Monday, September 6, 2010


MOLO! How is everyone? Sounds like your all doing very well. which is wonderful! :) i'm doing alright as well. i love Pdays haha emails are my favorite thing about the day. :) I still haven't gotten my package i'm so hoping i'll get it friday. It takes longer to get to me cause i'm not in cape town. i'm 3 hours away (flying) in East london. So the office gets it and then they have to ship it to me so another couple of days. so friday it should be here! My birthday was blah... wasn't that great. Birthdays suck on mission as everyone else says haha. which is so true just a normal day on mission. we worked hard. had some good lessons though. Surprise. haha. Taught Nomandla. She is a 28yr old single parent. with one ADHD. yeah doesn't like to sit still and likes to do random stuff. her brother has it as well and is 16. He won't take meds for it so he is, well a interesting one haha. he likes the fact that i'm from America and living in "South Africa, the mother land" i thought it was funny. he really isn't interested in the gospel but hes very friendly. now back to Nomandla, we taught her the first part of the plan of salvation and after we were done she like, is that it? I thought it would keep going. haha We told her that we would share more next time. So she is very interested and hopefully prepared. We also taught Siviwe that evening. We finished the plan of salvation and he understood everything. we had an another appointment with on friday but he wasn't there so we haven't seen him for a week now. Hope he is alright.

Wednesday and Thursday we had our 2 day training with president about the "new curriculum" there is a new way that we first start teaching and how we go about doing it. it was good training. We practiced, roll plays, and it really works on investigators surprise surprise! The brethren know what they are talking about, well the Lord knows. I enjoyed being with other missionaries and with the senior couples and Pres. We had fun. We now invite them to follow the Savior by following his example and being baptized by the correct authority. and give them a date if they agree, on the first lesson. This new stuff sifts out the ones who aren't prepared and it helps us let them know that we are serious and don't mess around. So in general it goes back to our purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ. :) MISSIONARY WORK then in the afternoon we went to the area and tried the new stuff and well it was a challenge at first and we can see how it works now. Its pretty cool.

We gave Abongile and her nephew a baptismal date for the 25 of September. We are still praying that her mother will agree and let her be baptized. Kamva, the nephew, is now taking the lessons and he came with Abongile to church yesterday. and he enjoyed primary, since he is 9yrs old. So continue to pray for them and we will do our best to help them. the mother agreed to sit on the next lesson so i hope this is the Lord doing His work. :)

now another lesson we had with an investigator, Ndibonga. haha She was very surprised that we asked her to be baptized and to pray about it. she didn't like it at all. so she isn't prepared to receive it yet. but we tried. If they won't first agree to follow the Savior then we don't want to waste our time with them if they won't progress. so yeah.

We did see Mbasa and his bro Sekhi. They haven't been reading and their prayers aren't as good as we thought so that night we discussed the importance of reading the BofM and praying for confirmation. it was nice to see the look on their faces after the Spirit had gone through them. Mbasa knows its true just is not acting on it. Sekhi is still learning so we really didn't be harsh on him as much. they didn't come to church yesterday. guess their mom didn't stay at home saturday night so they didn't get transport money to go. or so Sekhi told us yesterday afternoon when we passed him on the street.

I was on exchanges with Elder Kehler (ZL) on Friday. Yo, i had so much fun haha he is so funny and we worked hard and applied the new stuff and got people to commit to baptism and pray at the end of the lesson in english. it was great! had a gooder day.

sat all of our appointments fell through and we didn't have a fellowshipper with us so it wasn't a very good day. i don't like it when that happens. weekends aren't fun on mission cause no one wants to see missionaries. they are either drunk or want to party with their friends. which makes sense. Had a good sabbath yesterday tho. had 3 member present lessons and had a really good DA. haha i was so grateful for it since i had been fasting. We ate at the Mhaklangebezas. it was very good. and they even bought cake for us since it was my birthday on Tuesday so it made up for the not so fun tuesday. haha. I love members!

Well overall it was a good week and we are now going to attempt to walk more in the area. We need to. To save on Ks and to see more people! and exercise haha. i've changed thats all i can say haha little chubbier than i was back home haha pictures will testify of that i'm sure. I love you all and miss you guys! hope you have a wonderful week and read and pray!

Church is true Book is Blue!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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