Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 2

Dear family and friends,

Hello!! To my fellow mates in cold freezing temperatures! HAHA Its so warm here I'm loving it! We go outside for sports about every day and I about die of heat haha no just kidding. Its fun. Soccer and volleyball mostly and now we're into around the world ping-pong haha. Brother Maucke, who is the MTC manager, is the ping pong champion here and Elder Kunz has come close to beating him. I hope he does. haha

This week I've learned so much more. Monday we were in class obviously, and my teaching skills have improved so much. My talking skills as well. It's all about talking to people and helping them get salvation to come unto Christ.

Tuesday we had class then went to the Temple- another spiritual experience. We sat in on a sealing session for one of the sisters here in the MTC. She got sealed to her parents who are now deceased. It was awesome. The temple has just 2 rooms. About 25 people in one session -very small.

Wednesday more class and class and class. getting tired of it. Sit Sit Sit and Sit some more. But learning and growing. Same stuff Thursday and Friday. We have discussed how to begin teaching and how to introduce the Book of Mormon and I gave my teacher, Brother Kafula a hard time cause he says Books of Mormon or Book of Mormons so I told him COPIES of the Book of Mormon. haha it was funny.

Its mountains and lots of trees over here. Misty sky a lot as well and rain too. It rains about everyday. I am missing my Dew too. They don't have Dew over here- the closest to it is THE BEAT its a mix of dew, sprite, 7-up and vault. Its alright. We went to the mall today and I got some pictures developed so I'll send some home soon. I think I'll just try to post them on emails or just send my cards home cause its kind of expensive to develop. The exchange rate is 7-1 so your right. We have exchanged with Sister Cannon cause she has a bunch and won't need Rand when they leave Monday. The New President is Christensens. They get here today sometime so I'll know more about them later. We are the Cannons last MTC group. They're sad about it.

There are 5 rooms here in the MTC 4 are for the Elders. There is 6-8 beds in each room. Its just my comp and me in our room.

Elder Hawke is from BC just 3 hours from Courdelane, ID. Elder Stevens is from Alpine and Elder Kunz from Sandy, UT. They are going to Kenya and Uganda. We leave this coming Wednesday. Cape Town flight is at 8 so we have to get up at 4:30. Not cool. Kenya and Uganda flights aren't till afternoon so they get to wait for a while.

I'm so excited to leave the MTC and go into the field. I want to serve and not just sit. I get so bored and my mind starts to wander sometimes. But I'm good. I love this gospel. Its really what the Lord wants for each of us in this life. It brings so much happiness :) I love the Book of Mormon it truly testifies of Jesus Christ. You should all be reading and praying! if not i'll haunt you! haha Well I don't know what else to say so have a wonderful week in the COLD :)

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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