Monday, August 30, 2010

Excitingly Waiting

Ello!!! :) How is everyone?? Sounds like you are all doing well. which is good! I'm doing good. no complaints other than appointments keep falling through and fellowshippers just aren't reliable some days but yeah. I'm enduring! Thanks for the Bday wish :) I'm so excited for my package haha hope to get it this friday be who knows! post is very slow these days. Had an interesting week....

monday: played soccer. had a good appointment with Siviwe, a former investigator. He is really interested but his schedule is really busy with school and work. so he hasn't been able to come to church yet but we are working around that at the moment. He is "golden" i guess you can say haha.

Tuesday- lots of appointments didn't hold. but we did manage to see another former, Nomandla. She is golden as well. So things are starting to look up a bit. She hasn't come to church yet either but we'll keep insisting and inviting. :) We also met a less active family, the Jozi family. The mother and father are members but their 17yr old son isn't so we are going to teach him with the family and try to get 2 birds with one stone! :) sound good don't it haha. and then later that evening we met with Siviwe again. Restoration DVD and the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday- Did some finding in NU-16. Found some good potential but nothing promising yet. Met with Abongile :) she is just really really ready for baptism but she has to wait till either her mother agrees or she turns 18. So it might take a while. but we continue to visit her and share dvds and read from the BofM with her so her understanding increases. She came to church yesterday and liked it as usual. Then we met with a member who was baptized last year in march so a RC but we can't count it as a RC cause she is over a year. She is doing better. We got there and she wasn't feeling well and i guess one of her Brother in laws passed away. so she wasn't doing too good that day. she did come to church yesterday and she looked much better. was happy and smiling again.

Thursday- had our weekly planning. had lunch, potato bake! as tradition! haha. with some good meat. it was tasty i thought haha only cooked meal that we get during the week. cause we have to take lunch to the area cause we travel 30ks everyday to the area. So yeah i'm really getting tired of sandwiches but i don't know what else i can do. We later saw Mbasa finally oh my sick... haha he just isn't committed anymore. His friends have a very big influence on him and he goes with them when they show up. or so we figure. He just needs time i think so my comp and i are going to continue to try to see him for the rest of the transfer and if he doesn't progress we will drop him. So prayers are the only thing. We met with another former family. the father is more interested than the mother. so we had a nice discussion with him. he liked the fact that i was a farmer from USA haha people don't think there are farmers in the States i thought that was funny. We then saw sister Kulashe. She and her husband are less active they were baptized in 2007. we haven't really figured out why they aren't coming to church yet. so we will continue to see them as well.

Friday- busy day, had district meeting and and then didn't have a fellowshipper at first so it put stress on me. haha. i don't like that. We saw Abongile again and Siviwe and then Bro Mjuza. a less active he comes and goes it seems. his wife works for the mayor for buffalo city so i guess thats her excuse for not coming to church. but not sure.

Sat- well didn't have a fellowshipper. it sucked. couldn't teach. not fun when we can't teach cause we don't have a fellowshipper with us with females. So we attended ward council well my comp and Elder Makseko did. While we waited for that i practiced the piano, well attempted to haha. appointments fell through so we attempted to see others but no one was home. got return appointments with a few tho so thats a plus i just hope they all hold this week!!

Sunday- attended ward welfare meeting since our ward mission leader now has a job and has to work everyday. yeah it sucks. So we attended that and then had church. we only had abongile at church but the other elders had 2 so good for them. It was a good sunday. saw lots of people. Abongile, tata Vukubi (former i mentioned above whose wife really isn't interested) had a really good DA haha i was really full afterward haha.

I love teaching. Its so cool when you teach someone and i can feel the spirit in me helping me share what i know to be true. i love it :) Well i love you all and hope you are all safe and having fun! I'm looking forward to my package!!! :) love you guys, miss you

Your South African Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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