Monday, July 26, 2010

Good and the Bad

Dear the People in Idaho,

Howdy everybody!! hehe whats up back in the Idaho state?? well its warmed up finally here in the Eastern Cape. Its very nice. yesterday was a heat wave i think and today its looking like the same. :) i like warmish days not too hot and not too cold. nice and sunny :) Its been a good week in missionary work. Have found another family to teach, we did some tracting last week. So hopefully things will go well with them. I'm doing well. i'm getting along with my comp Elder Diphala (De-paul-a). Its Lusuitu. he's a hard working missionary, its nice working with him cause he always wants to teach. he's getting to know the area now so i'm starting to keep quiet and letting him have his stewardship as my District Leader. Well here is the week:

Monday- tragic day, i really don't want to talk about it but i need to let you know. Went and did the usual emailing and shopping and then came back to the boarding and found 2 inches of water on the floor! A water line under the kitchen sink broke while we were gone and so water was leaking out and basically flooded the flat. By back pack was on the Floor with my Scriptures and Camera in it. :(! So now my scriptures are really fat and my camera thank goodness still works. at first it wouldn't turn on but then it finally dried out and works now! :) so good news there. my scriptures on the other hand are quite water damaged. but still usable i'm not happy about it though i haven't even had those for a year yet! so is there warranty on them or anything? i want a new set. So we spent the entire pday cleaning the boarding and getting the water out and drying my scriptures with a blow dryer that i borrowed from the land lord. i flippin did every single page in that thing. took a long time went to bed at Midnight that evening. but yeah!

Tuesday- Walked all over kingdom come! saw Olwethu. (I) she is doing ok hasn't really been reading like she needs to but still won't come to church cause she claims she is too busy in her church JCF. We just read a chapter with her and committed her to read and pray she had questions about prophets so we discussed that too. shes concerned whether her minister is really called of god or not. which he isn't so we told her to pray about it. so we'll find out this week what her answer was. We then saw one of our RC Oviwe, She is a younger single mother. yeah it happens a lot in Mdantsane. Ladies want children but guys wont make the move to marry so they go out and break the law of Chasity so they can have a baby. yeah its pathetic but what can ya do.

Wednesday- Met with Mbasa finally! hes back from holiday. he is doing well hasn't read for a while so we recommitted him to read and gave him the BD for the 7th of August. don't know if it'll happen now cause he didn't come to church yesterday and he said he would. i think he is running from us now it seems like. he is never home and never answers his phone. But on a more happy thought we met with Abongile! She is doing very well. now that she's back in school shes been busy with her homework but still finds time to read! :) She came to church yesterday and enjoyed it very much and wants to come again next week. so good improvement there :) happy day! haha We taught her the plan of salvation this week and she was like oh wow haha thats cool. she now knows where she will go after this life. the spirit was strong in all of her meetings. She is a very good progressing investigator.

Thursday- had weekly planning. then was able to see a less active member Bro Gontsana. he is an older man in his 60s has some problems with the word of wisdom. so we are trying to just visit him and be friends to him at the moment. We are trying to the brethren to go and visit him instead of us cause we are missionaries not members and can't relate to him very well since we are young men. The rest of the day just fell through so we did some finding and checked up on some potentials.

Friday- had District Meeting. it was nice. haha just reviewed and shared success stories on the account-abilities. its been interesting looking back at them and seeing the success and the ones we need to improve on. There are 13 of them that president came up with last year so we are still using them. Zone conference is tomorrow so that'll be exciting. We met with Abongile again and taught her the other half of the plan of salvation. it was good. she is just excited about everything as i mentioned before. and then we met with Uviwe again. We just visited with her and discussed being obedient and following the prophet.

Saturday- Wow what a day! there was a reception for Spendulu Maklangabeza. Very well known family in Mdantsane. haha. they have been members every since the church started here. So we attended the reception. Since they are in our ward and we got invited. Yo there was lots of food that day! haha i got fed so much! haha I was so full by the end of the day. It started at noon and lasted till 4 we left just after we ate and went to our appointment with the Xanga family. the family i mentioned above that we have found. they are a good family haven't met the father yet but we will met him next week we hope. Had a good discussion on the first half of the restoration. and then we went to the Maklangabezas and had more food haha

Sunday- 2 people came to church. it was a good service. i almost had to give a talk. but lucked out cause my comp went longer than was expected so i'm lucky haha/ We met with Sinazo she is doing well. we watched the restoration dvd with her and before that we asked her about her prayers and the spirit just overcame her as she was sharing with us. the spirit is powerful! it was a good day.

Well that was the week and i'm about out of time. I love you guys! I hope everyone is getting better! dang sickness huh! I would like anything for my bday. good missionary mall socks would be nice. more music to listen to. as soon as i can find a cd player. i can't find one anywhere! so i'm told to just get a dvd player a mini one so i don't know well i love you guys!!!

Elder Rigby CTM

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