Monday, October 25, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Wet

Dear family and Friends

hey! Greetings from the wettest place in South Africa haha. its been raining all weekend. kinda sucks. people don't like to see you when the weather is bad. it was quite fun changing a tire in the rain. got all wet and it was a challenge to wash my hands, we used the the nice rain water in the gutter haha. better than greasy hands on the steering wheel. So yeah we had not one but 2 flat tires in one week. wasn't the best thing but luckily i know how to change a tire! it was a slick swap haha.

We had the special visit from Elder and Sister Watson yesterday. it was really good. he spoke really boldly about the Restoration and how Joseph was only 14yrs when this all happened to him. it was really cool. he had a 14yr old come up and stand next to him as an example, then he had a 17yr old come up, to represent when Joseph saw the angel Moroni and then a 21yr old come to represent when he received the Plates. it was kinda funny cause all three were taller than Elder Watson. I got to shake his hand before the meeting started and of course he asked me where i was from when he saw my name and i told him and he said, " oh of course your from there, lots of Rigbys in Idaho" i told him i knew Ryan and he said well we will have to get a picture together. But he left before i could get a chance to =( but its ok. It was really good to hear him speak about how he has served for 7 Presidents of the Church. and how he got really nervous when he had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and the prophet was presiding. Its always nice when the Prophet calls you up 2 days before Sunday to tell you that he will be attending your ward. we all chuckled.

we are here in East London today for pday, we came yesterday and then just stayed the night with the zone leaders. to save ks. but its not the best day to play to sport since its raining but we are going to do it anyway haha or go play in the chapel in the gym. glad to hear that you got the letter from president, i thought he was going to send an email. guess not. but yeah i know its a big responsibility to be a DL and do all that stuff i'm trying my best and the zone leaders are here to help me if i don't understand. and of course my Heavenly Father. I'm so grateful for His love and comfort that i feel everyday. i love this gospel.

No we don't have primary programs here, too small. on saturday they had and activity and one kid pulled the pin on the fire extinguisher so white powder was all over! So the elders came to the rescue to help clean up. vacuum worked really well.

I don't know what i want for Christmas. music would be nice and a new tie haha. i'll keep thinking. i'm not too picky

Well i love you all and miss you! Have fun, be good and what? Remember who we stand for =) love you guys!

Elder Rigby

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  1. Hey i totally enjoyed Elder Waston's talk too. It was very good and got me thinking, oh and funny. Overall i totally enjoyed the Conference and it was good to see my friend, Elder Rigby again. I miss him so much. He's the Best Missionary, always tells me to smile. i now do that more often.:) see, ha ha.