Monday, November 1, 2010

I Love the Work

Hey Everyone!
well its been a slow week. Nothing really exciting happened other than pday last week haha. i had so much fun playing mud Rugby! haha pictures will detailize how much "fun" we had haha. it was good to get away from boring king and have fun with the zone. =) we'll be doing it again today! pretty excited, we had to come get copies of the book of Mormon so the zone leaders said just come for pday! so we did. =)

I really enjoyed conference this weekend. We had 2 investigators attend a few sessions and they enjoyed the talks but said it was boring. so i hope everything will be better for them. i enjoyed Elder Hollands talk on saturday morning. I love you guys so much and i can't even imagine the "sacrifice" you are making to make sure i stay out here and do what i am called here to do. I LOVE YOU! President Monsons talk was good too! i loved how the whole conference was centered on the plan of salvation. attendance was few but those who did come enjoyed it. as far as i know. i don't know why people only came for one session and then left. i guess they got bored and hungry. our bishop wasn't even there. i guess he was out of town for meetings or something so bro Sitebe, first counselor was in charge and he served his mission in the cape town mission a long time ago. i think its funny he and his family now live in where he even served his mission. he served in King too haha. what a site! i love the work i am doing, the people are awesome, members are the best to missionaries, we had a DA last night from a sister in the ward who wasn't even supposed to feed us. she asked who is feeding you today? we replied no one at the moment. she then said come to my place. it was great! the church is true no matter where you go and people are very loving and caring wherever you go!

We have 2 investigators that are really progressing towards baptism now! =) i'm excited! they are the ones that came to church yesterday. Nomhla and Zinizi. both want to be baptized but Zinizi has 2 kids that stay outside of Mthatha so most weekends she isn't around and she even mentioned that she will be staying that side for a long time if things aren't good. she misses her kids so she doesn't like to leave them. so her baptism might not happen. =( Nomhla on the other hand is definitely going to be baptized this month! sometime! hopefully by the 21st or the next week. i need a baptism. haven't had one for a long time. but i keep telling myself that maybe i didn't come here to baptize, maybe i came here to teach, and reactivate! oh yeah 5 less actives came yesterday too! =) so things are happening....Speaking of things happening, i was talking to Elder Hansen, he is now serving in MD3 my old area and now they have over 100 coming to church! so my work did not go unnoticed! i'm very happy about that.

Well i don't know what else i would like for Christmas. maybe a tie haha. i really don't care. and of course sweets! my M&Ms =) but yeah.

Glad to hear that the straw is all hauled and that things are going well back home! I'm doing good for the most part and enjoying my area. i don't want to leave yet. but who knows with pres and the Lord. might have bigger plans for me than i know of. Well i love you all and so grateful for the Lord and his gospel in my life. I know Jesus is the Christ the Son of God and that i'm here to represent Him and do his wonderful work on earth to bring our Brothers and Sisters back into His Presence. Have a good Week!!
your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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