Monday, October 18, 2010

But we did Work!

Dear family and friends,

Greetings back home! How is the weather? the weather here has been pretty nice actually. warm and then cold warm and then cold. it fluctuates big time but is Africa it happens. Its been an ok week. nothing exciting happened that i can tell of. appointments fell through and people didn't come to church. and fellow shippers weren't available. so member presents were really low this week. if you look at the stats it looks like we didn't do anything productive. i hate that. but we did work! So i can't say anything bad.

We did give a baptismal date to a guy on the first lesson but then when we went back for the return appointment he wasn't home. i kinda don't think he really understood what we were asking him, cause he just kept saying "ok, alright" like the Xhosa people do. yeah its really annoying. but its fine its fine. We had 2 mommas come to church yesterday but they left after sacrament meeting, i asked them before they left if they wanted to stay and they said no. i don't think they liked it too much. i don't understand what there is to not like about church.... but anyways. we will visit them this week and find out the details.

We've been working a lot with the less active members. Bishop wanted us to really focus on retention and reactivation so thats what we are trying to do. the people that we visit make promises and then don't keep them so we really aren't getting anywhere, some are just plain lazy to come and others have problems with transport and money to come. in PEC we were told to work closer with the active members to try to get the lost ones to come back, whether it be for them to visit or have them go and pick them up. So we shall go for that approach this week as well. I'm enjoying this area and the members are great. we didn't have a D.A. yesterday which sucked. We were planning on one as we always do so we really didn't have much to eat in the boarding. but we had some nice bread and rice. yeah wasn't the best Sunday afternoon meal i've had. Yo the last time i didn't have a D.A. on sunday was back in Mthatha. I didn't like it.

I get to watch conference on the 30th and 31st of this month. next week the stake is having a special visit from Elder Watson, area presidency, so we will be going to Mdantsane next week for church =) i'm excited haha. the zone pday will hopefully come next week i have to write an approval form to the zone lords and then they will send it to the APs so it can get approved which President already approved but we still have to write up the explanation thingy. but yeah excited for that too =)

Well i love you guys!! have fun! peace out!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S. Rigby (CTM)

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