Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good aye!

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everybody! It was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday, even though the connection was bad. Stupid thing...oh well it was wonderful at that! A little awkward saying good-bye and you not being able to hear me... The other Elders had problems with it too.

But i'm glad everyone is doing good and loved the call too!! Me did! haha last night we 4 Elders played Monopoly haha the South African Version! it was cool, but unfortunately i lost big time. haha just my luck i guess...

I love all your words of support and love. I know i can do this. I knew that before i left home. The lord is taking care of me and of you guys. I'm not worried. yes, we have ruff days sometimes where nothing happens and the work sucks, but it gets better! I'm so grateful for the Family i have!! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you back home.

It was just great to hear from you!! Back to my comp. We are getting along fine. Its different with a black african comp than the past 2 white Elders. but i'm adjusting. thats what i have to do everyone is different. and my attitude depicts alot of the ways we do things and how things go about. So im doing good. Interviews with Pres last tuesday were really nice and he just knows what to do in many situations. He's called of God like all of us Missionaries are. I respect that man. They go home next july so i get to have 2 mission pres. and a 4 year mission since i'll come home january 4 2012. but yeah i'm doing fine.

The other two missionaries in the district are doin well too. Elder Turner is awesome. Him and I mesh well. he likes cars so we talk about cars and other stuff. He's been out a year. Elder Zulu has been out 15 months i think he goes home in november. But yeah we are striving to have unity in the district since we live in the same place and have to deal with everyones company. I've been eating alot of pop and rice and potatoes. Elder Rimuwa Cooks for the 2 of us and is teaching me how to cook pop and other things. So we aren't starving thats for sure haha. I miss baked potatoes!!

Well i love you all and am glad to be here. Where else would i rather be than serving my heavenly father and his Son Jesus Christ. We have a baptism this coming sunday! :) so we are excited for that. an RM just got back from Zimbabwe. He is from here in Mthatha and has brought lots of excitement to the Branch i hope he doesn't leave cause the branch needs him. He is a powerful man. wow. he sat in on a lesson yesterday and wow what a testimony haha. i have lots to learn and look forward to thats for sure! :) I know Mthatha needs me. Needs the missionaries. It wouldn't function without us. and i know pres trusts me enough to put me here. in banishment. he knows its banishment. haha everyone does. but awesome people. Too bad you couldn't hear the clicks i did yesterday. oh well. I'll remember them :) well have fun be good and have a good week!


Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

PS. post came today so we'll see what i get! :)

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