Monday, February 28, 2011

Conference Reunion

Dear Family and Friends,

hey! :) its been a decent week in the Mitchells plain area. We have taught and found and tracted and talked to lots of people. yesterday was stake conference for the whole of cape town. the theme of the conference was to increase our faith and act upon the faith to help meet the goal of splitting the stake. it was cool. it was fun to see all the missionaries that are in cape town and also to see members and people that i served with when i was in meadowridge. They all said wow i don't even recognize you haha. i guess i have changed appearance or something. saw the tonkins and the Thorn sisters again. it was cool. Ines and Michael. elder heydenrych and i were there for Ines baptism. she is now a member for a year! and she is going to the temple soon. she is happy and excited.

So just a follow up on a few investigators that we've been seeing. The Little family is still struggling with keeping appointments and coming to church. On wednesday we just met with Andrian, the father, and watched the Restoration DVD with him. it helped him understand more about what exactly happened to Joesph Smith and how the Book of Mormon came forth. The wife was still at work. she is a very busy person with her clothing business. So hopefully we can meet them again this coming week and get them to come to church. also strive to have bro Hartzenburg come with us to the appointment to help fellowship them and influence to come to church more. its difficult to have fellowshippers with us since we are walking and most of the members are working during the day so its tuff to get member present lessons. but the work will go forth.

The Mngomezulu family are doing very well and we were able to meet them on friday. The father, Stephen, was planning to come to the conference. but didn't make it, i guess he had to stay at work. he works shifts so its difficult for him to come to church every Sunday. His wife on the other hand wasn't there so we didn't really get how she is doing. With Stephen we watched the Restoration DVD and talked about the Book of Mormon. He understood everything very well and wants to read it and find out if it is true. as we were watching the dvd i looked at him and i could tell that he was really paying attention to it and was taking it into his heart. It was cool and very heart filling to see.

We are really trying to get Brother Malinga baptized on the 13 of March which is in 2 weeks time. he hasn't been making it to church tho so its putting a strain on that. We went there on saturday and they were busy watching a soccer match, the chiefs vs pirates. he is a die hard chiefs fan and the pirates scored during the last minute so it was a draw 1-1. he wasn't happy about that at all. so it wasn't the best time to teach or share anything with him. but we will be seeing him tonight and will be reading with him to help him. Sister bobo, his wife said she is going to cook for us tonight :) i'm excited haha.

Thats mostly all who we are really focusing on at the moment. we weren't able to see the Okonwko family. they have gone to the Eastern cape and will be back next week so yeah. Others are just one visit and then they hide from us it seems like. Oh i forgot the Khamewdo family. we saw them on tuesday and taught them about Baptism and Holy Ghost and then Joseph Smith and gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon. They were like what is this book and what is it about haha. so we told them to read it and find out. they accepted. They also are planning to come to church this coming sunday. they didn't come yesterday since transport is difficult sometimes to get to Bellville. so yeah that's mostly everyone that is serious at the moment. Been tracting when no one is home or appointments fall through yo, that has been a struggle this week. people say come and then we come and they aren't there! its not fun!

my companion is great we are good buddies by now haha enjoy laughing and Smiling at people as we walk by them. :)

Well my time is almost up i got to go. i love you guys! LOVE YOU!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby SACTM

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