Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry about last week i guess my email didn't send like i thought it did... so i sent it again today. Thanks for the V day wishes and happy Vday to you guys as well i love you all!

Well I'm back in Cape Town since my email didn't get to you last week. I'm in an area called Mitchells Plain. Its a small branch not as small as Port Alfred but the past 2 Sundays feels like it is as small. people for some reason don't like to come to church. We had about 25 people in attendance yesterday and about 30-40 last week. So lots of reactivation to do as well as find those that are in search of the truth.

Well its been a good week actually. been a long week too oh my sick. i was very tired yesterday. dozed in sacrament meeting too much. ha. We've been doing lots of walking and tracting. Finding those that are prepared by the Lord and we have found a few families that are in need of the Restored Gospel. We have met with 2 families the Little family and the Oconco family.

The Little family consists of Adrian and Martirida, the parents and then they have 3 kids. Adrian was a lawyer by profession but then was hit by a truck back in 2003 so he was in a coma for 3 months and now he is walking again and doing fitness training at a school for kids. Hes a really nice guy. His wife owns her own business. Its a clothes factory and what not. They haven't been doing too good lately with making money. they were telling us that they had lost R1 million a couple years ago. but i guess they are doing better now. Very humble family. Adrian was baptized in some church but doesn't remember it now cause of the coma. His wife was never baptized. So we met them and got to know them and we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3) We really focus now on the baptism and the Holy Ghost and following the Savior's example. they understood as we read the example of the Savior in Matt 3:13-17 when He was baptized and then we turned open to Acts 8 to read about the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how it is given. they both committed to be baptized on the 27 of March. and committed to come to church but they didn't come. we are seeing them tonight again so we will definitely follow up on that.

As we met with the Oconco family we first met the mother and her 2 little daughters. We set a return appointment so we could teach them as a family when the father would be home. So we went saturday and didn't find anyone home...:(... But we checked again yesterday after church and found everyone home. :) we had a nice visit. They are originally from Nigeria. They go to the Universal Church. As we were teaching them about baptism the father asked us which baptism is right. so we again opened up to the example of the Savior and read there and well they understood and we are pretty sure they realized that their baptism, which was as an infant, was not the right form of baptism. So they also committed to be baptized. We haven't extended a date yet. that will come this coming weekend when we see them again, we can only see them on weekend cause they work during the week. The father works for African Foods not sure what the mother does. Great family and willing to learn and hear the "word of God".

The rest of the week was alright. we met with a few former investigators that we found records to in the area book. but none of them are still interested. We sat down with one and he wanted to know more about he BofM so we intended to get to that after we had explained what exactly the gospel is, cause lots of people have different views on that. as we were teaching he had some very interesting questions about reading in the spirit and other weird questions that my comp and i didn't really understand. We attempted to explain that there is a difference on reading BY the spirit and reading IN the spirit. He says that you have to read IN the spirit where we say that we read BY the spirit so that we can understand what the scriptures say. he didn't understand at all and just wanted to bible bash with us. he also tried to tell us that we sometimes are forced to do things. We always have a choice!!!! yeah it wasn't good haha. didn't even explain the Book of Mormon at all. he didn't want to know more since he thought that if he did then he would be wanting to join the church. very interesting young man named Bhongani.

We did some service on Saturday morning we helped clean the chapel. its a very beautiful building. it was dedicated last year in march so its fairly new.

On Thursday we had interviews and training with President and Sister Probst. Pres and i had a good chat on why the Lord brought me here to Mitchells Plain and that i need to prepare to take the lead of the District. Pres said that i look a lot better than i did before Christmas. and i told him i feel better and have joy doing my work and that i've got great support from my family and friends back home. he just smiled and said good. Yo, president Probst is a great man. Its going to be quite different when he leaves in July.

The training was on being a steward. Taking stewardship over our areas, car, materials, boardings, etc. it was good. He asked us to write down the things that we are stewards over and then check ourselves every day and see rate ourselves to see how we are doing and then he is going to follow up on it next meeting in march.

Well i am glad everything is goin well back home. Calving has begun huh? great! :) Well have fun calf sitting dad haha oh and Russ. Have a good week everybody! I LOVE YOU!

Your South African Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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