Monday, April 19, 2010

Transfer Week

Dear Fam and Friends,

Ello from Cape Town South Africa! :) loving the life over here. Some people are kinda crazy but yeah thats the world for ya! its been another busy week. We saw Bradley Friday afternoon for his Baptism interview and we found out that he had finally talked to his parents about it and well they really aren't happy about it at all. so we came to the conclusion to post pone the baptism till next month so he can get things figured out with his folks. They are kinda anti-mormons but at the moment they are just scared that hes going into something thats not true cause they have heard that bad rumors about the church. So hopefully Bradley can get them to calm down a bit and get their support on his decision. he WILL get baptized though!! He made that very clear with us haha. so we aren't too worried. So at this very moment he isn't getting baptized next week. shame

Other than that the week has been good. We dropped a few more investigators cause they won't act. Michael, actually dropped us. He sent us a text saying that he didn't want us to come see him anymore. probably cause we were really bold with him the last time and told him that if he wasn't gunna come to church then we weren't gunna come see him. So he knows how to pray and where the church is and has support from his family, mostly Ryan. (ward missionary). We also dropped Yohane. He hasn't been acting either. so we saw him yesterday afternoon and watched a church history DVD with him and gave him the "Drop Talk". so yeah! fun stuff.

We have the 2 families that stay in Capricorn (Township) Elvis and then Charles and Vanessa. Elvis came to church yesterday! we were so glad to see him and he really enjoyed it. So he's looking forward to seeing us this week and then next week at church and he said that Silvia will be there too. Unfortunately she had to work yesterday so she couldn't come. but will next week. They are doing so good. loves to see us and loves the gospel... Charles and Vanessa are doing well too. they didn't come yesterday were not sure why. they said they were and that they were positive that they would be there. but didn't show. so hopefully we'll have a good lesson or 2 with them this week and get them even more excited about it. they've been reading and keeping commitments.

We did some tracting yesterday for 15 min. no success. but met some really interesting people. One lady said that she has been to Salt Lake and that she went to the Temple there and that they wouldn't let her go all the way. Duh i was thinking but most people don't know that. So yeah she wasn't interested as well as everyone else we spoke with on that street. wasn't very long of a street.

Well questions- I do my laundry at the boarding. We are fortunate enough to have a washer in our Flat. Its a piece of junk but hey it washes clothes! haha then i either hang it on the drying rack or take it to the complex dryer to dry it for R8 which isn't bad. Today i just but it on the drying rack. didn't feel like spending money on that haha. My pants hole is on the butt. right in the middle where the seam is. so i can probably get someone to fix it for me.

Well i love you all and hope everything gets better! Get well! Glad Grandpa is doing well too. I love you!!! Oh i got a package from the young women back home. it was nice of them to send. tell them thank you for me! Loves

your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

P.S. dont know if i'll be going or staying here in Meadowridge. I'll know Tuesday night. Everything is going good. Today we are gunna go to a members place in fish hoek and play some pool and see our cool designs for a tshirt that Brother Turner is putting together for us. its cool.

Rest of questions cause i forgot haha-

We have a ward of about 100 or so. Starts at 9:00 yes there is an organ and 3 pianos. Bradley plays for priesthood haha. No i don't print off emails. costs to do that.I email at 10:00am or 11:00 depending on the cafe and how busy it is.

Well loves again haha

Elder Rigby

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