Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear family and friends,

Well Mthatha is really boring when it comes to Pday. nothing to do. at all. Today is really busy in the email shop. Its holiday here. So everyone is out of school and busy on the internet so its really slow. Roads suck. People are interesting. We ran into a really drunk guy yesterday that we couldn't understand what the heck he was saying. I think he was saying something about us not knowing what Christ is and such. We laughed at him and took a video of him it was funny. He was just yelling at us. So i get to drive everywhere. My comp can't drive so me the designated driver haha. its fun.

Its definitely different than Capetown thats for sure. We now shop at SPAR and its more expensive but i'm getting by. Elder Rimuwa and i cook lunch together and then on our own for breakfast and dinner. We have lots of pop and potatoes and rice. He is going to teach me how to cook pop haha. not hard just boil water and had the powder stuff till it gets thick. it tastes good with sauces. We are in a 4 man boarding which means its a 4 man district. i was in a 4 man district in Meadowridge too. I thought i mentioned that. oh well

we have 3 baptism date candidates. Beauty, she is awesome, she is so excited about the gospel and everything. her friend, Loretta, who is a RC introduced us to her since they are friends and work at the same place. Panarotties pizza and pasta parlor. Its really good pizza we go there every thursday night for all you can eat pizza :) She will begetting baptized on the 9th of May....the other 2 candidates are what we call eternal investigators. they were found back in 2008 buy Elder Whillhite who is going home at the end of May. but anyway they, Anda and Akim are boyfriend/girlfriend that will get baptized just don't know when. they have some problems with getting married cause of the Labloa. (have to pay for the wife). so yeah hopefully they will get everything figured out soon. at the moment they are using the marriage issue as an excuse to not get baptized....

Zone conference was great. We left on Tuesday night about 6:15 and got there in Queenstown about 9:00. Elder Turner drove there and then i drove back on wednesday afternoon. the theme of zone conf was the importance of 'finding them that will receive you" We have had alot of BD so far this year but they have decreased cause they are getting baptized haha so Pres told us that finding is an eternal principle and that we need to be finding people that will progress. Mthatha really needs priesthood holders. I don't like the small congregations. We watched the sunday sessions of conference yesterday i really enjoyed the afternoon session. especially Elder Fosters talk about mothers. Related it to cows and calves :) and made me think of my mother back home. I love you mom thank you for teaching me so that i know just "enough" of the gospel to serve my mission. I love you!

Families truly are of god. I love you guys. i miss you a lot. i miss that i couldn't be there to help with the Branding. Hopefully things will go better next year. ....sorry for not expounding on how to say Mthatha. I'll do better on these Xhosa words haha. i'm getting the clicks down. Yeah!! HAHA its so cool!
Iqaqa-skunk (have fun with that one haha the q is a click)

We will be watching the preisthood and saturday morning session on tuesday. I would love a copy of the ensign.
Well i love you all! have a good week and keep well!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

P.S. mail will take longer since i'm closer to Durban.

*Here is a map to give you an idea where he is. Note: Umtata was renamed Mthatha.

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