Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear me family and Friends in Idaho,

Hello!!!!!! i hope that is a long enough hello haha has to go half way across the world. haha. Its been a good week. I'm enjoying working with Elder Diphala and finding more people to teach. we found some good families this past week. so hopefully something spectacular will happen with them. :) I'm glad everyone is doing better now. what did you all get? the bugs or what? Well i'm doing well. we now have a car! hooray!! haha we didn't have a car because it had to in for repairs, it had been in a few accidents and needed the brakes fixed and the steering and the back bumper and lots of other things. so yeah! its now fixed and we have a car :) i and my comp are very happy about it too. haha

Well this past week was a good one. we had zone conference on Tuesday and it was on working with our stake and ward leaders. it was good council from Pres and sister Probst. They are awesome. We as missionaries are required to bring souls into the fold. The ward is responsible for befriending these souls and making sure they stay in the gospel. They also mentioned that we cannot do anything without the ward. it won't move forward. We are to "help" the ward not the ward help us. So yeah.

We have managed to visit with Sinazo and Abongile this past week a few times. they are doing so well. we hope to give them a baptism date this week for the 28 of August. Abongile already wants to be baptized. she is probably the only investigator that i have found and is progressing in the teaching. :) i feel really good about it. She came to church again yesterday and loved it so she definitely will strive to be there every Sunday. Sinazo is also doing very well. we met with her on Tuesday and taught her the first half of the plan of salvation, then met with her again yesterday after church and taught her the rest of the plan of salvation. a cool thing about that meeting was that she had a friend there who has been taught before and has a copy of the BofM so she sat in on the lesson and then we set up a return appointment with her for Wednesday so we are hoping that she will join us now on as we continue to teach Sinazo. good stuff.

So those are the really progressing investigators. We have a few others but they aren't very committed to the appointments. so there is Mbasa. yo i'm worried about this kid. he is supposed to be baptized in 2 weeks and hasn't been coming to church. so we went there yesterday after church to find out why and he always comes with a family issue that he had to take care of. so has of right now he won't be getting baptized on August 7 anymore. he will probably be baptized with the other 2 candidates on the 28th. So we talked to him and told him that we don't want to "push" you to being baptized and i think that helped him understand that he just needs some more time to get back into the groove of things.

We also did some tracting this past week and found some good potentials as i mentioned above. we found a guy by the name of Bulelani. he is a policeman and also has a problem of drinking. We first got there and i asked him how his day was and everything just to be friendly and get to know him a bit and he told us that he had a good day. So i asked well what did you do. then he told us hes been drinking. lots actually. I'm not quite sure if he was sober during the 15 min lesson we had with him or not. haha he was sober enough to understand and respond to the questions we asked him so it was good. I hope this guy can turn around his life. its sad to see people just drinking away there life. or smoking away their life. if you know what i mean. but yeah hes a good guy. we hope to see him next week, since he is working this week.

well that was basically the week for ya. haha it was a good one. we worked hard. walked then got the car saturday to it was nice. we attended ward council and established with the brethren that there is a problem with missionary work in the ward and we only have 2 baptisms for the year where there is a goal of 26 so we have lots of work to do. No i didn't have to give a talk yesterday thank goodness haha. i've lucked out again. wasn't threatened yesterday. So that was nice. i taught gospel principals though i think that takes the spot of giving a talk.

well i love you guys!! :) i'm grateful for the emails and letters. i got one from you mom. thanks for the report on Nationals :) WOW storm front won!! that is cool!! i want to hear the songs they did. I'm very surprised that the vocal majority took second. Some day i will go to nationals again! haha.

I would like Campbells soup!!!! haha i hope you haven't sent the package already. so Campbells and MissMall socks and sweets as usual please. M&Ms you know :) hehe well have a good week everyone!! LOVE YOU!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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