Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Better late than never

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on word from me. the internet was down yesterday so we are emailing today! I'm glad you all had a good week as it was the 4th of july. nothing happened here haha obviously. Pretty boring. The world Cup ends this week so we shall see who takes it. I'm thinking its going to be Germany. They are after it big time. Transfers are this coming thursday. I'm probably staying but who knows what will happen. my comp has been here 6 months so he is probably leaving. find out tonight or in the morning. The car has been taken away again so we are back to walking. The Zone leaders offered bikes but my comp doesn't want them cause he says they will be a burden.

its been a hectic week. the ward went to the temple this past week so on sunday the ones who were able to go bore their testimonies and it was awesome. it was so cool to see how the temple can bless the lives of others. they only go twice a year or try to go, because its so far away. 13 hours drive. so like going to Greeley Colorado or something. I'm very grateful for a 10 min drive to the one back home. i miss the temple i'm going to go every week when i get home!

We have found some good new investigators to teach and the nice thing about it is that they have been keeping their commitments! :) we were very happy when they told us what they read and what they learned.Had a good experience when we were teaching this young man Sankele, he is 17 and read the intro to the book of Mormon. he asked us to sum it up for him and help him understand what it was talking about. So i started and it just flowed nicely. my comp afterward was a little disappointed that he didn't get to teach but then realized that i was being directed by the spirit and was doing what i needed to do. it was good to teach. i love the book of Mormon! the book of Mormon changes lives! haha we've gotten some good members present this past week too so thats another improvement haha our fellow shippers have been fulfilling their calling!

Well i don't know what else to say. its kinda been a slow week. people fall through and then you struggle to decide who to see next so then you mind is just done for the day and it goes kapoot. So i love you guys and miss you. love you!

love your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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