Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Stayed!

Dear Family and Friends in Idaho and wherever else, haha

MOLO!! :) glad to hear everyone is doing fabulous :) I'm doing alright as well its been an well, interesting week.... Not a whole lot has happened in the area but i'll give an explanation of the week here it goes:

Monday- Went and played soccer surprise surprise haha then had FHE and our ward mission leaders place. The Cetywayoes. it was good. did a lesson the one of the Christ like attributes from PMG

Tuesday-Well did some former investigator finding since tracting hasn't been doing the job. days suck when nothing happens thats all i can say. We were able to set some return appointments with a few of them and some are still interested and maybe are now ready to receive the good stuff. Pretty much all of the appointments that we had that afternoon fell through. not fun. so backup was formers! quite the quest to find their address in this big township haha. drove around way too much just trying to find the stinkin house number haha. but oh well.

Wednesday- more former finding. were able to again find them and get a few return appointments but well most of them didn't hold as well. these people just aren't serious at all. they tell us to come back but won't be there when we come. so i guess that either means that they aren't interested or that they just "forget" the appointment. We did see Abongile though :) she is doing well but still very disappointed that her mother won't let her be baptized. we read 3 Nephi 18 with her and talked about the sacrament and stuff. she enjoys every lesson so much. she is so ready for baptism but her mother is being stubborn. We later met with Chwaita. She is a former who we found at a investigators place bout a month ago. We did a lesson on the first half of the plan of salvation. she is doing well she even came to church last week and this week so good stuff. oh! and got transfer news! I well, i think you can tell by now but i stayed!!! YAY!!! haha still with Elder Diphala. so that means i'm killing him. so he'll get to enjoy my bday package as well. i'm so excited for it haha!!!!

Thursday-well.......haha transfer day.....yeah didn't get to the area till 3 but had a good chat with other missionaries waiting for their bus. We now have 2 more missionaries in ward 3. Elder Maseko and his greenie from Madacascar, i can't spell or pronounce his name ha. sorry. so they now work just NU-15 and my comp and i work NU-16-18. yeah its big area. don't go to 18 so much cause its still under construction. but yeah. We have the car and they other elders walk. We later had a really good lesson with the Bakani family. family of 4. we watched together forever with them and we got talking about temples afterward and sis Bakani asked Bro Bakani if he wanted to get sealed. he said yes. :) so she then said that well you need the priesthood then. So we were very happy :) good good good haha. They know the church is true just still having problems with getting setting in since they lived in England before and then came back here to Mdantsane.

Friday- had district meeting. its nice to be in a 4 man district again. :) after that we had lunch at Nandos. (chicken place, very nice) then saw Abongile again and watched search for the truth with her and she said afterwards that she can really see how the church is true and she really wants the blessings from it. after that we went to an older lady, mama Qosana. she is a former. we watched the restoration dvd with her and well it went well. she understands how the church fell away. then the rest of our appointments fell through so we visited members

Saturday- tried again to see formers but no success. we did manage to meet with a former by the name of martin. he is really a church goer and now after we explained that Christ's church fell away and the priesthood left the earth, he now understands that the Church of Jesus Christ is the only church that has the power and authority. so he now wants to know how to get the priesthood so that was a good lesson as well.

Sunday- our area didn't have any at church. the others had 1. so people slacked this week. Church was good. my comp gave a talk haha he was informed 10 min before sacrament meeting. last week i was informed saturday morning but didn't have time to prepare much so mainly just used the knowledge that i had and my scriptures. So yes i have improved haha. Well the rest of the day was boring. no one was home so visited members and less actives. and saw Abongile to find out why she didn't come to church. she had to stay home to take care of her nephews. so yeah.

Well thats the breakdown of the week for ya! haha I'm very happy to still be in Mdantsane 3rd ward. :) good area and we will endure in the work. we have to. i just have to keep going and do it. Gotta do what i gotta do. Life goes on. Well i love you all and miss you guys. hope you have a wonderful week! Peace out

Your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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