Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The World is Different

Dear My dearest Family and Friends,

Hey! How's it that side of the world? sounds like its been raining, well its been raining here too! all of last night actually with some thunder storms even. pretty cool. Haven't been sleeping the best lately i don't really know why but i do what i can do. My week was ok. not the busiest week i've had on mission but it still had some good lessons with people. I miss you guys... But i'm indeed very grateful to be in South Africa where i need to be at the time i need to be here. I read through my patriartical blessing the other night and it mentioned that i would be able to bring converts into the church reactivate those that are lost. i have now seen the success of it coming true. i really haven't had any converts get baptized yet but i have brought people back into full activity. an older gentlemen, Bro. Gontsana, has now come to church the past 3 weeks. i'm so happy. he is the nicest old man haha. very happy to be a member and loves the missionaries visiting him. I'm glad i'm here! :) maybe it was me who needed to visit these less actives and share my testimony with them to bring them back i don't know. I just keep going back to my blessing. We've been working with 3 other families as well. the Mandla family, the Kulashe family and the Jozi family. all 3 know the church is true but for some strange reason they won't come to church. Bro Kulashe was in the elders quorum presidency when he was active 2 years ago. i don't know what happened. Its been nice to visit them, he likes farming haha very South African rural area farming tho haha the "old fashion way" as i would call it dad haha. oxen and a plow haha. i find it very amazing haha. i still like my tractors! oh i see them here and there. Massey Ferguson and ford tractors. haha my comp and the other elders tell me to calm down when i see the tractors lol i don't get too excited but do go "oh look at that!" lol silly me i know, typical farm boy. No John Deere or CAT or anything else. not a whole lot of them this side where i am anyway. i hear that the drive between Cape Town and George is where all the farms are. Mostly dry farms. starting to get into the irrigation systems (pivots) not too many i haven't seen them yet. the world is different haha.

We had good lessons with Abongile and Kamva this week. Mostly teaching Kamva and reviewing for Abongiles sake. She needs to get baptized!! haha. We had a baptism for Sinazo Mazeleni on saturday. she is now being taught my the NU-15 elders, Elder Maseko and Elder Andrimitantsoa. it was nice. wasn't very organized but she was dunked so thats what matters most haha. confirmed her yesterday. they'll be having another baptism this coming saturday for Cwaytia and another candidate Whimpy. Exciting for them! i planted seeds with Sinazo and Cwaytia. haha so i feel good about that.

We also had good lessons with Mbasa and Sekhi. they didn't come to church again yesterday. i guess they were tied up at there grandmas place. Mbasa has been struggling with reading. so yesterday we asked him if he had any questions about anything and he asked about covenants. So we talked about that stuff and used Mosiah 18:8-9 with him. he struggling with everything i think. i hope things turn out for the better with him. His bro, Sekhi is doing better, he had been reading the Bible but he needs to read the BofM. So hopefully that will have changed. he wasn't there last night so i hope he will be there next lesson.

Others just didn't hold and it was a struggle the entire week it seemed like. People just aren't committed and seems like they want to learn but don't want to make the time. I don't get it!? People are weird. Samora ran from us when he saw us drive up to his house on Saturday. crazy smoker deadlock dude. haha

My comp goes home next week Thursday. the 30th of sept. He is ready to go home haha. Still going strong but he needs to go home. i'm excited to get a new companion. I might train.... but not sure. there are 21 new missionaries coming in. so lots of elders will be training. Going to be a very young mission come January. Well my time is running out. i hope this is enough details... Oh we had zone conference on Thursday. it was really good. it basically was another day of the training on the new stuff. focus was getting people to come to church. it was good. got some new ideas on how to get people to church. that is the biggest problem in our area. not fun.

I love you all and miss you. I hope you have a good week and i'll talk to you next week! Peace out!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby CTM

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