Friday, April 2, 2010


Dear Fam and Friends,

Howdy! another busy week.... Tired.... but thankful to be here doing the lords work. We had to drop some investigators this week cause they aren't keeping commitments. its not cool having to do that and then not finding more people to teach. So we were busy with Bradley and the rest of our investigators. we only really have Bradley who is progressing. He is so ready to be baptized. So our lessons now are just to clear things up and to answer his questions that he has. his parents are anti-mormon so he really isn't getting any support from them which isn't good. but they said thats its his decision and they're cool with it. So yeah. He is such an awesome piano player! He plays mostly classical pieces like phantom and those you know haha. he has his own Grand piano. and is preparing to go to school in the States to get his masters. we were joking with him and asking him if we could call him Dr. Bradley Burrges and he said yes haha cause he's going to get his doctorates in piano haha. we had fun. but yeah that bradley. hes 23 if i haven't mentioned that before.

had exchanges with the ZLs this past week. I went to Khayleshtra with Elder White. Wow that guy knows how to teach. he's from Utah. had appointments all day. I'm used to appointments all day now. These past 2 weeks has been hectic and busy. We were/are so tired haha. We also had to go to somerset west for a district leader training meeting with the APs. So elder Larson had that meeting and then i went with 2 other missionaries and worked in somerset west area. it was fun. knocked on one door and they let us right in. haha so we kinda briefly taught the restoration to this family. great stuff.

Yesterday was a good day even tho we were tired. Went to church and only had Bradley come to church. I don't get it! why do people say they are going to come and then they don't??! Doesn't make sense to me! Its what were having the most problems with. People not coming to church. so we are very tempted to go to those and say to them we aren't coming back to see you till you come to church. don't know if thats the best idea but we aren't gunna waste our time with them if they don't come. so yeah!... then we went to fish hoek to support a baptism. Sonya Turner. It was awesome the spirit was so strong. its such a cool experience to witness baptisms of people who are so ready for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. Elder Butelizi baptized her and then her father-in-law confirmed her. they did the confirmation right after cause the family was all there from joburg. it was cool. had lunch with them and then came back to meadowridge and met with Bradley and then visited Members. Scheepers family, coloured family. they are awesome. Bro Ian Scheepers rebuked us for not having him come with us on appointments haha. He didn't get the privilege of serving a mission so he likes to go out with the missionaries. He and his wife are planning on serving a mission later on in life. they still have very young kids so it'll be a while before they can go. but yeah that was sunday.

General Conference is set back 3 weeks. they are rebroadcasting it so more people can watch it. its gunna be in each unit. so that'll be nice so that weekend will be cool. priesthood session friday night, saturday sessions on saturday in the afternoon and then sunday sessions on sunday at 9 and then we'll have a ward lunch and then watch the last session.

not sure what we are doing for P day today. might go to the Silvermine on top of the mountian between fish hoek and us. so i don't know.

Well i love you all! Miss you guys. Thinking and praying for you. Have a wonderful week!

Love your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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