Monday, October 4, 2010

New Area: New Responsibilities

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey! the best news is that i'm still in Mdantsane! well the zone! haha i'm now in King Williams Town. 60ks from mdantsane. Its a nice place so far only been here for 5 days and the work is well dead. So lots of work to be done. Its a ward that has only 140 members but only 40 come to church its sad. Its a very beautiful chapel, its one of its kind. it kinda has the tabernacle look to it on temple square. its pretty! :) Bishop Mpapa is a very nice man and he does his job well. the stake wants to split by 2012 as i've mentioned earlier so we had a nice lesson/discussion yesterday in priesthood on how exactly we as a ward are going to help achieve that goal. it was good. we lack priesthood/ and the less active families will be miracles when they come back to full activity. My new companion is Elder Opolot, from Uganda. He is a funny guy haha oh my sick! Its great. I'm the new district leader, yeah i have more responsibility now! great! i knew it was coming to me though so its fine its fine. I'll do the best i can and do what i can do. Its a 2-man district so its not too hard just me and the comp! haha. The boarding is a bit smaller than i'm used to but its ok. we are hardly there anyway. Lots of different town ships around the town. like 4 or 5. so many people! there are even whites here! haha we even have a white couple in church! i was very surprised to not be the only white in the ward.

I miss Mdantsane tho... it was a wonderful place to be. i'll remember my investigators and the members for the rest of my life i hope. good memories there. So when President called me on wednesday for news i was shocked haha i wasn't expecting to leave but he told me that its when you don't expect to leave that you do. He told me i did a good job in that area and now i need to be sent to an area where i can boost up the area again so we are gunna send you to king Williams town. I was very well shocked. Its next door to Mdantsane but far enough away that we I don't get to see other missionaries every monday. So we are planning a zone pday, where we will be able to go to mdantsane to have fun with the the zone.

The only thing i can say about the work is that its true and that its very important. I know why i'm here and i know what i need to do. I hope i'll be able to do what the Lord expects of me here in King. I like it so far. I don't know the place yet but there are good people with great potential. Bishop wants up to work with the less active members and families. so we shall do that. the nice thing about being senior comp is that now i can do the work my way haha. we have lots of former investigators that we can check up on. So once i get to know the area we shall have lots of fun i hope! I'm excited for exchanges with the zls haha its the only time i shall see other elders. They come here and spend a day and a half with us. so its cool. not this week but next week.

My comp is a good missionary. He has only been a member since 2007. and his family lives in a village 5 hours away from the closest chapel, they aren't members. he doesn't even email them every week. he only writes them here and there. i feel bad for him. he doesn't get mail from home. He has been on mission now for 6 months. So i'm wondering if people back home could write to him just so he can get mail. I gave him Sister Potters address haha he was excited about that haha he wrote a letter to her last night i thought it was funny. He is a funny guy tho yo haha We have fun with just the 2 of us. all i have to do is adapt to him and i'll get along with him just fine! :)

Well i love you all very much and very glad everyone is doing well. I miss you guys... But i know Heavenly Father is taking care of you and even me. I know the Lord has great trust in me now that i'm a district leader. I hope i can fulfill what He sent me here to do. I hope you all have a great week and that everything goes well. LOVE YOU!

Your Missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby CTM

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