Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Aye! :)

Dear Family and Friends,

Good Aye everyone! :) hehe. It has been such a busy week i'm glad its p day. We had appointments every hour of the day on tuesday and most of the week. Did service for the red cross on tuesday and wednesday morning. We sorted and counted towels for them. We can do all sorts of service for the members and the red cross. but we are advised to not do too much per week. it takes time our of teaching. but yeah when we have nothing to do we go to the red cross and do service for them. they like us coming every week. our investigators are doing good. Ezecail has not been coming to church the past 3 weeks which is bad but we saw him sat and yesterday after church and he is reading and wants to progress. so we'll see how that goes. He wasn't feeling good yesterday had a ingrown toenail. OUCH!! very painful i hear. But yeah. Gave Bradley a baptism date for April 18th

Daisy we have not seen... :( she keeps dropping our appointments. but her friend, vanessa, we met with her and met her husband Charles and they are very excited about the gospel. so i hope we can convert this family. they have 2 kids....We have lots of father led families that we are seeing/teaching hopefully we can convert them and build up Gods Kingdom here in Meadowridge. Thats all it takes, more priesthood brethren to split the cape town stake. There is enough members but about only half of them attend church and are active. so Elder Larson and I are trying hard to work with less active members and part member families. Hopefully we can make a difference. None of them have come to church yet though :( only had 2 investigators at church yesterday. Anselm, stays with Ezecial, and then Bradley. He is pretty much a member already. he comes every week and is very strong. WE are very excited to baptize him on April 18th.

So yeah!! been busy week. we were very tired come saturday night and yesterday. We've gotten the privilege of taking 15 min "power naps" at lunch. haha they are wonderful. I've been cooking pancakes/crepes and hot dogs, hamburgers chicken patties ramen noodles the usual quick and easy stuff. Getting tired of the rice. Elder Larson asked me if the rice was what is makin my stomach hurt. I don't think thats the problem. I don't know what its been. It hasnt been too bad the past couple morings. this morning it hurt a bit but its fine now.

but other than that i'm doing fine. enjoying it over here for the most part. been starting to cool down finally for winter, I'm pretty excited about that haha. been way too hot. I miss you guys a lot. don't realize how awesome your family is till your away from them for more than a week haha. yes i found my SD card. I'll be sending the other one home this week probably i dunno. more pictures on that one! :) so enjoy it! I'm trying my best to keep you posted on the people here. I've acquired your trait (*my dad) as a people person over here haha. I was telling my comp that the other day. I like to talk to people and relate to them.

well i love you all and i hope everything is going well. Keep me posted on everything. We are going to the driving range today i think haha so that'll be fun. I have not driven over here yet! :( i'm so pissed about it its so boring sitting in the passengers seat all the time. I haven't been approved my the office yet i don't know why. They are being slow i guess. Well I Love you guys. have a good week!

Your Cape Town Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby

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