Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fantastic and Fine

Dear Family and Friends,

Yebbo gogo! :) how is everybody doing? I'm doing great! no complaints really haha surprise, surprise. It was a good week, we found a few more people to teach, referrals from investigators and finding, (tracting). We got a referral from Siphokaze, her friend Nontombe. she is a 20yr old who stays alone and volunteers at the school teaching. Shes a good lady. really willing to learn more about Christ. we had a good lesson with her on the importance of following Christ once we found her house haha its sometimes a struggle to find the addresses to these people since there are no street names or house numbers half of the time. its insane, drive over there, then back over there ask a few people, they say oh back over there and then we get there and no one knows the person and so forth. its fun fun not! haha.

We had President and sister Probst attend church with us this past sunday. they make a stop once every transfer to the mission branches. the 2 in Namibia are the busy ones so they are there a lot. It was nice to have them in the services. Good experience for me and the members and the 7 investigators! yes i said that correctly haha 7 investigators came to church!!!! :) it was fantastic. the Funde family came (4) and then Siphokaze and Tata Hola and Zoleka made it. we were very happy hehe. and they all enjoyed it.

So we will be having a baptism this saturday! :) tata Hola is ready! very exciting. He is happy and excited as well, his family aren't ready yet but hopefully once he is a member he can help improve his wife and children to progress better. so that will be the 29th Jan and then Siphokaze will be getting baptized on the 12 of February and then Zoleka will be getting baptized the next week on the 19th of February. they are all excited and are progressing towards it. The Funde family on the other hand do not have date but we hope to give them one soon. they came to church and they said they will come again next week so that was really great. the father is a police officer and the mother is a school teacher. their children Zanele is going to school in Alice which is 45 ks outside of king williams town and then their son Luqolo is 14 and in grade 8 he likes rugby and cricket. very wonderful father led family. hope to baptize them! I HOPE to be here when that happens. Elder and Sister O'Dell hope that i am here for a while more as well. they say Lebala and I are doing really good together and that President needs to let us stay together for at least one more transfer. I hope so too. Working hard and smart! :)

On Tuesday night we had a training district meeting with President and Sister Probst. We talked about the importance of getting our investigators to pray in the lesson so they can get the role of prayer and understand what it is. Pres did a demonstration for us and then we got to do role plays to practice. it was fun. Even we missionaries are learning more as we go. I love mission!

the people here stay in homes made out of bricks and mordor and yes some stay in tin made shacks. some are made out of mud and sticks as well. but the government is now trying to get rid of all the shacks so they are building 2 bedroom and a bathroom homes for them. free of charge as far as i know. they aren't that great of homes but they are definitely better than a tin shack that for sure! We didn't get a big storm that i know of. just rain. so it wasn't bad at all.

Elder and Sister O'Dell are Elwood and Linda O'Dell. they don't have a number or anything at the moment but i can give you Sister O'Dells email address... they would love to see you when they get home and when you come up to see Erin. yo! thats crazy how she is going to be home in May wow haha time flies.

so the missionary standing next to me with the O'Dells is Elder Lebala yes he is very tall. haha and the other 2 are Elder Moorcroft and Elder Bangerter. Elder Moorcroft is a funny one who always does weird faces and poses for pictures. that just him haha. we had 2 members with us for Christmas from George where the O'Dells served before they came here to Port Alfred they are Charles and George. cool guys they are in the middle. 2 black guys. Bangerter is standing by me and then lebala is on the right. (*pictures from last week) yes i'm getting enough rest well at least i'm trying to...i'm still struggling with getting up in the moring elder Lebala is up at 6:30. i should just tell him to encourage me to get up. But with 4 missionaries and only one shower someone has to wait. so its usually me. I really admire all of the members in the branch no one in specific really. its so small i'm in good touch with all of them.

Well i love you all! :) hope you all have a tremendous week and enjoy every minute of it :)
Your Son and Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

Ps email was down yesterday so thats why i'm emailing today.

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