Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Rob has had a tough week but he's doing okay and is learning from his experiences.

He does say "the baptism went well though! :) Beauty was so excited and ready. She'll be a great member. She bore her testimony afterword and it was powerful haha....but i'll go where the lord wants me to go. "I'll go and do the things which the lord has commanded" my favorite scripture :)

We have been teaching a family that stays 20 Ks outside of Mthatha and the lessons have been awesome! The 2 daughters have come to church the past 3 sundays in a row. the mother came last week. she would come every week but money for transport is a problem sometimes. told her to have the desire to go and then pray about it and the lord will make a way for you to go to church. So we'll see what happens. ITs a great family. one of the daughters is RC from East London so The ZLs gave us her family to teach and its great. the other 2 daughters want to be baptized and are very impatient haha. we told them that they need to learn more before they can get baptized. But they are very anxious to be baptized.

So yeah the senior couples are coming this week to check up on us and see how we're doing and all. so that'll be good. senior couples are great. The Farris and the Jones. They care so much about each missionary and are so good to us. work wouldn't continue without them thats for sure.

Well hopefully this week will be good. I love you guys! miss you. have a good week!

Your missionary,

Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)"

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