Monday, April 19, 2010

and the news is

Dear family and Friends,

Greetings!! From South Africa in the eastern cape! Yup i got transferred on thursday. I'm now in the Queenstown Zone in Mthatha! My new comp is Elder Rimuwa. He is originally from Malowey but his family moved to Zimbabwe. Hes a great missionary. He is older than me and knows what he is doing he's 25 and been on mission the same as Elder Heydenrych. So 15 months. The Plane ride over here to east london was about an hour or so and then i got to see my father (aka Elder heydenrych) again it was nice. They were all at the airport waiting and then i got to see Elder Lindstrom! We were so happy to finally see each other. haha gave each other a big hug and and laughed and joked around till it was time to drive 3 hours to Mthatha. yeah long drive i drove and yes i'm quite good at driving on the other side now haha. we drive or fly everywhere. some areas are walking and others have bikes.. Elder Zulu and i were quite ready to be out of the car by the time we got here to Mthatha. elder Lindstrom was here but now in Queenstown. He loved it here so i'm looking forward to it. So Elder Zulu and i got here and met our new comps. Elder Turner, from Joburg, is the other missionary here so there is a total of 4 missionaries in Mthatha.

So a little about Mthatha...Its Banishment!! haha thats what we call it cause its so far away from other missionaries. and there isn't anything fun here to do on Pdays so we get to be creative today! haha. Its a 4-man district and boarding its awesome. we have been having some fun moments when we come back at night. don't have a shower at the moment so we get to bath every morning haha the last time i took a bath was at least 15 years ago i think haha... both companions have cars and the roads are horrible the city needs help. pot holes and bumps everywhere. but its not about that its about the people. Xhosa people so yes i get to learn some Xhosa haha. clicks are fun. i'm getting the hang of it...well kinda. it is difficult thats for sure. Its a branch. very small probably 40 to 60 people come. it was different for me, i'm not used to "small" congregations. So we missionaries do alot on sundays. give talks in sacrament meeting, teach sunday school, etc. so i get to have "fun" studying for that. shouldn't be too bad i guess. there is no keyboard or piano so we sing without it haha. sounds alright. so yeah! thats banishment haha

I'm doing fine though. I like it here so far! Zone conference is wednesday so we get to take a 3 hour "road trip" to Queenstown. haha excited about that. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Good to hear that the other 3 missionaries are on their way and excited. They will have fun. Mission is great its the funnest and the hardest thing a person can do. :)

So back in Meadowridge Bradley will get baptized i don't know when since i'm not there anymore haha. Ezecail we didn't see. so he isn't good hasn't come to church either. and David we saw last week. he and his family are fine. still pretty interested in the Gospel. but Elder Larson and Elder Ripeste will take care of that.

I am working hard. i promise. if i don't i have a crappy day. so work is key haha. Well i love you all and miss you.

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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