Monday, February 14, 2011

LAST WEEK: And the news is...

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey guys! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Its been an interesting week with transfers. Monday we went and played golf for the afternoon and well we didn't do very well haha. i guess i'm not that great of a golfer. i'm more of a baseball player, figures how that works. Then that evening we went to the Mtembu family (Part Member) to have FHE and it went pretty good. It was Jaromes birthday so we had a nice little party for him, played some cricket with him and his friends and then had some burgers and cake and then we shared our lesson with them. it was nice.

Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to Fish River Sun to have breakfast with the O'Dells. and oh my goodness, that is probably the best breakfast i have ever had on mission haha. Omelets and sausages and etc. it was yummy. Fish River Sun is a resort about 30ks outside Port Alfred. We had fun eating together and enjoying the morning with O'Dells before we got transfer news. President called us while we were still there so we all rushed out so we could all hear him and get the news. I answered the phone and pres was like. "well how is it that side in that area?.. Told him everything is going well and improving. He then stated well thats good. are you ready to leave?? and of course i said no haha then i said i would leave if he needed me to. he said well thats good that you have mixed feelings. So in all of that i am now in an area called Mitchells Plain! it is a colored area in Cape Town yes i'm back in Cape Town! :) :) i love it haha cape town has everything. So the rest of the day we had appointments lined up and so we taught and then i said goodbye. Yo i hate goodbyes its not fun. got a few pictures with the members and investigators that we've been teaching. Oh and i didn't find Bro Hola but my comp and I basically made the baptism happen so finished teaching. The name of the river is the Kowie River. its not the cleanest river in the world but it did what we wanted it to do haha. after saying goodbye to everyone i started packing at like 9:00. i don't like living out of a suitcase haha. packing and then un pack and then do it all over again. Didn't go to bed till about 11:30. Had a hard time making weight. 20kilos is tuff. so i put some stuff in a box and left it there for the O'Dells to take to the mission home when they leave. or another couple that comes through Port Alfred on its way to cape town.

Wednesday was the day of travel. finished packing and then left for east london air port around 9:30am and then arrived at the air port just after 11:00am. flight was at noon. so plenty of time. flew with a bunch of other elders to cape town and the flight was an hour and a half so not as long as i thought it would be. it was great attempted to sleep haha. got to Capetown around 1:30 and then waited at the airport for the APs to get everything situated to get us all to the mission home to meet our new companions. My new comp is Elder Mantinto. He is from Zimbabwe and 23 yrs old. He is just 3 months on mission so same group as Elder Lebala. He was trained by Elder Rapitse in Kwa Magxaki, which is in P.E. He is a funny Elder haha wow. the past 4 days all we have been doing is laughing as we tract. he always is so enthusiastic and loves to work. We are both new to the area so it is a challenge to find places. So there are now 4 missionaries in Mitchells Plain instead of just 2 so we are basically opening a new area. so lots of finding and looking at former investigators that the missionaries in the past worked on years ago. We are walking so another challenge but its ok i need the exercise to loose some pounds haha. i've got a belly now haha. from all the good food Sis O'Dell fed me. My District leader is Elder Mkhize :) it is so good to serve around him again before he goes home next month haha. we were so happy to get that news. His comp is Elder Morris from California who just came from Mthatha. its a good district.

So the rest of the week has just been working in the area and finding new people to teach the Restored gospel to. We really don't have too many members that stay in our part of the area. they mostly stay in the other elders area. the chapel is new it was dedicated last year in March. it is so pretty :) Sacrament meeting was very spiritual as it was testimony meeting. The Branch Pres is Pres Gordon he is a really nice man who cares about his members. He had us new missionaries bare our testimonies at the first of the testimony meeting. it was very nice. we had a baptism after church bro Grant James. he is a really nice guy who i think just by meeting him at church was prepared. his baptism was also very nice and spiritual. we had a branch lunch afterward. :) The branch is really trying to become a ward so the stake can split. we have 120 members on roll but only 30 -40 come to Church. so lots of less actives to work on as in all of my other areas. yo that is one of the biggest problems in Africa. members going in active. some get offended and others go to their old churches. Its not nice how many are in active.

Today we are doing an i don't know what day haha. i have no clue what the other 2 elders want to do so we might go join the meadowridge elders and do something. we'll see what happens. Pres Probst instructed me that this transfer is the time to show the Lord what i can really do. Pres knows i can work hard and that i make things happen. I just pray that i can do what the Lord sent me here to do. its a tuff area, or so the members say. i hope things get better and that the branch can become a ward soon.

Well my time is about up. i get an hour to email home and then another 15min to email president probst. So i hope you all have a fabulous week and that things go well! Glad to hear everyone is doing well. I love you guys! :)

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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