Monday, May 23, 2011

Love the Work

Dear Greatest Family and Most dear Friends,

:) its been a great week of missionary work. we are definitely finding success in the work of the Lord. WE've been busy teaching and visiting with members. and to my surprise we got some new investigators out of that, so the work is moving forward. The weather on the other hand hasn't been too great, its winter now. rain and windy. last night i was a woken by the wind blowing against the window and the rain. about 4:30 am. its very windy today. So the zone is having a pday at bellville chapel and we are going to play dodge ball and soccer and have a braii. should be fun i'm excited.

So about the week. On tuesday i was on exchanges with Elder Anderson, my zl. he came to my area. we had a good day. we met with Elijah he is a brother of a member but isn't showing much interest or commitment in reading the Book of Mormon. so we read with him again to help him. we only see him once a week cause of his work. but what else can we do. then we met with an investigator who has been away for a few weeks. Michele is her name, she has 1 kid and one on the way and isn't married yet, will be this coming August. so thats good for her. its very common here for sisters to have a child and not be married. the works of the adversary. but now they know what is right. She had a friend there also by the name of michele hah so mom your name is popular among Zimbabwians. She was very interested in finding out about the Book of Mormon. So we taught her that and she committed to read and pray about it and also be baptized. no date yet. still need to receive revelation on that haha. very wonderful lady who has 2 kids and wants to know more. her husband told her that she could go first with this and then he would follow so thats good that he also is showing interest. haven't met him yet tho. Then we visited Vicky. she has gotten her smoking down to 5 a day thank goodness there is improvement there. now she just needs to read her Book of Mormon and come to church. we read Mosiah 24 with her and it talks about burdens being lifted so that helped with her, she's going through a lot at work i guess. people aren't doing what they are supposed to and so she gets in trouble and so forth. but she has noticed a change in her life since the missionaries have come into her home. she said last night when we went there, that things turn out bad when she cancels our appointments. so i mentioned to her that maybe the Lord is trying to tell her something. she agreed. she's a wonderful lady. she fed us curry last night oh it was yummy haha.

so i had a good exchange with Elder Anderson. he said i'm a good missionary thats good for the mission. i thought that was cool. also learned that i can improve on door approaches by talking to the people more than just say hello we have a message that can bless your life blah blah blah so i have been working on that. i enjoy exchanges i learn so much from my leaders. i guess thats why we have them :)

Wednesday we had a good day. had a meeting in the morning with the zone leaders and the rest of the district leaders in the zone. we talked about giving stats right and also working effectively with members. it was a good review of what we are supposed to do. yesterday we had 3 dinner appointments. haha my zone leaders commented that we'll thats good that you are using members effectively haha.

the rest of the week was full of appointments and visiting members. Saturday we had the ward carnival which was a big success :) food and games for the whole family. haha we even had a few investigators show up. it was cool. Bishop made fun of us for eating before he did haha. he said i knew i would find the missionaries eating. now i must keep my eye on you haha i love our bishop hes a cool guy. Bishop Tiam.

Sunday was good we had our ward conference and the chapel was full! Mostly because of all the stake auxiliaries that were there haha. but it was good to see the chapel full. and we had 6 investigators at church. :) the theme was unity. being unified as a person, ward and family. it was good. then the afternoon we taught our french investigator Rein. our lessons now are just helping improve her English so she can be baptized soon. Shes improving and my companions skills as a teacher is helping tremendously. Love the ward love the area.

Well that was pretty much my week. lots happened. my relationships with members as improved as you can tell from the DAs haha. but i love you all very much. Bro seans house flooded because his geyser burst or something of that matter. we didn't get the chance to visit him this week, we'll this coming week. we have zone training this Wednesday, theme is teaching more effectively. so excited on that one. Well have a good week everyone! love you

all i can say for advice is to read the Book of Mormon every day. Revelation comes as we read the Book of Mormon. Personally and together as a family. That has been this past weeks accountability and it really does help to receive answers to prayers.

your missionary,
Elder Robert S Rigby (SACTM)

ps i sent my card today, sorry about that i got distracted.

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