. he is a very good missionary though and we had a good day. i learned a new principle. If they don't read what you left them to read then why don't teach them anything till they read it. so we had one experience with that. we went to this ladies place and she hadn't read it. so we told her to read it and then we would come back in 2 hours and talk about it. so we left and then we came back later. unfortunately she wasn't there. so it didn't work very good that time. but i'm gunna try it a few times in our area and see if it works. so it was a good day.

Sunday- had church and then tried to see yongama but he couldn't see us. :( so we left and then went to our DA which was really good. haha Mayburry cooked it. she is a coloured actually and is engaged to Thando. So they are getting married in December. The ward had a temple trip this week. so 21 or so went last night around midnight and now they are up in joburg. Man i miss the Temple!! i'm very excited to go again when i'm finished. but after DA we really didn't do much. no one was home. so yeah that was the week!!

I have watched a few matches. Obviously when SA was playing and i tried to watch the US games but didn't get to see all of them. I briefly saw the last one against Ghana . Now were out dang it!! everyone is calmed down since Bafana Bafana is out but its still going.

Well i love you guys i'm outta time! have a good week!! loves

Your missionary,
Elder Rigby CTM

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