Monday, January 31, 2011

Dunkin Accomplished

Dear Family and my Most Dear Friends,

Its been a decent week. :) January is definitely gone, wow. Time sure does fly by when one just works and applies diligence to it. Thats all we've been doing since New years. Its been fun and joyful :) Missionary work truly does bring happiness as long as you do what your supposed to. figures. the Lord knew that, and came up with this great plan for us. A plan that we could all experience as we live through life and apply the Saviors atonement into our lives so that we can one day return to our heavenly home.... that was our lesson in gospel principles class on Sunday with our 6 investigators and 2 Recent Converts. i Taught the class it was good.

The whole week we just basically focused on making sure Bro Hola was ready to be baptized which he was. :) SO yes the baptism happened on Saturday at the river. I had the opportunity to baptize him. :) it was my first experience to baptize someone. People said i did a good job and that it was fast haha. Down and up! They had never seen someone baptize someone so fast before haha. i was like well thats how its supposed to be done isn't it! haha i quite didn't know what to think. but its all good. Bro Hola went all the way under and came back up a new person. thats all that counts. I felt a very peaceful feeling after, the Spirit is definitely strong at a baptism. On Sunday we confirmed him, my companion did it. It was a very wonderful confirmation. and again the Spirit was really strong in the circle of the Priesthood brethren, 4 missionaries and president O'Dell. it was awesome....We also had a very good turn out to church, every chair was filled in Sacrament meeting. so had a very good turn out haha. and that was our assignment from President Probst, to Fill the chapel, like we have the past 2 buildings. each building being bigger than the last :) so hopefully one day we will get to have a chapel built here. it would be a really wonderful thing to happen.

Our other investigators are doing really well. we have 3 baptismal dates set. and a few others that have committed to baptism but no date set, mainly cause we haven't seen them since they committed to it. they are scarce it seems like. so i don't know if they are really serious or not. Maybe this week will determine that....This week is transfers. we now have it on Wednesday not Thursday cause of the new schedule in the MTCs so i will know tomorrow if i will going or staying, i hope i stay. so much is happening here. its fantastic! Siphokaze is doing great, she is pretty much ready for her baptism next week, Feb 12. She has really good support from her sister in law, Sister Ntombiyake. We keep telling her that if she has any questions that she needs to go to her sister in law haha. helps strengthen her testimony and help her learn more. Nontombe is doing really good too. she came to church yesterday for the first time and loved it. she has good support from her friend Siphokaze who i just spoke about so they came together. she had read 6 chapters in the book of Mormon in 2 days. we were quite shocked haha. no one reads that much of the Book Of Mormon in 2 days. She really wants to learn. We taught her half of the Plan of Salvation yesterday afternoon, had to go kinda slow on explaining things, she has a difficult time understanding things sometimes so we have to make sure we explain it very very clearly or she doesn't understand, and she won't get anywhere. She even has a dictionary to help her when she doesn't understand some words in the BofM. crazy stuff eh? haha

and of course i can't forget Zoleka. She is also doing good. she is getting baptized one the 15 Feb. she has been coming to church and has been reading and praying mostly everyday. she still has a few things to learn, but we have time so no rush. Her sister Zukiswa is also doing well, hasn't been coming to church since she works on Sundays. but she will be able to come to her Sisters Baptism so that'll be wonderful :)

Well i'm about out of time, its really expensive at this cafe. So i have to end right on time or they start charging me more and more per min. Pretty lame if you ask me but i don't make up the prices. so i'll deal with it....

I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that it was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that if we read it daily we will draw closer to our Father in Heaven. I love you guys! i know prayer is very important as well. Have a good week!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps the township is called Location.

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