Monday, July 12, 2010

Out with the old and in with the not so new

Dear Family and Friends,

hey everybody! had transfers this past week so we found out on Wednesday morning and my dear companion Elder Mkhize left me to go to Uitenhage. So now i'm still here in 3rd ward Mdantsane with Elder Diphala now. He goes home in 3 months from Maficane. In the Northwest province. he is an ok elder so far. different with the new comp and same area so i'm in charge for the first couple weeks. its slow. none of our appointments have held since thursday evening. But here is a break down of the week:

Monday- played some sweet soccer for Pday. were all very tired when we got done haha. went to the FHE with the Cetyawayos. it was fun! we did the a activity on the BofM from PMG. asked them to come up with some questions that they have been asked about the church and then we had to find the answers to the questions using the BofM. It was fun. :) Sister Cetyawayos' baby is so cute haha she is 5 months old. haha smiles and is a happy baby all the time.

Tuesday- Well don't have the car anymore so we hitched a ride with the ZLs again. pain in the butt really. Emailed that morning since we couldn't monday. then we went to the area and had a pretty good day. met with Abongele Majavu. She is doing so well. reads and always has a few questions for us and is progressing so well. we watched the restoration dvd and taught her how to pray. Its wonderful having an investigator who is serious about investigating the church and wants to find out for herself. We then saw Sinazo, she has been coming to church for a while but didnt want to be taught at first but now she does so we taught her the restoration this week and she understands. we hope to give her a BD for Aug 7, 2010. then we went to Zukiswas. she is a recent convert. she loves the missionaries and always wants to feed us haha. we did the BofM activity that we did with the Cetyawayos with her as well. it was also fun haha. came up with the question of Joesph Smith and so we used to the BofM to answer so where can you find a verse talking about Joesph Smith?? good luck! hehe.

Wednesday- gotta call from the APs and Mkhize was leaving. so we basically said goodbye to everyone that day. bunch of members and a few investigators. then had a nice Brai at the Aprils. (aka-BBQ) nice food.

thursday- transfer day....yeah waited for missionaries at the bus stop and the airport. busy day. hectic day. i was very tired when i was done. we made it to the area about 5:00 so i took my new comp to meet some members and then we had to wait for the ZLs to come get us.

Friday- had district meeting. met with Abongele today. she wants to be baptized! YAY!!! haha hasn't been to church yet though. she was supposed to come yesterday but she over slept. yeah yeah sounds like someone i know.... ha... then met with sinazo again and taught the rest of the restoration. we used the CUPS analogy. it works really well. :) build them up and then Jesus Christ is taken away as well as the apostles and prophets and power and authority so it all falls down. then build it back up with Joesph Smith. :) works nice. Walked all over kingdom come too! asche bubba. i don't like that.

Sat- had a short weekly planning since we didn't get to on Thursday. then went to the area and had correlation. then all of the plans that we had that day fell through so it was a crappy day. we did some finding. found some good potentials, well maybe. find out someday.

Sunday-went to church and had 2 people come. Sinazo and Bomikazi. Both females. I got there and bro sonaba asked if i would be the backup plan B talk haha i said ok. so i was sitting up on the stand, trying to come up with something to talk about for a few min. luckily the other speaker came and i didn't have to speak. haha i was so happy. It was a good sacrament meeting. Kuview spoke about how there is no royal road to Gods Kingdom. it was good. Jesus Christ made it possible yes but its not easy. cause it wasn't easy for him. after church we went to find out why abongele didn't come and then we walked all over again cause appointments didn't hold. no one was home. :( sad day. so we visited members and did what we could. Oh did i tell you that our Bishop is released? if not yeah his job is far away in Queenstown so they have to move and they're not happy about it either. So at the moment we don't have a Bishop we have a presiding Elder. Kuview. Which was the 1st counselor. so yeah!

Well i love you all and hope everything is well. Love you guys!

Elder Rober S Rigby (CTM)

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