Friday, January 15, 2010

Long Days

Dear Family and Friends,

Well we just work, work, work oh and then we work some more. Very tiring days. Especially when you don't sleep very well at night. Keep waking up I'm not liking it. but oh well i get busy and I'm fine. Its like the quote "just loose yourself in the work" been getting homesick a bit but it passes as all of us joke around and have fun. We've been having good times :)

I don't have much time to write today, so i just printed off your email and I'll answer questions next week alrighty?? Today isn't an actual P day but next week will be closer to a real P day. We're going tracting with the Joburg missionaries today till noon or so. How exciting is that!! haha get out of this building and do something! I'm so bored but learning a lot. Its all about teaching to "their needs" not just teaching lessons but teaching people.

Went to the Joburg Temple on Tuesday! What an awesome amazing experience! its a mini temple so small rooms but its pretty! like temples should be :) we go again Tuesday and then the Tuesday before we head out! Its going by so fast I feel like I just got here like 2 days ago. crazy.

We had a teaching experience last night. It was fun. we taught the Cannon family. Our group is President Cannon's last MTC group they are going home next week so their family is here. My comp and I taught about the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was so strong! It was amazing how well the Spirit just takes over if you let it. Our teachers all said we did a good job. We can still improve tho of course haha. That's why we're here right! TO LEARN :)

Well I hope everything is going well at home I'll read your email and look forward to next week! I love you all! Miss you.

Loves Always and Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM) :)

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