Monday, May 3, 2010


Dear family and friends,

Greetings from Mthatha! its been a good week. worked hard but smart. I wasn't tired yesterday for once it was quite nice haha. Elder Rimuwa and i have decided that working our butts off is too tiring so we work smart. Work hard one day then kinda cool it down the next day and then work hard again then next day and so forth. It's effective too! we are really concentrating on daily contact with our investigators. (see them everyday just to see how they are doing) it makes things go a lot better. Share a scripture or two and then a prayer of course and just visit. It's been a good week. We don't have very many investigators so we practically see them at least twice a week. which needs to happen anyway if we want them to progress!

Yesterday was a good fast and testimony meeting. i love hearing the testimonies of the Members. I'm getting used to the small congregation. I taught gospel principals class. Had a nice lesson on repentance and the steps to forgiveness. I'm so confident in my teaching now. i know what i'm doing it seems like. yeah i'm still green and learning. but aren't we all! haha. I loved conference we didn't get to see the saturday sessions but oh well. the branch is struggling as it is. It needs priesthood so bad! The priesthood session was awesome as usual! :) Tell me your favorite talk Jared and Dad! President Monson is such a great guy they all are i love his humor haha.

yeah last week was busy we didn't get to email till 3:00. Then we had an electrician come to fix our stove so we can all cook at one time, but its still not working. power problem. Today is better. had studies and then cleaned the boarding and now here i am at noon emailing :) I think we are going to go to Port St Johns for pday one of these times. its about an hour drive away. it should be fun. its not sunny today so i don't know if we are going today or not. I don't know what Freedom day stands for Elder Turner doesn't know either haha. He is white as well. Him and I are good buddies. My comp is great. Still Banishment but oh well we have been having fun. grateful that we are a 4 man district and boarding, thats for sure!

Thats great that the cows are out to the desert! I knew it would take 9 trucks haha! smart me! It's better that they are out there than at home, more room!

Well investigators are doing well for the most part. none of them came to church yesterday tho :( had people commit to come and then they sleep in and don't come. Sounds like me don't it. oh well. we shall try try again. So having fun with the clicks haha its cool to listen to the language form pros. haha I can do it a little but not like a pro thats for sure. well i love you all and have a wonderful week! TALK TO YOU ON SUNDAY! :)

love your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby

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