Monday, January 17, 2011


Elder Rigby, Elder Lebala, Sister and Elder O'Dell

Elder Bangerter, Elder Rigby, Charles, George, Elder Moorcroft, Elder Lebala

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey snowy land hehe having fun yet?? haha i am! its nice and hot! oh my goodness. never been so hot in my life. Kushooushu as in Xhosa hehe very hot. and of course i am bringing a Xhosa Book of Mormon home with me haha. Maybe an Afrikaans one too. We had a very good week with seeing our investigators most of them anyway haha. Some just missed out on the wonderful message that we share with people about following Christ. where the elect ones sit and listen and really enjoy what we have to share. We extended 2 more baptismal dates to Zukiswa and Zoleka Hons. they are sisters. Zoleka is married and has a little girl. she just recently got married actually. her daughter is a naughty one that one yo haha she always comes into the lesson and starts hitting everyone and then we tell her to stop and she talks back of course. little stinker. her mother is progressing really well she didn't make it to church yesterday tho. she had an incident that needed to be taken care of as she was walking out the door to come to church. her younger brother was going through her purse and took all her money and what what so an argument burst out and so she wasn't in the mood to come after that. shes good now tho thank goodness. Zukiswa on the other hand isn't progressing as much. she works on Sundays and she can't get off so she can only make it to church once a month for that Sunday that she is off. only gets one a month. She works at the mall in a billabong and quicksilver shop.

The people here in port Alfred don't really work too much. they are always job hunting it seems like. and then when they do find one its only for a short time. mostly painting or building. not a whole lot of jobs in south Africa. so the conditions that they stay in are shacks or really small homes with 2 rooms. and the bathrooms are outside like an outhouse. yes, i have had stewed intestines. when i was in Mdantsane. haven't had it since really haven't seen it since i left there. I talked to Elder Davenport yesterday haha we had a call from one of the people in his area, yeah don't know how they got our number mixed up with the elders there. he is doing good it was nice to talk to a home boy haha. he can speak Xhosa fluently now. i can't haha. don't really know what my problem is. the culture here is the Xhosa culture they are civilized people. they do lots of things really. the boys going to the bush is the most culture thing I've seen. they also believe in ancestors and healings or you can call them Somgomas. not the coolest thing in the world quite scary actually. they do weird things. not sure what exactly they do but its weird.

Our other investigators with Baptismal dates are doing well. we had to drop a few of the dates to some cause they are not progressing all of the sudden. so we have 5 dates that will hopefully make it. Brother Hola is doing really well he has now "quit" smoking :) we asked him how he was doing with that yesterday when we went to see him and he said i've quit haha it was great. He will be having his interview this weekend and then the 29th of jan is the day! he is so excited :) i am too first one that i have really taught and will be getting baptized while i am still here. His son Khanyi is going back to school this week in PE so we gave the missionaries there his details and hopefully things will continue for him.

Siphokaze on the other hand scared us yesterday when she didn't hold her appointment on Saturday and didn't come to church. she is expecting her 3rd child and isn't married. yeah thats what the ladies do here in south africa they don't get married they just want to have children and not be married. i don't get it. With her, she isn't what we thought. she has a history and is now going back into it or so her Sister in law told us yesterday. so i hope things will not turn out to be what they are seeming.

Milton is not progressing at all. he doesn't keep his appointments and he has a bad habit of drinking and talking a lot when we are there. we tried to tell him to stop but then he left for PE on Friday. not sure when he is coming back. so he at this point is not getting baptized anytime soon. He is a tailor. works there out of his little home. has a wife who also likes to drink and is always drunk when we come. so its interesting. pray for them i guess/.

Well my time is about up. So I love you all and am so grateful to have your love and support :) i hope things continue to go well back home. well love you guys!

Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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