Monday, February 21, 2011

Work Moves Forward

Dear Family and friends,

Well this key board is very dumb and the space isn't working like it should so bare with me on that. IT was a good week. We have done lots of followups and finding and i hope now that all of that is starting to pay off. we found 14 new people to teach this past week. some of them families that could really use the gospel in their lives. Its been really hot and windy at the same time. My face is definitely red and my comp and the other 2 elders are making fun of me. haha silly me for not putting sun screen on my face. walking makes a difference on that part thats for sure.

It is very wonderful to serve around my old companion Elder Mhhize he is ready to go home haha been thinking about that a lot but he is also working and dieing strong or so he says haha. Yes i met Elder Shelly. He took hold of my old area in Mdantsane. and trained there, so that was good of him. We played sports on Pday a few times. soccer and Rugby. but yeah.

Elder Morris, Mhkizes comp, is from California. Comes from a big family and he is the 3 child i think. He served in Mthatha before he came here so we have been talking about that place since i served there too. ITs good to hear how people are doing that i have served around. We stay in a 2 story flat. we stay downstairs and the other 2 stay upstairs. its the old meeting house actually. Its in strandfrontien. on berlin square. so have fun trying to google it haha. white building with a fence around it for security. ITs a nice little flat. not as good as port alfreds was but its alright. I'll do a boarding tour again haha after i get my SD card and figure out what is wrong with my screen on my camera. i think the micro chip in it is going bad cause the color is all messed up, i think the incident with the water back in Mdantsane is now having an effect on it :( so we'll see. I'll take it to a camera place and have them look at it.

Its been fun teaching with Elder Mantinto, he is funny guy who just loves to work and have a fun time doing it. we are always laughing and smiling in the area between appointments and when we are even in lessons sometimes haha. makes the work go alot better. has a very positive attitude. We have found a good family originally from Soweto in Joburg. the Mngoniezulu family. They are a family that go to church but really aren't that active i guess the father works for Escom as an engineer. So he works sundays a lot. We taught them the restoration last night and invited them to follow Christ's example and be baptized by someone with the authority for the 27 March. They accepted and were very happy that we came to their home to teach them the word of God. so we'll see what happens with them. We've also met with the Okowanko family again. we just met with the father on sat and introduced the Book of Mormon to him. He was kinda surprised and wanted to find out for himself so that was a plus. He has never heard of it and it was intriguing to him. committed to read and pray about it. unfortunately he didn't come to church yesterday. we didn't have any investigators at church :( Bro Malinga i guess was ill again. we stopped by his place yesterday afternoon to see what happened and he was there just watching soccer, didn't expect us to come either. I'm wondering if he just didn't want to go or what. he didn't look sick but oh well.

Well that pretty much sums up the week. We do get the monthly Liahona and i have read February. It was very much on reactivation. Funny how that is so what needs to happen in the church. lots of less actives in Africa. The new mission Pres is Mark I. Wood from Alaska. don't know much about him other than he was the executive secretary for Southeast Africa Area. Pres Probst knows him and says that it he will be a good mission President for SACTM. got an email informing of that today.

Well i love you all and hope you have a wonderful week back in the snow :) work is moving forward!

your south african missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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