Monday, August 16, 2010

It's All Good

Dear Family, and Friends,

molo everyone!! :) Unganie? I'm good or indepele. hehe. Its been a hectic week. appointments haven't held and some more challenges have come upon the area but its all good its all good. what can we do?..Endure! Endure to the End :) i keep tellin my comp that we have to endure and do the best we can and don't get discouraged. Its tuff when people don't want to see us or they claim that they are too busy to meet with us. but its people in the world these days so we do what we can do. we did some more finding and found 2 more father led families that have good potential. So thats good stuff. meeting with them in the weekend. i hope i'm here to see it. but other troubles have been:

Abongile is doing well. She isn't the problem. Its her mother now. She is against abongile getting baptized for the second time cause i guess she was baptized when she was younger but abongile can't remember it and the fact that it wasn't done by the correct authority. So its gunna be hard trying to explain it to her mother that she wasn't baptized by the correct power and authority. So continue to pray for her please. thank you.

Mbasa is just too tied up with school and hasn't kept his appointments so we did manage to met with him tuesday and we dropped his baptismal date and told him to not worry about it for right now. he just needs to think and get his life figured out. his friends have a big influence on him and as well as his parents. wants to keep both happy. which is understandable but with his friends he goes with them instead of staying for our appointment or going to church. so its hard.

other investigators just aren't serious enough to progress. they don't see the importance of the message that we are trying to share with them and either run away from us or tell us that they are busy. So yeah not fun. We need to find the elect to teach i guess. I'm running out of ideas on that. we have started to look up former investigators and see if they are still interested or what what. but nothing has happened with that yet. we will continue to work. I have to work i can't stay on my butt all day and do nothing anymore. I get bored and go crazy haha. So its been a challenging week. i hope and pray that it will get better.

yes i gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday. It went well. i spoke on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (aka lesson 3 in PMG) :) i ended up taking all the time. Only 1 speaker was before me and she only spoke for 5 mins so i spoke for 25 mins haha it wasn't too hard to do actually. i'm a missionary and i know what to talk about. my knowledge of the gospel has increased so much these past 8 months. mission changes a man. haha. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that i do have and that i can share my testimony with the people of south africa. they need the gospel so bad. its the only thing that can truly bring happiness to their lives. I'm really surprised that there are lots of less actives in mdantsane 3rd ward. people join the church for the wrong reasons. its dumb. No i haven't had time to write my conversion story down. i know it though. :)

How are the family prayers and FHE going?? How about family scripture study?? and personal study?? ALL of you should be do them!! i will come back in the night and get after you if your not haha. no not really but please read the scriptures. everyday! and pray!

I love you guys so much! :) i love the gospel that i'm sharing with people. I know my savior lives and that we have a loving heavenly father who knows each and everyone of our needs and wants us to be happy. I know as we put our faith and trust in him our trials and challenges will go away without our hearts hurting. What joy we have with this gospel in our lives :) The Church is True the Book is Blue have a wonderful week and i will do my best as well. LOVES

Your South African Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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