Monday, January 25, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings from Cape Town! I had just typed all of what I was going to say and tried to put pictures on and it deleted it. I'm very mad! So I'll type a short one and more details will come next week. I'm sorry!

Its so beautiful here! I love it. President Probst is not what I pictured him to be like he is a great man. They picked up us 4 elders from the MTC and then we went to the office and met Sister Herbert, great lady. Then we went to the mission home. We went to signal pint and looked out over the ocean and table mountain and lions head. and Green Point Stadium! ITs huge!! haha.

Comp/trainer is Elder Heydenrych from Joburg. He is white and can speak African very well haha advantage for me!! We're supposed to teach in English anyway but its good to learn a few of the 7 languages that are here- just to break the ice with the investigators. I like him a lot; he's already a good missionary.

Thank you for praying for me. I have been doing much better. Still get homesick in the mornings when I wake up and during my studies but it goes away when we go out at 10. P-days are Monday obviously haha. We are going to see penguins today!!! Yes there are some here! so Mark I'll try to catch one for you haha.

Meadowridge is the area where we are serving at this point in mission. One ward very small tho. Gave prayer in sacrament meeting and had a very warm welcome by the members. My comp has been here for 2 transfers now so he is just part of it haha. Coloured and whites and blacks are here in this area. A community known as Retreat is where most coloured folks live. Then Hout Bay is where the wealthy whites live. Capricorn is a township that consists of foreigners and locals. Very poor community. We have a few investigators there and its sad to go into that area we both don't like it but we want to bring the people closer to Christ. Its what its all about!! :)

Well I'm sorry I deleted the original email it was a lot longer. I'll get more details next week! I love you all!!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

*Note from Krista: my uncle Mark asked Rob to bring him home a penguin- it's become a family joke.

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