Monday, November 15, 2010

Work Continues

I really like Port Alfred. My comp is Elder Grobler. He is from Blomfrontien in south Africa, White missionary like me haha. we are enjoying each others company. there are now 4 missionaries here. Elder Aphane and Elder Lebala. they are working in the township and my comp and i are working in town. white area for us. so lots of tracting, cause town hasn't been worked for a very long time. So i was very tired yesterday after 5 hours of tracting. no success really but thats mission for you, some days you don't teach at all, we did manage to get into 2 homes tho. talked with some JWs who just wanted to bible bash us it was not fun haha. people have very different views about what how we should follow Christ. its insane some just believe that we only need to believe and we will be saved, others think that we don't need prophets cause that would be following man, but really its following the Savior cause its His prophet.

there are no members that stay in town, they all stay in the township. I love teaching tho so whenever we knock on a door we try to teach them something but in the end they don't want to listen to us kinda sucks but we are doing what we can do.

So yeah we have a 4-man boarding. haha its fun reminds me of the fun we had in mthatha. the boarding is great nice and big. and great shower even tho the water is bad. so get to buy water to drink and cook with every week. but its ok.

the most weird thing that i've ate is tripe, aka, cows intestines and stomach. it tasted ok haha. i have lots of spiritual things happen, i really enjoyed the conference with Elder Watson a couple weeks ago. it was really nice how he explained the Restoration. well my time is about up i love you all and i will do my best as a missionary

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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