Monday, May 30, 2011


Dear Family and Friends,

Hey everyone! Glad to know that the weather there isn't that different from here haha. its been raining and today its 60% chance of rain which it already has and it still probably will rain more. we have plans to go to Green Market Square as a district today :) so hopefully mom i'll be able to get your souvenirs there. its a big trading market.

well its been an alright week. Yesterday was really nice at church, we had 3 investigators there, came late and missed the sacrament, but i'm thankful they came! Anele, Rein and Jacob. all doing great. we gave Anele a baptism date this past week for the 24 july :) hes excited. he is still learning and he reads when he can. which should be a lot since he doesn't work or school. he's 20yrs and he really enjoyed church. he stayed all 3 hours this week. Sacrament meeting was very nice, had 3 speakers give talks. a youth bro Craigs son who spoke about the Priesthood, Bro Patrick, who spoke on what we can do to make Sacrament meeting more spiritual and meaningful. and then another brother who i can't remember his name spoke about the importance of keeping the family together by reading the scriptures and praying together as a family. he mentioned that the church is a place for the sick to come and be edified and uplifted and if we don't have our family prayer and scripture study then going to church would all be in vain. and coming from him, his wife isn't a member and she was there yesterday. so technically we had 4 investigators at church but we can't count her cause we aren't currently teaching her. but all 3 talks were very nice. i felt the Spirit as the brother was sharing his testimony. the rest of the day we visited Michele, would dropped us, she isn't ready for the restored gospel yet. she was interested in what we were sharing with Nomsa (RC) and thats all. she said she will still read her book of Mormon and will let us know when the time is right to teach her again. We saw it coming.... just from the reactions we were getting from her and her lack of commitment.

After that we saw the Hill family. haha i love spending time with them they are such a wonderful family. all boys. haha. eldest is 18 and the youngest is 2. they all just need to come back to church. they are less active. we shared a spiritual thought and prayer and they fed us some really nice mushroom sauce thingy on a roll. oh it was yummy haha. then we tried to see vicky last night and she wasn't home, like she thought she would be. I'm getting tired of her not keeping appointments. or commitments. she doesn't read, doesn't come to church and as of lately hasn't been keeping commitments. I'm tempted to drop her for a while and see what happens.

The rest of the week was descent. had good teaching with a our serious investigators. I went on exchanges with √Člder Naylor in Bellville. we had a good day. not much happened tho. that area is really struggling with appointments and finding investigators. I'll see what happens on friday when i go with Elder Pearson. see if its better.

Wednesday we had the zone training with Pres and Sis Probst. it was really nice. we watched a talk by Elder Holland addressing the missionaries in the Provo MTC he basically told us that obedience is important and that our investigators need a teacher that knows the gospel so studies are important. i need to work on that as well. I'm reading the Book of Mormon for the 3rd time on mission and i'm in Ether now so almost done! :) i love the Book of Mormon. its so much easier to understand than the Bible, i'm also reading the New Testament, i'm in Luke and well its difficult sometimes ha. the training was a continuation of last transfer of We invite they commit and we follow up. Pres told us that finding isn't a proper word for it we should go lifting :) haha thats what the gospel of Jesus Christ is lifting people higher :) haha we all thought that as funny. President Probst is the man haha i'm gunna miss him.

that was the week for ya! transfers are next week i hope i stay but if i need to go higher in mission i will, president in interviews mentioned to me that he wants me to be a zone leader but i have to work on my morning schedule first. which it has gotten better. so i'm working on it.... just keep me in your prayers. Well i love you all very much i hope you have fun in Arizona! say hello to everybody there for me :) especially the O'Dells if you see them and Erin. love you guys!
your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

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