Monday, November 8, 2010


Family and Friends,

Hello! Well lets get started, its been an interesting week, i'm now in Port Alfred. Port Alfred is a mission branch, very small but very loving people. Yesterday at church we had close to 20-25 people. it was a good sunday for here haha. i'm really not used to the small numbers but its alright i'm going to learn lots here i'm hoping. I'm with Elder Rapitse and Elder Grobler. they are both cool elders and are really nice. Elder Rapitse served in Meadow ridge after i left so him and i are enjoying talking about all the members and people that we both knew. Port Alfred is a small town with a port, obviously haha and we have the best senior couple in the area and they are the leaders of the branch, elder and sister Odell from Gilbert, Arizona. i asked if they knew Tom and Lanae, they said no. but i guess Gilbert is a big town so lots of people. they are really nice they fed us last night and yo it was the best meal i've had in a long time haha mashed potatoes and gravy and steak and peas! it was delish! =)

So i'm doing good. I love pres Probst, he is so understanding about everything and truly cares and loves his missionaries. and your right mom, he is called of God to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm in good hands. I got your letter. the orange one haha thanks for the card! halloween was nothing here. its only an American holiday, Elder Grobler was asking me why we celebrate halloween. i didn't know haha so Why do we celebrate it???

Back in King we had good lessons with Namhla and Lisa. Namhla is getting closer to baptism and i hope everything continues to go well with her and her friend. i do know i did something, i at least planted seeds and taught what i know to be true from the bottom of my heart. I love this gospel. I'm very happy to be a missionary with a wonderful leader and friend.

a funny thing to share about my past companion elder Opolot haha. He always would say, "WOW" it was funny how he would say it and he also would say "MMM" it was funny, he would randomly say it in the boarding or in the car or even in appointments haha.

Well i love you all! i miss you guys.... Well have a good week i will do my best to work hard. LOVE YOU!!

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (CTM)

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