Monday, April 5, 2010

Another week gone!

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello! :) How is it back in the Snowy Burg? haha thats funny that it snowed on Easter! Its nice and sunny here! Its cooled down alot though i'm so glad! Getting tired of the heat i about die of sweating all day. So yeah winter is coming! :) I've been having fun driving and stuff. Its not as bad as i thought it would be, getting used to the other side of the road. its like driving a tractor down the road. kinda haha. So no accidents yet! :) I'm glad you are all doing well.

Its been another busy week. we had 2 people at church yesterday. it was a wonderful fast and testimony meeting. Spirit was there. a few of our Recent converts got up and bore their testimonies and they were good but they need a bit of help on knowing how to bear testimonies haha. we had a lesson in Priesthood on that actually. so the ward knew. Ivan came for the first time. he just stayed for sacrament meeting but thats whats most important. he said he enjoyed it so hopefully he'll come again! Yes i know i was a slacker back home. But mission is changing that. I asked My comp if he has ever missed church on Mission and he said no, been to every one. so Looking forward to that...Bradley is doing so well. Baptism in 2 weeks!! He will be going to school in the eastern states mom. and he has a girlfriend that is probably going with him. Its been a lot of fun teaching him cause he knows all the basic stuff so we get a bit of a challenge on knowing what to teach him in the lessons. Yes, his piano success makes me wish that i would've stayed on my piano playing. I practice Sweet Hour of Prayer at the chapel when ever i get the chance its coming along. So maybe when i get home i'll be able to play a few hymns haha. we'll see how it goes the next 21 months. wow i've been out 3 months. doesn't feel anything like it. been so busy that the weeks just fly by. having too much fun! :)

We have 2 new potential priesthood families that we're teaching. Charles and Vanessa and then Elvis and Silvia. We are hoping that we can really make a difference in their lives and bring them to baptism. Praying for them. We fasted for them. Fasting has gotten easier. Had a purpose and have done it more than once so every fast gets better. Had a good sunday afternoon. Visited members and a few investigators but nothing big. Easter is really big over here. especially Good Friday before. No shops were open and not too much traffic. it was nice. easter eggs everywhere and people partying of course. Wow we met these men yesterday that were just drunker than drunk. they wanted us to pray for them and join them in their little get to gether. We testified that wine is against the commandments and that they needed to change they were very repectfull about it. which i was shocked. but yeah some people are pretty crazy!..The world cup is going to be madness! Parties every night, traffic madness etc.They are making the N1 and the N2 oneways for it. crazy stuff! Elder Larson is glad that he won't be here for it. I get to have that joy and be here and go through the madness. but hey! I was there in 2010!

Well i love you all and miss you. I'm so grateful for your love and support from each of you! I know that the savior lives and that he loves each and every one of us individually. I know that the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Jesus Christ and his Gospel. I love easter weekend. really brings the spirit of the Resurrection into our minds we need to reflect on it. have a wonderful week!! :)

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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