Monday, May 2, 2011

New Month -- New Area

Dear Family and Friends,

hey everyone :) Milnerton is a really nice area with lots of Foreigners, mostly Zimbabweans and Congo, and a few from Malawi. Its a really good place. most of our investigators are foreigners haha. they come down to south africa to work and get away from the horrible government of their country. So the area is great i love it. need to find more people to teach tho, don't have very many. The ward is very nice as well, it is functioning! :) we have a very wonderful bishopric and auxiliary leaders. in elders quorum yesterday we broke into 3 groups, yes its nice to have priesthood, and discussed missionary work. one group was on preaching the gospel, which i was in of course, one group was perfecting the saints and the other was redeeming the dead. so it was good to know that the ward is excited about missionary work and that they are working on it. the chapel is very nice as well its a bit different than normal but its still a chapel :)
My companion as i said last week is Elder Mukula, from Kenya. He is really short haha i didn't expect that at all cause normally Kenyans are tall. but in his case he is short. He has been a member for almost 2 years. so he is still learning but aren't we all learning. He is really excited to work with me and get things done. I guess he didn't get along too well with his last companion so he is excited to work with me. the work is kinda slow but we have a few investigators that are getting close to baptism. We just had a Recent Convert get baptized 3 weeks ago, sis Nomsa she is powerful haha. she is from Zim from the same town as Elder Mantinto was from so the know the same language. Indebele. its very similar to Xhosa and Zulu. She stays with a few more Zimbabweans that we are trying to teach as well so hopefully the whole house hold will me members in the future.

We are teaching a few people from Congo. Bro Tientus and Sis Rein. they both struggle with english so its sometimes difficult to teach them and have them understand what we are saying. So french translators are needed haha and french copies of the Book of Mormon. They both came to church yesterday. Tientus stays with a bunch of other Congo guys and has this little room that he stays in. he is excited to be baptized. He speaks French but can also speak Swahili as does my companion, Elder Mukula can explain in swahili if needed. which helps. Sis Rein is a girl friend of a member brother Sebastian. She hardly speaks english but comes to church every sunday. so bro Sebastian has to explain to her in french a lot. she is getting baptized on the 22 may. so we hope.

We have good members that take care of the missionaries :) so i am well taken care of here hehe. The dollman family. they are the best ever haha. Sis Dollman does our laundry for us and feeds us often. the family have been members for a very long time. since the 80s so they are fabulous. they love the missionaries and one of their grandchildren, Kimberly who stays with her granny and mother loves playing with the elders haha. it reminds me of Brady. she is 6 so just a year older than Brady. but yo she loves to play. Sis dolllman unfortunately has back pain that is unbearable we went there on wednesday and then on friday she had just come back from the hospital and then she went again sat and yesterday. i hope she gets better. shes such a sweet lady.

another member family that i met yesterday at church are the Beajies. they are originally from the states :) and they joined the church in Idaho falls Idaho haha. oh did my ears perk up when i heard that haha. bro beajies work is in the nuclear business. so he worked out at arco for a while then has been moved around a lot. and then 4 years ago they came to south africa and they love it here. they are an older couple. all of their children still live in the states they actually just came back from visiting them on holiday.

So in other words i am excited about this area and the people are wonderful. there is still lots of work to be done and i have the duty of looking out for 6 missionaries in the district. President told me on wednesday that that is one of the reasons i'm here, to look out for my fellow missionaries. i don't know exactly why but yeah. the district consist of the 2 elders in Bellville and the 2 zone leaders in panarama ward. Elder Naylor and Elder Pearson in Bellville and then Elder Anderson and Elder Bradshaw in Panarama its a good district. I think we are going to go play pool today at N1 City mall. we aren't allowed to go to centry City :( i'm not happy but oh well. another reason to come back in the future haha :)

Well i love you all and i'm really excited to call home next sunday. have a good week everyone i love you!

Elder Robert S Rigby (sactm)

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